World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1428
Duan Ming fierce crash arrive at the ground, seems is similar to trillion jin (0.5 kg) thing falls such, is having a very strong impulse. His both feet falls to the ground, releases that greatly strengthened True Qi in within the body, has a huge shock-wave. That shock-wave is similar to the wave such forms a circle, ripples to all around, everywhere one visit, these monsters turn into the powder. Yan Shan and the others sees, feels to the Duan Ming strength shocking, at least they cannot achieve. Duan Ming such, has emptied a surrounding area ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) place, moreover that shock-wave is still spreading to all around, but will not cause the damage to humanity. This is the formidable loose immortal strength! Exhausts fully, at this time do not have scruples too, if not solve this crowd of things, we are very difficult to go to other place.” Duan Ming to Shen Xiang sound transmission, hints Shen Xiang to show own strength. During the Duan Ming speeches, is waving to that flock of monsters, releases one to bring the purple crazy thunder astral wind, this gust covers very broad, that purple light, making the dusky sky turn into the purple, place that purple Thunder Fengchui crosses, there monster electricity to become Hui. I knew!” Shen Xiang nodded, flies into distant place that piece of beast sea. Fire God Palace and Suppressing Devil Temple's person, notes Duan Ming, these purple lightning of Duan Ming use, making them look familiar, because initially fight of Duan Ming when Night Demon Underworld, they had seen. The monster that copes with these whole body evil auras, Suppressing Devil Holy Power of Shen Xiang within the body has very strong lethality, he releases Suppressing Devil Holy Power, is winding around his body, forms energy shield, some monsters swoop, moves that energy shield, turns into Qi mist instantaneously. Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal!” Shen Xiang integrated Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal of his within the body to put that poured into Suppressing Devil Holy Power along with him unceasingly, that Sacred Seal became more and more greatly, float in upper air, as if giant palace such. Holy Light that under Sacred Seal that town character, sparkles, makes the bodies of these monsters melt little. Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, he is Shen Xiang!” A Suppressing Devil Temple's old man squawk called out, although he is the Suppressing Devil Temple's elder, but he first time sees Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable Sacred Seal, feeling that at this time his one type wants to worship on bended knees. That might that Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal releases, making the person be awed at the sight, this huge Sacred Seal is similar to a Fang Tianqiang space, Holy Light Huiteng, looks like has extremely fearful strength. Shen Xiang flies the Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal place above, stands above Sacred Seal, his within the body has Suppressing Devil Bloodline, this can make his Heavenly Saint Body fleshly body strength integrate in this Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, making Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal more and more greatly. This is Shen Xiang first time offers a sacrifice to with own limit strength Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, implication strength is fearful makes Shen Xiang feel the awe, but Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal strength he also can only display now little. Town!” The Shen Xiang's sound has an incomparably dignified sacred imposing manner, the foot to step on Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, will press.

Jumps quickly!” The people know that this Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal presses, is definitely terrorist, in abundance jump. The great seal just depressed, the earth presented a big piece of dent, the words that carefully looks, will discover these dents compose one greatly incomparable town character, but in these dents some innumerable tiny spirit pattern, are getting more and more near from the ground along with Sacred Seal, on these small spirit pattern presents pure and holy light glow gradually. The speed that Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal presses is slow, but also presents together the golden shadow on the way, looks like like town that” golden light forms character, falls to the ground along with this piece of golden light, ground that huge "Suppress (镇)" character glows dazzling golden light. Bang! The great seal falls to the ground, as if must tear the earth, shakes the ta vault of heaven, was that powerful shake strength was only fearful, let alone along with Suppressing Devil Holy Power that shake erupted! After Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal falls to the ground, that fearful Suppressing Devil Holy Power that inside ferments turns into an aperture, spreads rapidly to all around, with the shake of that topple the mountains and overturn the seas, is wreaking havoc the endless beast sea. Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal reduces gradually, finally turns into arrives at Holy Light, enters in the Shen Xiang's body, Shen Xiang's True Qi only remaining 10% this. Sees Shen Xiang to exhaust fully, Duan Ming arrives at side him immediately. Suppressing Devil Holy Power is still proliferating, is similar to high sea, sweeps across the beast sea enormously and powerful, the place that passes through, the monster vanishes in puff of smoke. Suddenly, under was emptied the big piece, people in the air, looks that golden Suppressing Devil Holy Power wave spreads, the monster must be extinguished rapidly kills, this makes the people relax, because did not have the monster to come again, moreover Suppressing Devil Holy Power aura that the distant place transmits, they can still be able to feel. Saint Source Ancient Domain Yan Shan, knows at this time that is Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang and Suppressing Devil Temple's enmity, they are also very clear, but Suppressing Devil Temple, Fire God Palace and Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country here, for the conflict prevention, Yan Shan immediately have the person to arrive at side Shen Xiang now. Shen Xiang has to cut the monster slaughter demon Divine Weapon and sacred tool, moreover Suppressing Devil Holy Power is fearful feels ashamed of one's inferiority including Suppressing Devil Temple's many elders, in this Evil Temple, needs this strength. Shen Xiang, we met!” He Feng walks false smile, Suppressing Devil Temple and Fire God Palace's Immortal King also threatens at this time. Enemies often cross each other's path, but I must thank you, because your previous time Immortal Sword had been sold a good price by me.” Shen Xiang smiled, he swallows several grains of pill, assists him True Qi that restores to lose. Sees Suppressing Devil Temple's old man to be just about to speak, Shen Xiang said immediately: If wants me to return Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, that has exempted, this is the impossible matter, you want to seize, although snatches that's it, is not no need saying that many falsely rubbish.” Everybody, gives me a Saint Source Ancient Domain face, today this time relinquishes, your graciousness grievances resentment, waited to leave this Evil Temple to say again, moreover you were uncertain are their matches.” Yan Shan stands before the Shen Xiang body, can see that he stands that side whom at this time.

Duan Ming Divine Sword takes that he snatches, cold sound track: I shouted ten, you in my line of sight range, I surely will still make you tear to shreds, soul destroyed.” Sees that Divine Sword, hears the Duan Ming words, several Fire God Palace's old man rushed to the distant place went, He Feng recovers, dashes about wildly immediately, in heart panic-stricken incomparable. Snort, this ability, but also wants to snatch the thing everywhere, don't they snatch my Divine Sword? Also is not because I am quite fierce, thing of bullying the weak and fearing the strong.” Duan Ming coldly snorted, receives his Divine Sword. The Heavenly Stone Immortal Palace person at this time to Shen Xiang and Duan Ming is respectful, if no Shen Xiang here, perhaps they the delicious many suffering, let alone Duan Ming was mysterious expert, in the hand had Divine Sword a moment ago, with them in together, will be safer. You can massacre a moment ago their.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Does not have the meaning, when you have my this strength, you know that kills this small thing is insipid, let alone this is you and their grievances, you solve.” Duan Ming said. This is withered woods, but after great war, these great trees vanished, making here look like very spacious. When they when discussed that what to do then must, these do not have giant stone suddenly of leaf to brave from the ground, is long in quick fast-growth, is only the time of a while, the woods appear again, the innumerable great tree rebirths, this makes the people be afraid, this fearful strength makes them feel the fear. These trees, although is withers, which direction but can see the branch cover, we walk in that direction.” Yan Shan said. Casual, we do not know where in any case should toward walk, the fuzzy directions are also a good deed.” Shen Xiang said. The people start to start off, although meets that terror the beast tide, but they crossed that pass/test. „Do these monsters form? Has fleshly body to compose, moreover blood or black.” Shen Xiang said: Definitely has any strength to make this batch of monsters.” Three days pass by, in this also has the dark night, night is peaceful, moreover is very cold, airborne, although has the thick cloud to cover, but can actually see the moonlight dimly, but that moonlight is somewhat strange, is the garnet. Late at night, the people have rested three double-hour , to continue to start off. They also in the woods of that withering, are still these great trees, just in the night, occasionally cold wind will have blown, blows the branch to shake, sends out one type the sound that makes the person be scared. „..................”

The front hears the cry of crow suddenly, but also in the greater part of the night, making the person cannot help but hit one to tremble, in the deathly stillness woods lived it up suddenly, an intermittent strange evil crow cry transmitted unceasingly, the sound was getting more and more loud, reverberates in the dark nighttime sky. Is evil crow, in the past had a look, this type of thing was not strong, anything is not good to fear.” Shen Xiang said that before he and Duan Ming, has met. Shen Xiang and Duan Ming take the lead, the people do not have what to be good to fear very much, feels relieved follows them. After approaching, their suddenly hears the voices of some people to transmit. These crow real his mother dislike, all day with us, we have not died! Tonight I must mince them.” What speech is a female, that sound has the incomparable anger, Shen Xiang to hear this sound, in the heart trembles immediately, because this is the Leng Youlan's sound. He hopes very much Leng Youlan they enter this Evil Temple, but she arrived, Leng Youlan comes with Long Huishan, then mentioned Long Huishan also here. Is Youlan!” Shen Xiang sighed. Is your white hair sworn sister?” Duan Ming asked. Shen Xiang nodded: Has not thought that she has also come, this is not the good matter.” He quickens pace, runs in the direction that the evil crow cry transmits, other Duan Ming and people also follow close on. Front, more than ten close right up against a big tree personally, is resting evidently, but Leng Youlan is brandishing the big sword in hand, flings about on the big tree, chops to chop these evil crow, but is very difficult to chop these evil crow, what is interesting is that these evil crow are stimulating Leng Youlan probably intentionally, after being attacked, does not fly far, continuation stands on the branch waited for that Leng Youlan attacks.