World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1427

On the Saint Source Ancient Domain person heard Shen Xiang saying that was skeptical. That middle age said: The treasure trove that we investigate truly will present some rare and precious refiner materials, Sacred Level also will have many, the Fire Emperor big apprentice comes that to be passable, if Fire Emperor comes personally, that was hard to understand.” Then you do have to invite Fire God Palace to come?” Shen Xiang asked. No, are been many by the big influence that we invited, but they obtained the rumor, will catch immediately up.” That middle age shakes the head to say. Now Shen Xiang and Duan Ming believe firmly that Fire God Palace should be that Demonic Sky Xie Family collaborated, only then the Evil Emperor grave, will make Fire Emperor so be interested. Saint Source Ancient Domain that Immortal King named Yan Shan, is a young elder, is responsible for investigating the treasure trove, is the Saint Source Ancient Domain first batch here person, but is actually stranded here now. Has the matter about Evil Temple, Saint Source Ancient Domain and Heavenly Stone Immortal Palace people have heard, but they have not thought why will appear here. Heard that enters this Evil Temple, a narrow escape.” In the crowd, a youth said panic-stricken. Is uncertain, the Evil Temple front door had been rumbled broken, therefore this Evil Temple will not look like in Legend to be so fearful, had been damaged seriously, we have the opportunity to exit.” Yan Shan loud voice said. In dangerous situation, what is most fearful being loses seeks livehood the courage , the Yan Shan words has inspired these young people, making them not desperate. Saint Source Ancient Domain and that Heavenly Stone Immortal Palace person altogether more than 100, the overall strength is very strong, moreover they are some squads, is not the large unit. Each squad Immortal King and three Immortal Monarch lead, other are in Human Immortal late stage, Shen Xiang and Duan Ming follow behind them. Saint Source Ancient Domain has the ability of examination topography, must therefore walk that direction is also they decided that Shen Xiang and Duan Ming do not have any direction in this inside, does not know where should toward walk, has with them.

The team walked more than double-hour in woods of this withering, suddenly, the people felt that the earth of under foot has slight shivering, front also hears a billowing sound, is the mighty force kills such likely, but also is having a frigid evil looking aura. Shen Xiang swallows the saliva, although does not know that front has any situation, but from that aura, as well as this sound, front is having a troop thing to run. Has the person, looks quickly!” Shen Xiang jumps immediately, is looking at the front, sees only over a hundred people to dash about wildly toward them. „Isn't that He Feng?” Shen Xiang saw the familiar face, He Feng unexpectedly also to come, moreover at this time was distressed. That is Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country, Fire God Palace and Suppressing Devil Temple's person, they were being pursued by any thing, we also run!” Yan Shan shouted, urged that these young a bit faster turns around to dash about wildly. The thing that Fire God Palace and Suppressing Devil Temple could not cope with, they also very much formidabe resulted. Shen Xiang and Duan Ming originally in finally, but they actually run now in the forefront. Shen Xiang displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, was read by own soul float high, quick presents black long-line on seeing behind, by this alignment is extending infinitely, looks from afar that is similar to the black wave that attacks, is careful looked that sees only that black wave behind has one piece jet black sea! It seems like the black sea is turbulent in mighty waves, but is actually not, reason that will have this misconception, what because is that pursues in behind is the innumerable paint black monsters, is not big, but the quantity are much more, has formed a piece of beast sea, sweeps across to come enormously and powerful, woods that these great trees form, appears very frail in front of this beast sea, is only all of a sudden, is attacked to break broken. Shen Xiang read to receive the soul, in Evil Temple, Divine Power was very difficult to display, he displayed shortly, felt that was being corroded by any strength. Can fly? The speed of that crowd of things was getting more and more fast!” Shen Xiang said to following Yan Shan.

You give a try!” Yan Shan said: Flies to take the trouble, moreover cannot guarantee that was not attacked, honest runs in the ground.” Shen Xiang jump gets up, formidable True Qi of control within the body, holds his body, in the air speedily is flying. In he just flew shortly, Duan Ming is also following close on, because in the ground was really too danger(ous), moreover he and Shen Xiang's speed was quick, seeing them not to have no danger(ous), Yan Shan also led the person to fly behind them, but this consumed True Qi, these Human Immortal late stage may not have they that good endurance. Front also has!” Shen Xiang saw the front also to appear with the behind same scene, big beast tides raided, they by converging attack. Duan Ming knits the brows: Quantity are many, even if flees to the two sides, is very also difficult to arrive at the end, do these things appear? Makes to cope intentionally our?” Prepares to accept a challenge!” After Yan Shan sees the front that beast tides, the complexion changes suddenly, bellows. Shen Xiang has been ready that accepts a challenge, Duan Ming said: Must as far as possible nearby me!” Two waves of beast tide suddenly attack together, that impact, caused many black monsters dead, hits one covered with blood, left behind a long mark in the ground, as if a paint black perpetual flow. The monster really comes to them, these monsters are the wild animal somewhat are similar, for example tiger, lion, leopard, rhinocero and other wild animals, but the body is jet black, or some are the double headeds and three, even is 56 heads, some also whole body sharp thorn, these sharp thorn above glittering evil looking light glow, is seeming like has acute poison. At this time Shen Xiang their float in the air, but below probably is sea like that limitless, cannot see the end. To!” Yan Shan shouted: „The strengths of these things have the weakness, some have acute poison, everybody must add carefully.” Suppressing Devil Temple, Fire God Palace and Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country person, has slaughtered in the beast sea, so long as many monsters see the person, crazily will swoop.

Shen Xiang perceived that under has innumerable monster upward jump to come, he lowers the head looked that can see that fully is the big mouth of advantage tooth. Kills!” The Shen Xiang body shakes slightly, massive Fire True Qi well up from Heaven Dan, he depresses to a tread palm, terrifying scalding hot erupts suddenly, afterward forms huge fire palms, is similar to great mountain-like depresses. Bang! The fire palms pressure falls on the ground, under these monsters called immediately intermittently, the palm fell to the ground exploded suddenly, the hot wave welled up to all around in a threatening manner crazily, embezzles these monsters. Instantaneous, ground surrounding area thousand zhang (3.33 m) had been emptied by Shen Xiang, but shortly , was also filled up by many monsters. „Can't his mother, kill?” Shen Xiang looks at that beast sea, in the heart has a dilutedness vast. Can kill!” Duan Ming indifferently said.