World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1425
After Shen Xiang and Duan Ming approach, seeing Yun Xiaodao their several to besiege five Fire God Palace's people, unexpectedly is Immortal Monarch middle stage. Your this group of young bastards, know that who we are? We are Fire God Palace's, hurries to give me to make way.” And Immortal Monarch loudly exclaimed, his clothes already by flame incinerator burned black. Is knows that you are Fire God Palace, we will start, is more rampant before us, dies quickly.” Zhu Rong said with a sneer, in the hand is long and big spiked club, is sweeping away to the waist of that Immortal Monarch, looks like very savage. Yun Xiaodao in them, Xiao Chou this Herculean Clan, as well as Teng Ying this Qilin Thunder Hawk beast is the Immortal Monarch middle stage strength, other are early stage, they besiege Fire God Palace these five Immortal Monarch middle stage, can suppress them stubbornly, is very good. These fellows, adolescence really quick!” In the Shen Xiang heart is uncomfortable very much, because he now is only Human Immortal late stage, but he was very happy for them. Lian Mingdong induces to some people approaches, hastily shouted: Be careful, some people came, the strength is unclear!” They coordinate very tacitly, can see does this matter frequently, Shen Xiang and Duan Ming approaches, Duan Sanchang immediately comes, noses their strengths. Chang Zi, is I!” Shen Xiang gives Duan Sanchang sound transmission immediately, in order to avoid has the misunderstanding, causing them to attack brutally. unexpectedly is Dean, good!” Duan Sanchang is pleasantly surprised, immediately gives Yun Xiaodao their sound transmission, they upon learning this, got rid more rapid. Shen Xiang overran, their sound transmission said to Yun Xiaodao: Ties down them, I plot against them.” Zhu Rong they get an idea immediately, Shen Xiang that comes quietly, had not been discovered by these Fire God Palace's Immortal Monarch, he dodges then arrives behind, puts out the Devil Emperor dagger, pricks that Immortal Monarch dantian, pulls out inside Heaven Dan. Had Immortal King to come, killed them quickly!” Duan Sanchang hastily shouted. Pulls out their Heaven Dan, I am useful!” Shen Xiang said that afterward Xiao Chou and Teng Ying, fiercely attack the dantian of enemy, pulls out inside Heaven Dan.

Without enough time, quick!” Also joins during the fight at the same time in Duan Sanchang that stands sentry, with a short-sword, cuts the head of next Immortal Monarch, then takes out inside Heaven Dan. Completed!” Shen Xiang kills last Immortal Monarch, after taking away Heaven Dan, then and Yun Xiaodao their several fast these corpses ruin. Withdraw!” Duan Sanchang runs in the forefront, he had already found the escape route, Shen Xiang and Duan Ming follows in them behind. Yun Xiaodao, Xiao Chou, Xu Weilong, Lian Mingdong, Teng Ying, Zhu Rong and Duan Sanchang, their how many with Duan Chong, now have appeared here, Duan Chong? Elder Duan? How can he allow you to enter such danger(ous) place?” Shen Xiang dashes, while asked. He led away these Immortal King, in front with our round, has not thought that you will also come to here, with our same looks for the refiner material?” Duan Sanchang asked. „It is not, we will go to a danger(ous) place, could enter the deep place.” Shen Xiang said. This place is called the Evil Dragon mountain range, inside danger(ous) danger(ous), it is said enters some dragons of deep place, will turn into the evil dragon, did not have the actually memory, only knows slaughters carelessly, inquired according to us news that treasure trove that Saint source ancient investigates not in deep place.” Lian Mingdong said. No problem, my innate discretion.” Shen Xiang said that he originally not to that treasure trove. Master, hears in that treasure trove to have many Sacred Level materials, we come to here to seek for the Sacred Level material to refine saint weapon.” Xiao Chou said that he is still keeping bald, moreover he is also the youngster appearance, Herculean Clan is very difficult to grow up. Duan Sanchang suddenly seriously said: Following several Immortal King pursued, it seems like Lao Duan has not led away these Immortal King completely.” Shen Xiang said to Duan Ming: Senior, troubled you!”

Can massacre?” Duan Ming asked that he knows that this group of young people, was friend of Shen Xiang when Emperor Heaven, but on Duan Sanchang the aura of these Duan Family bloodlines, he can induce obtains. „, I can unable to order you as you like.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Duan Ming vanish from sight, is behind hears several extremely tragic cries suddenly, these pitiful yells also reverberate in this swale, Duan Ming came back, moreover is taking four bloody Heaven Dan, that is Immortal King Heaven Dan! Yun Xiaodao their several sucked in a cold breath, alarmed and afraid look at Duan Ming, is only such short time, kills several Immortal King, this strength is to really let the person is afraid. I have not killed them, I take their Heaven Dan.” Duan Ming said with a smile, they stopped. Shen Xiang received these Heaven Dan, said with a smile: You are the ratio kill them to be uncomfortable.” This Senior, when the Divine Sword congress that Ding Wu that does injure finally?” Xiao Chou looks at Duan Ming, on the face has a scared look. Duan Chong came back, he knows that these Immortal King were killed, after he sees Duan Ming, cannot help but frowned. Shen Xiang said with a smile: This Senior and your Duan Family a little origin, is your Duan Family ancestry.” Duan Ming smiled to Duan Sanchang and Duan Chong: You very good inherits the Duan Family essence, later must develop well.” Duan Sanchang and Duan Chong give Duan Ming to salute immediately. I bring here this crowd of little rascal, is makes them informed and experienced, has not thought that runs into the Fire God Palace's fellow, this crowd of little rascal shout to be them, therefore I have to lead away their Immortal King, lets their fight.” Duan Chong said.

Hehe, paid attention to that's alright, I believed their strengths.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Suddenly, the deep place spreads a explosion sound, with shivering slightly. We must go to the deep place, will compare danger(ous), therefore did not lead you.” Shen Xiang looks explosion sound that in seriously that passes on. The Duan Ming complexion becomes earnest, he has put out a book, looks like very dilapidated, he gives Duan Chong, said: This is the Duan Family quite precious thing, now gives you, inherits well!” Duan Chong both hands some shiver receive, expressed gratitude hastily, he already knows probably Duan Family had such a fierce book. Then your bon voyage, we return, dug up up saying that several Immortal King and Immortal Monarch thing again.” Yun Xiaodao said with a smile. Shen Xiang has patted his shoulder with a smile: Careful!” Was right, I inquired that Fire God Palace's Fire Emperor will possibly come to here . Moreover the Fire Emperor big apprentice arrived, the strength of fellow was very strong.” Duan Chong said. Um, we will pay attention!” Duan Ming nodded, he knows the fearfulness of Fire Emperor, although has not restored the peak now. Takes care!” Shen Xiang and Duan Ming continue to forward, Yun Xiaodao and Duan Chong they are retreat, first on precious the thing these Immortal King and Immortal Monarch takes away, these things can receive in exchange for large sum of money Immortal Crystal.