World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1426

Fire Emperor also here, he comes to the Evil Emperor grave?” Shen Xiang somewhat worried, if Fire Emperor came, Duan Ming will possibly have enough to do. „It is not clear, if he knows that Evil Emperor grave here, should be the Xie Family person tells him, only then obtains Heavenly Evil Saint Sword to know that possibly the Xie Family worry when the time comes will lose control, therefore has no recourse to have this matter to tell Fire Emperor, in Nine Heavens, can make the matter that Fire Emperor is interested in not many.” The Duan Ming whole face is dignified, facing the Fire Emperor words, his strength was too weak. I heard that the Fire Emperor strength has not restored the peak, Ice Emperor is also so, otherwise Ice Emperor will not be easy to be killed by me.” Shen Xiang said. „Was Ice Emperor killed by you really?” Before Duan Ming, has heard this matter, but he actually does not believe that because Great Emperor of Ten Heavens is unable to destroy completely Ice Emperor in the past thoroughly, can only hit it is barely alive. The Shen Xiang nod said: In Emperor Heaven, was used Soul Eroding Powder to do by me.” No wonder, in the past Great Emperor of Ten Heavens had said that must ruin their this Emperor Level strengths thoroughly fleshly body, must depend upon this type of thing, has not thought that you will have Soul Eroding Powder.” If only Shen Xiang individual strength removes Ice Emperor, that is very difficult to believe that but uses Soul Eroding Powder not to be different. Three days pass by, Shen Xiang and Duan Ming arrived at a forest, the leaf of here big tree has fallen out or off entirely, does not know that is any reason. Before they heard the explosion sound that transmitted, passed from this, moreover was getting more and more near, but they have not actually seen any unusual thing. Front has small Immortal Palace!” Long Xueyi said suddenly. Duan Ming has discovered probably, here is the Evil Dragon mountain valley deep place, but actually not to the feeling of person very danger(ous), but after Shen Xiang sees that small Immortal Palace, immediately feels one suffocating fear. That Immortal Palace looks like, only then ordinary city size, gathers round the paint black thick wall, front door that thick iron builds, the middle disrupts, probably was broken to be the same forcefully. Entire Immortal Palace was covered by a dead grey thick fog, these thick fog are seething once for a while, sends out wū wū gloomy sound, but also follows an ice cold aura to well up. This Immortal Palace is not here, because suddenly appears, therefore all around trees lose plant, the time of evidently presenting is not long.” Duan Ming said that he is searching his memory, tries to seek for a memory about such Immortal Palace. Shen Xiang puts out Heavenly Evil Saint Sword, examines inside map, but here is not the place that they must go. We circle!” Shen Xiang said: „In I feel very danger(ous), do not go.” Duan Ming also nodded, when they must go round, on that Immortal Palace huge black iron gate, suddenly lightens red light, presented a doorway tablet. On the doorway tablet writes several blood red large characters Evil Temple! Evil Temple?” Complexion big change of Duan Ming, but Hidden Jade Ring inside Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou also startled shouted: Do not go in!” unexpectedly is Evil Temple, how to appear here?” Long Xueyi shouted: Do not go.”

The Shen Xiang ear reverberates do not go in these characters, the consciousness became fuzzy, but his both feet does not know why can suddenly step, walks toward that Evil Temple. Snort!” Absent-minded Duan Ming coldly snorted, both arms shake, purple light sparkles, has been rumbling a fist to that Evil Temple front door, makes two dazzling purple electricity. Bang! The bang shakes shakes the earth to shake, Shen Xiang was also more sober at this time. Is very weird!” Duan Ming is clutching Shen Xiang, has stepped several steps, then bypasses that Evil Temple. A moment ago what's the matter?” The Shen Xiang whole body cold sweat, he only felt a moment ago he was controlled was the same. You almost entered that Evil Temple, this Evil Temple front door already was rumbled luckily rottenly, strength that therefore tempted is not formidable, otherwise we will lose the consciousness, then entered that damned place.” Duan Ming has a lingering fear, grabs the Shen Xiang quick steps to dash about wildly. What thing this is Evil Temple?” Shen Xiang still whole face with amazement, if not Duan Ming, perhaps he went. Does not know that in the past Great Emperor of Ten Heavens had gone in one time, after coming out, was seriously injured, moreover went crazy a period of time, afterward he told us, saw that this Evil Temple must avoid by far.” Duan Ming said. In Legend seal body of Evil God.” Long Xueyi said: Goes in person who inside does not have, becomes the Evil God slaves, protects Evil Temple, does not make the person destroy the body of Evil God.” My Master and we have said that Evil God one day meets resurrect, Evil Temple appear here place, does not know that what relationship has with Evil Emperor?” Su Meiyao said. What thing this is Evil God?” Shen Xiang whispered. „...... Evil God is not the thing, is a god, very formidable god.” Duan Ming hurriedly said: If were heard by Evil Temple inside god slave, we troubled.” Saint Source Ancient Domain investigates a treasure trove, but here also has Evil Temple, Shen Xiang arrived here with the direction of Heavenly Evil Saint Sword, has certainly been connected, Shen Xiang thinks. Does not know treasure trove that they said where? Is here, that very danger(ous)?” Shen Xiang suddenly anchors the footsteps: I must tell the friends of mine, do not let them come here.” Yun Xiaodao they here, Xianxian and Liu Meng'er will also come, but Long Huishan they probably already already! Um, then we go back! Perhaps is that anything Saint Source Ancient Domain plot.” Duan Ming also felt that is not right, hastily draws the Shen Xiang round trip to run, but they dashed about wildly a period of time, has not gone out of that wild forest. All around trees are bare, the ground is some black soils, carefully looked that has fully occupied the blood likely, but the withered soil, making Shen Xiang cannot help but hit quickly grasping the meaning of something. This place...... What's the matter?” Shen Xiang looks at all around, then looked at the sky, the sky dusky, the fog tuck dive, likely is the Evil Devil in the air chaotic dance.

Duan Ming turns circle same place, his forehead suddenly has seeped out the sweat: We entered Evil Temple! This may is in Evil Temple, damn, do we come in? We went round obviously!” But I can also induce Immortal Qi, possibly we entered in Illusion Formation!” Shen Xiang cannot believe one will enter that fearful place. Duan Ming arrives by a tree, very vigorous bang a fist, makes wild Purple Lightning, rumbles the fragment that tree. However after that tree was ruined, abhors fast-growth long to come out, but does not have the leaf, only then the bare branch, looks like also has tenacious vitality. If in normal space, I that fist, can make the space present some fissures a moment ago, but does not have here.” Duan Ming said. Continues, here is also not the illusion, do we look to look first, have the person here.” Duan Ming is bringing Shen Xiang , to continue to dash about wildly in a direction. After three double-hour, they arrived in trees quite thick woods, the bough of here dead tree takes dozens talented people able to joint hold, moreover is long very big, on above these thick branches, is standing some such as the crow of cow general size. Shen Xiang and Duan Ming suddenly clashes, these crows send out yelling of sinister, the flutter wing fly the upper air. Is evil crow, is really in Evil Temple, in the past Great Emperor of Ten Heavens had said have met this crow in this inside, you look at the eyes of these crows.” Duan Ming said. Shen Xiang saw a moment ago, in the eyes of these crows has two eyeballs, one black one red, moreover around revolving, looks like the release is mutually strange. His mother, definitely a moment ago saw Evil Temple that several characters, we have come.” Shen Xiang scolded lowly: I later must ruin this broken place.” Shen Xiang was saying, hidden place Suppressing Devil Mirror, pours into Suppressing Devil Holy Power, aims at these evil crow, makes Holy Light, hits these evil crow randomly to fly everywhere, what making Shen Xiang surprised is, the defenses of these evil crow are fierce, after being hit, unexpectedly has not fallen, but in the air circles was yelling. Shen Xiang receives Suppressing Devil Mirror, took a deep breath, in his heart prayed that Yun Xiaodao they do not come. Walks, should have many people to come, so long as sees these fences, must meet with a disaster.” Duan Ming walks in the signature, seriously said, puts out that Divine Sword that he snatched. They walked more than double-hour in this great woods, suddenly heard to broadcast the sound. „The broken news that your Saint Source Ancient Domain releases, has brought this damned place us, you killed us.” We also here, this and our No problem, the ghost know how this Evil Temple does brave?” Shen Xiang and Duan Ming walked immediately. My Divine Soul cannot run all over the place, limit of this place to Divine Power is very big.” Long Xueyi suddenly said: You little use to wonderfully.”

Front she wants to have a look is anything person, but she has attempted, felt that the headache wants to crack. Shen Xiang and Duan Ming receive weapon in skilled person, careful advance, but the front person has discovered probably also them. What person?” A middle age asked vigilantly, put out a big sword, poured into True Qi, making the big sword ray sparkle. We also astray this place.” Shen Xiang said: „Really is here in Evil Temple?” In the danger(ous) place, many person on many one point of strength, therefore that middle age receives the big sword in hand, sighed: Right, we are Saint Source Ancient Domain, we went to that treasure trove, when the excavation ore, presents this Evil Temple suddenly, then we arrived here.” We passed by, see this Evil Temple, then we plan to go round, but unknowingly came.” Shen Xiang said. We are Heavenly Stone Immortal Palace, doesn't know two from where?” Moreover a old man issue at the same time, regarding Shen Xiang and Duan Ming, they is still very vigilant. We are loose cultivator, we were well-meant, we should join up at this time, although we have not met any danger(ous) at present.” Shen Xiang said. You want with us to be able, but do not implicate us.” Heavenly Stone Immortal Palace that old man also said. Duan Ming low snort|hum, stamped the feet vigorously, the earth trembles, all around dozens great tree disintegrations, turn into mist and dust suddenly. However these great trees grew quickly. Such strength sufficed!” Duan Ming that had not spoken has swept the people. Person heart of Heavenly Stone Immortal Palace and in Saint Source Ancient Domain secret one startled, has not said anything again. I think person who many influences will come to here, first went to find them, gathers together, everybody tried to find the solution, our territory hosts should also here.” The Saint Source Ancient Domain middle age said that he is Immortal King, he saw that the Duan Ming strength is uncommon, can the second kill him easily. Saint Source Ancient Domain territory main also here! That is Big Shot, with Dragon Emperor, Phoenix King same rank! Heard that Fire Emperor and Fire Emperor big apprentices came, does not know that is.” Shen Xiang whispered.