World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1429
Long Huishan they had already discovered Shen Xiang they come, see Saint Source Ancient Domain Yan Shan, they do not have are so anxious, because Saint Source Ancient Domain also invited them to come, they recognized Yan Shan. But those who make Long Huishan some unable to believe that person who that is running swiftly, unexpectedly is Shen Xiang! Youlan, your brother came.” Long Huishan said to Leng Youlan immediately that then walks toward Shen Xiang. Where?” Leng Youlan is very happy, Shen Xiang will appear here, she has not been surprised, has probably been used to be the same. Smelly brat, did you come in this damned place?” Long Huishan sees Shen Xiang not to have what wound, moreover with Saint Source Ancient Domain together, she has felt relieved. You not also here?” Shen Xiang smiled, then looked that to that Leng Youlan that walks, she has gripped that white hair, the head is also bringing the bamboo hat. Ha Ha, the brother you also entered Evil Temple, heard that entered this damned place, ten had ** will die.” Leng Youlan said laughingly that her shoulder carries the great river that looks like sinks very much, steps the stride to arrive around Shen Xiang, has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder. Shen Xiang is pinching her handsome face vigorously, said with a smile: Dead girl, died to being imminent so was happy, you were probably getting stronger and stronger!” That naturally, my eldest sister has learned many things, hits one.” Leng Youlan excitedly said, has shown a stance. Long Huishan has patted her flexible outstanding buttocks, ridicules saying: When, but also is attending to and person on one's own side fights, must retain the strength to deal with the critical situation.” „The Female Dragon king, really did not do right by, making you be bogged down in difficulties in this.” Yan Shan walks, the whole face said guilty that he has not thought Shen Xiang and Long Huishan relationship is so good, evidently probably is family member such. All right, this matter no one has expected that you can invite us excavate that treasure trove together, we were very grateful.” Long Huishan said with a smile, has not blamed the meaning of Saint Source Ancient Domain. Person many strength are big, we together look for the outlet.” Yan Shan said.

Long Huishan nodded: We hurried along continuously for several days, first rested.” Afterward, the people same place rest, one side Shen Xiang arrived by Leng Youlan. Brother, I was also many a younger sister, when makes me see her, does not know that she is fierce.” Leng Youlan sits in the ground, is backing on the big tree, grasps some stones from the soil, pounds to evil crow that airborne these kyoodle. She is very fierce, later you make the eldest sister take away Hundred Flowers Immortal Country you, can see her.” Shen Xiang is also same as Leng Youlan, pounds these evil crow with the stone. Youlan, your if wanted Saint Sword, here has Heavenly Evil Saint Sword.” Shen Xiang takes Heavenly Evil Saint Sword, gives Leng Youlan. Leng Youlan receives, shook several in the hand, gives Shen Xiang, tenderly snorted and said: Lightly was too too small, does not look like any murderous aura, does not suit me to use, must look like this stature conceited.” She puts out oneself that the palm equally wide big sword, this is middle-grade immortal tool, looked that does not have much sincerely, the difference does not have a person to be high, with Leng Youlan this stature tall, the whole body murderous aura female very much matches. For many years, her weapon is she and Xianxian *** made, she was the Liu Meng'er's apprentice, was Refining Master, therefore weapon built with oneself generally, therefore she will come to here to seek for the refiner material, built a fierce sword after. I have seen Xiao Ling, has not asked her to come to here fortunately, otherwise she will certainly be scared.” Leng Youlan happily said with a smile: „The Xiao Ling strength is good, I will carry on to her every day teach especially, promote very obviously.” You are entangling all her day, making her be your trainer, you will bully her, she is your younger sister.” Shen Xiang ridiculed has been blowing her nose. Leng Youlan looks in Duan Ming of distant place, asked in a low voice: Brother, who is this uncle? It looks like very fierce appearance, I felt that his danger(ous), he looked at my one eyes very much a moment ago, in a big way frightened me one to jump.” I at the matter of Divine Sword congress, you should hear!” Shen Xiang asked.

Heard.” Leng Youlan has thought of anything immediately, whispered: Original this he robs Divine Sword that fellow.” Saying, her hastily receives own big sword, although that is middle-grade Immortal Sword, but she actually likes, moreover refines, she will be worried about to be robbed by Duan Ming. Shen Xiang has cannot help but smiled. Strict Senior, do you have to invite the Hundred Flowers Immortal Country person to come?” Shen Xiang to not far away Yan Shan shouted. Invited, but they could not mention.” Yan Shan said: Does not know that many people entered this Evil Temple.” Elder sister, how do you enter this Evil Temple?” Shen Xiang also asked. Long Huishan long sighed: We see a broken palace, then presents a front door of rotting, knows is Evil Temple, I have the person to be far away immediately, but unknowingly, in this.” They are the same with Shen Xiang, saw that doorway tablet to come. And other dawn walks again.” Shen Xiang said that Leng Youlan by his shoulder, closes one's eyes to rest at this time, has Shen Xiang side her, she thinks very safe. Shen Xiang is taking that Heavenly Evil Saint Sword, seeps Divine Power, carefully looks at that inside map, Heavenly Evil Saint Sword directs them to come to here, but actually meets this Evil Temple, this makes him feel that was too skillful. The rest of people Jing Jing (quietly), until dawn, was awakened by sudden dragon roar, this inside unexpectedly has the dragon! Did the Imperial Dragon Clan dragon also come in? This is in people heart simultaneously is thinking.

Is very likely Imperial Dragon Clan!” Long Huishan is cloudy the face: We and Imperial Dragon Clan relationship is not quite good, avoids them, we do not want and they have the conflict in this place.” Not is only Long Huishan they, Shen Xiang does not want the conflict with Imperial Dragon Clan, direction that but the sound conveys, is really that direction of branch comparison cover, that is they a direction that decides to walk. We must go to that direction.” Shen Xiang explained they go to that direction the reason. After Long Huishan hear, looked at one to put on old man of white clothing, that old man nodded. „The old man is very strong Ice Dragon, does not know how Long Family found to leave the Imperial Dragon Clan Ice Dragon group.” Long Xueyi gives Shen Xiang sound transmission. We start off, this damned place will have the different changes every day.” Yan Shan said that the beast tide that before they met, made in their hearts have the shadow. Now the population had 200, the overall strength is not weak, this makes in the people heart not frightened. They in the morning, soon noon time, the ash in sky clouds suddenly dispersing, sunlight shone a burningly suddenly. The cloud complete shunt, airborne presented the deep blue sky, but people happy, because airborne has nine Sun, moreover that sunlight is not the common sunlight, is scalding hot, many Human Immortal middle stage people, expressed one were been probably same by the fire roasting, has the burning pain of varying degrees.