World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1421
Saint Sword, is the refinement! This makes Shen Xiang be startled, he can guess correctly that this man took certainly some precious materials to refine to this Divine Sword Palace, therefore such will ask, but looked at the appearance that he questioned, did not treat as an important matter this. In the afternoon can refine.” The elder replied. 18 months, just started you saying that 15 months can refine!” Male discontentedly coldly snorted. Because had some mistakes.” Elder whispered. The man sat, after he comes, has not looked at Shen Xiang, as if can by person few that he pays attention, he is holding the chest, sits there, closes one's eyes slightly, it seems like he must wait for that here that completes Saint Sword. This fellow is really fierce, what big influence should be, which influence is?” The Long Xueyi doubts said. Should be with the influence of sword, can leave to refine the Saint Sword material, moreover not this being serious, in this Nine Heavens, only then that two influences.” Bai Youyou said: Saint Source Ancient Domain, there is Danger Zone, however in this Danger Zone middle actually very strong influences, only then they can enter the deep place safely.” Another is Heavenly Sword City!” Su Meiyao then said: Heavenly Sword City on a giant high peak, that great mountain is very unusual, above is going against a giant city, looks like looks like a big mushroom, but for billion years, have not fallen.” Reason that these two influences are capable of refining Saint Sword, the refiner material that because they have, especially high level that this man should came from Heavenly Sword City.” Su Meiyao said: „Before I and Senior Sister , went to Heavenly Sword City, the person in that place is very strong, moreover some precious refiner material sells.” Shen Xiang is taking a look at that man once more, is very long is not handsome, but also calculates to pass, the body has arrogant makings, puts on very neatly, matching of clothing worked hard. Elder Wan, is who looks for me?” Liu Meng'er walked, she puts on one set of black packing up, is gripping ponytail simply, it seems like she is in refiner. Is I!” Shen Xiang stands up, then gives Liu Meng'er sound transmission: Sister Meng'er.”

Hears Shen Xiang's sound transmission, Liu Meng'er knows immediately at present this person is Shen Xiang. Liu Meng'er is just about to speak, male suddenly that closes one's eyes opens the eye, asked: „Are you Liu Zongyu daughter?” Um, your excellency is......” Liu Meng'er knitting the brows head, because the manner of that man is not very good, but Shen Xiang thought that he can open the eye to come to see Liu Meng'er, is good. The man sends out strange sneering: Heavenly Sword City, Luo Yitao, you should know that who I am!” You are Luo Yitao.” The Liu Meng'er complexion slightly changes, has nipped the red lips lightly, was saying to Shen Xiang: „Do you have the matter to look for me? Comes with me!” Luo Yitao sees Liu Meng'er not to respond him, in the heart is not quick immediately: „Did you such walk? You should know that I will come to here to make to order Saint Sword, why you do not look for me!” In Liu Meng'er heart a anger, but her self-control is extremely good, has not revealed: I study to cast the sword here, I do not have the too much idle time.” In the Shen Xiang heart is not feeling well very much, why wants Liu Meng'er to look for him, he has guessed correctly anything. Snort!” Luo Yitao stands up, somewhat gets angry: Your meaning is, wants me to look for you? Why? I thought this wedding, your this type thinks woman who kept aloof, my Luo Yitao not had the good fortune to enjoy something.” Liu Meng'er took a deep breath, depresses the anger in heart, said: Relax, even if you did not say that I will not marry your.” Shen Xiang was understood, Liu Meng'er already in secret became engaged by her parents, but Liu Meng'er first time saw this Luo Yitao.

You shut out me? Good, I did not plan to want your, but you, since said that I must make you marry me, I thought that you have any skill to get rid of us already the wedding that subscribes.” The smiling face on the Luo Yitao face having revealed teasing. Shen Xiang is grasping the fist secretly, if not for Liu Meng'er has pressed firmly between the fingers his wrist|skill, perhaps he has drawn out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, went all out with the opposite party. I did not lack woman, if you manner good, begs for mercy to me, I also will perhaps put your horse, sends back the engagement, but now...... Snort, you married to decide me, in any case you were also a good woman, entered my Luo Family competently.” Luo Yitao sinister smiles. Sister Meng'er, I cut him!” Shen Xiang gives Liu Meng'er sound transmission. Calm!” Liu Meng'er no longer and Luo Yitao talked, draws Shen Xiang to leave this living room. Elder sister, fire Qi so is how big, who annoyed you?” Xue Xianxian sees Liu Meng'er to tow a man to come , an anger, although Liu Meng'er is her Master, but they are the sisters are now symmetric, is only the unmanned time. „Did this fellow sexually harass you? I cope with him!” Xue Xianxian knits the brows to stare Shen Xiang, looks at her angry facial expression, Shen Xiang suspected that present Xue Xianxian is that Little Fairy wife. unexpectedly so big murderous aura. „It is not he, is that Luo Yitao!” Liu Meng'er loses Shen Xiang on a chair, this fellow is your master. Xue Xianxian sees Shen Xiang to change the appearance, immediately had guessed correctly the process of matter, she knows that the Luo Yitao matter, Liu Meng'er and she has been ahead of time, is the matter of Liu Meng'er comparison worry, she sees Shen Xiang also to have not the small anger, understands that Shen Xiang and Luo Yitao have met. „The fellow is really rampant, why doesn't make me teach him?” Shen Xiang said.

He is Immortal Monarch, are you victorious he? Moreover others father grandfather great grandfathers are the man of the hour.” Liu Meng'er tenderly snorted and said. I cannot hit, but fan his palm of the hand rubs his spirit to be able to achieve, is his back person fierce and what kind of? Isn't Holy Dragon Crown Prince his father fierce? Was eaten by me in the same old way...... Was massacred by me.” Shen Xiang disdains to say. But this is not the way of solution, I must consider that my parents, the past years was the engagement that they subscribed, I cannot, because does not want to marry, fell the homicide!” Liu Meng'er said reluctantly: I had to plan, waits for the similar time, leaves the parents with Xianxian.” Xue Xianxian sighed gently: Already heard that the Luo Yitao arrogance, has not thought very much you met to be mad by him, what exactly had?” Liu Meng'er said these words that Luo Yitao spoke, after saying, life Qi/angry. Did not say that this, little rascal do you ask us to do?” Liu Meng'er asked: You, if late comes for several days, we not here.” „Can you return to Human King Immortal Country?” Shen Xiang asked: I am only ask you to chat, I prepare a place.” Had to take risk.” Xue Xianxian by in the Shen Xiang's bosom, smiles: We also prepare to take risk, prepare to go to Dragon Heaven with the Sister Meng'er parents!” Dragon Heaven! That is also the place that Shen Xiang must go, unexpectedly so will be skillful! He guessed correctly immediately that Xie Family person hastily leaves, perhaps must go to Dragon Heaven, among these big influences made?