World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1424

Now I have not been able to tell you, now we go to Dragon Heaven.” Shen Xiang sway has stood, eats up a grain of pill, becomes by oneself powerfully. Duan Ming said with a smile: You did not say that can also guess correctly, after hearing your this, has White Dragon to assist, I think that should be this.” Right, is related with that White Dragon.” Shen Xiang said: But I cannot say too.” Yes, then our Let's go, goes to Dragon Heaven to stroll.” Duan Ming smiled. Duan Ming and Shen Xiang move toward Teleportation Formation, but at this time goes to the Dragon Heaven person also to have many, many people received the message. In Teleportation Formation, the people are waiting for opening, old man said: Today I outside Divine Sword Palace, seeing that Heavenly Sword City talent small Young Master to be hit everywhere look for the tooth, punches his fellow to be really fierce.” Yeah, but that Heavenly Sword City fellow was also too silly, sits gives the person to hit there, but also thinks own unmatched in the world, others cannot overthrow him, who knows that others fist hits his mother not to recognize him.” A guy said. Heard that this person is Shen Xiang, is his young woman acknowledges.” Really is Shen Xiang, this fellow unexpectedly also here.” Should also go to Dragon Heaven, this matter is so big, must have it.” Hehe, this is rushes to Imperial Dragon Clan lair!” Duan Ming understands why now Shen Xiang will be poured into these terrors the strength of Ancient Dragon. Teleportation Formation opens, suddenly, people appear in Dragon Heaven Immortal Palace.

Shen Xiang and Duan Ming walked, Duan Ming looks at Shen Xiang, said: We find a place to stop over first, heard that this Dragon Heaven has many other place no good food.” Makes me ask you to eat and drink here?” Shen Xiang said with a smile. This should better, but, my Immortal Crystal not many, moreover transmitted to want three million Immortal Crystal.” Duan Ming sighed. His such expert, is strange without Immortal Crystal, kills fierce Immortal Beast to sell casually much. I, although is alchemy, but I refine pill very convenient, moreover these days my not alchemy, therefore I am also very on hand tight, exhausted Senior Duan.” Shen Xiang said grinningly. Shen Xiang and Duan Ming walk on the street, in this Dragon Heaven Immortal Palace, many constructions have Dragon Diao, where can see the portrait of dragon, Dragon Diao...... Here is Dragon people are quite many, formidable dragon beast that some dragons and other beasts unions are born, after Shapeshift, here, they will be being been controlling by Imperial Dragon Clan, several thousand years later, the quantity are getting more and more, therefore this Dragon Heaven overall strength is fearful.” Duan Ming said. Shen Xiang truly sees many to have the person of very rich Dragon Force aura on the street, majority were inborn has. That Ice Dragon what's the matter?” Shen Xiang to Duan Ming sound transmission, asked about Ice Dragon something. Ice Dragon is one of the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens good friends, has disagreed with Imperial Dragon Clan, in the past Imperial Dragon Clan massacred White Dragon time, Ice Dragon [lineage/vein] strongly opposed, afterward after White Dragon was eliminated, Ice Dragon will be worried about their Ice Dragon [lineage/vein] also so, therefore left Imperial Dragon Clan very much long time ago.” Therefore a present Ice Dragon clan, has very big hostility to Imperial Dragon Clan, heard that a past Ice Dragon clan, hid into Mysterious Realm finally, was that Sacred Dan World, present Long Family is a Ice Dragon clan.” After Duan Ming comes out, has investigated these matters. Shen Xiang understands now why Long Xueyi has that big favorable impression to Ice Dragon, she should also know these matters.

Immortal Palace that they are at named, Golden Dragon Immortal Palace, in Dragon Heaven is quite big, moreover here is away from Evil Emperor tomb to be recent. Imperial Dragon Clan definitely is not feeling well now, because Nine Heavens many big influences come to their domains to search for the treasure, but they could not prevent.” Duan Ming said with a smile. Shen Xiang on the street, hears some people to discuss that this matter, many big influences arrived here, has a strong lineup. That Saint Source Ancient Domain is really fierce, unexpectedly knows that Dragon Heaven has a treasure trove.” Shen Xiang said. Saint Source Ancient Domain is not simple, in the past existed, they mainly dig Heaven and Earth Treasure, remembers that Great Emperor of Ten Heavens also looks like them to purchase some, they investigate the Heaven and Earth Treasure skill greatly, does not know how they developed.” Duan Ming said. Shen Xiang and Duan Ming entered a hotel, is eating the thing in inside, they waited for that night that's alright moves, some big influences already. This aura......” Shen Xiang looks to out of the window, stares at several to throw over the person of black robe, knits the brows: Is the Fiendgod Cult fellow, they also came!” Fiendgod Cult? Is what thing?” The Duan Ming doubts asked. „A very strong secret influence, their founders say Tian Nu, mainly helps the heaven management world, but joins the Fiendgod Cult person, can through some unusual liquids that they provide, cultivates Divine Soul to come, cultivates Divine Dao also cultivates Devil Path.” Shen Xiang said that he is quite understood to Fiendgod Cult, other people do not know Fiendgod Cult has to make the life leave the Divine Soul heaven defying thing. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou breed Divine Soul through that type of liquid. This is truly fierce, in the past Great Emperor of Ten Heavens wants to break the head unable to find out any good means to cause a group of gods to cultivate, but actually some people can achieve now, it seems like that this Fiendgod Cult founder can also be a very strong fellow in the future.” Duan Ming knits the brows, complexion unexpectedly is somewhat serious. Night, Shen Xiang and Duan Ming leave that hotel, went out of Golden Dragon Immortal Palace, according to the Heavenly Evil Saint Sword above direction, is spinning quickly.

After more than double-hour, Shen Xiang and Duan Ming across a big mountain scene forest, arrive in a stretch of swampy ground. Front has the sound, probably some people hit.” Duan Ming said: We have a look.” Some Duan Ming here, Shen Xiang did not fear that provokes any fierce influence, following that feels relieved very much in Duan Ming behind, the place that creates a disturbance toward front that rushes. Although in night, but the earth actually illuminates by the star light and moonlight, causes the swale is not that dim, but is thorough, is danger(ous), that treasure trove that Saint Source Ancient Domain investigates, is in Danger Zone, the people who therefore comes early are prepared. This aura, probably is Fire God Palace's!” Shen Xiang surprisedly said, does not know that who and they hit. After approaching, Shen Xiang suddenly heard very familiar sound. That is the Yun Xiaodao shout: Old Zhu, pokes his eye quickly......” Shen Xiang one startled, he has not thought that unexpectedly was his Subduing Dragon Sect this group of hoodlum elders and Fire God Palace had the conflict, the courage so was no wonder big, he guessed Duan Chong should also here. Is the acquaintance, two are the Duan Family descendants!” Shen Xiang said that because of Duan Sanchang also here. Initially they joined Subduing Dragon Sect, several shout must work as the elder, after transcend, was very dishonest in Human King Immortal Country, finally carried off by Duan Chong.