World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1430

Damn Sun!” Leng Youlan scolded one lowly, catches fire the bamboo hat to take to discard head that her white hair is intact, Long Xueyi has said that her hair is tenacious, even if some sharp weapons, will be very difficult cutting off. Shen Xiang is stroking her long ponytail, makes the above some ashes. „The person who cannot bear, everyone takes plants the ice crystal together.” Long Huishan has put out one pile of glitteringly and translucent carving ice crystals, these are Immortal Crystal, but inside is containing very rich ice cold Immortal Qi. Was roasted the whole body to burn the hot person burning hot, takes is bringing the body together, absorbs above ice cold Immortal Qi, immediately was comfortable, can drive out that scalding hot strength. Brother, can you anti- live? if wanted I put ice cold True Qi to make you comfortable.” Leng Youlan happily said with a smile. Do not look down upon me, the hot place I have gone.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, he went to earth core, there truly was very hot place. Beforehand dragon roar sound, but transmitted one time not to have . Moreover the people came not to induce to the aura of dragon all the way, this made people think very strange, because from that sound, they should approach the place that had an accident very much, but here was still that type big tree that did not have the leaf, ground not damaged trace. Do not move!” Duan Ming suddenly shouted, everyone knows that now he robs Divine Sword that expert, although did not speak, but he had very high prestige in the crowd. Just shouted words in Duan Ming, the people felt that not too big nor too small wind blows from front, but is also bringing some white dust in this gust. These are the bone ashes, that dragon was fired the ash!” Long Family that mysterious Ice Dragon seriously said. Right, was that dragon struck to kill? From that dragon roar, the strength of that dragon should be good, said that is the Dragon King ranks, unexpectedly was killed the ash by the second.” Long Huishan looks at all around vigilantly. This is Evil Temple, in the past Great Emperor of Ten Heavens was stranded for over a thousand years to come out, the a dragon king was killed by the second, is very normal matter, even if enters the Sacred Realm dragon, here died is not extraordinary, everybody must add carefully!” The Duan Ming expression dignifiedly, looked at that Ice Dragon unintentionally. Melts Sacred Realm, after is Immortal King, enters the Sacred Realm stage, enters Sacred Realm, quite existence in half Saint, the strength is powerful, lifts in the hands to rumble to kill Immortal King, but many Immortal King are very difficult to enter Sacred Realm, some even stagnated for several thousand years not to break through. When the people ponder the words that Duan Ming was speaking, Leng Youlan suddenly shouted, looks at the sky quickly! Leng Youlan is pointing at one fiercely positive, in the sky has nine Sun, the size varies, Leng Youlan is pointing at that is biggest that but this solar unexpectedly is changing. At this time the temperature also became high, the people fixed the eyes on fiercely that light glow was emitting positive, at this time is not circular, was twisting unceasingly, must turn into anything likely.

That is changing Sun, suddenly explodes dodges fierce glow, afterward presents one to burn the crow of flame, this crow with these evil crow same sizes, is diving. As this crow dives, a scalding hot barometric pressure covers suddenly, these big trees fierce braved the flame. This is Black Sun Fire Crow!” Long Xueyi exclaims: This thing is very strong, moreover can evolve the Saint Beast thing.” Is Black Sun Fire Crow, everybody was careful that is hit by the feather that he puts!” Duan Ming shouted, he puts out that afterward Divine Sword, welcomes Black Sun Fire Crow that is diving to rush. We may not provoke you, you actually attack us, is you courts death.” Divine Sword in Duan Ming hand punctures suddenly, is similar to Purple Lightning flies together straightly violently, hits to that Black Sun Fire Crow. Black Sun Fire Crow was hit, exudes one „” neighed pitifully, made hot, making the person have an inexplicable chill in the air. I understood, these Sun are not real Sun, moreover we more approach, these Sun become bigger, we are easier to be attacked.” Leng Youlan said: Perhaps each Sun, was ancient times fire beast.” Leng Youlan has the White Dragon inheritance, therefore she also knows many things, but she hides very well. This Black Sun Fire Crow truly was ancient times fire beast, Legend in the past hopefully became Saint Beast, but suddenly has actually been missing, has not thought of unexpectedly to be able here.” Long Family that Old Ice Dragon said. Black Sun Fire Crow was flown by a Duan Ming sword violently, but actually sends lossless, flies furious toward Duan Ming, speed very rapidness, moreover flame turned into the blood red, heat is threatening. This domestic animal is really hard to deal with, did not have the reason.” Duan Ming is holding Divine Sword, chops Black Sun Fire Crow that chops this only to go crazy. The Duan Ming strength is also fearful, can meet the tough head-on with toughness with this Black Sun Fire Crow, his Divine Sword hits Black Sun Fire Crow each time time, will make spark, these spark fall into the ground, is similar to the meteorite is the same, leaves behind a very big falling pit in the ground. „The Evil Temple history also has to be much more glorious than Great Emperor of Ten Heavens that time, enters expert that here cannot exit, finally will become slave who will protect this Evil Temple.” That Old Ice dragon looks at another eight Sun, said: It seems like we must leave here, must result in facing that eight monsters, so long as approaches them, they will come, before that dragon should be that Black Sun Fire Crow kills.” Wants me to help?” That Old Ice dragon to Duan Ming shouted. Does not use, you protect them, do not let them be sneak attacked, although this Black Sun Fire Crow did not have the spirit wisdom, but that deceitful instinct, me was almost been cloudy a moment ago.” Duan Ming shouted.

Long Huishan knits the brows, this way is not means that because the Duan Ming strength and that Black Sun Fire Crow are equally matched, but Black Sun Fire Crow is the beasts, in many aspects compared with human, the words that consumes, is very disadvantageous to Duan Ming. „Does elder, have the means?” Long Huishan asked. I give a try, can live in this thing ice!” That Old Ice dragon seizes the opportunity, suddenly bellows, is similar to dragon roar is ordinary, sees only in his mouth to spout one group of white lights, has hit instantaneously that only Black Sun Fire Crow. Black Sun Fire Crow was frozen immediately, turns into the ice sculpture, falls, but must fall to the ground, these ice actually suddenly melt, afterward Black Sun Fire Crow sends out angry yelling, the flutter wing, the fan leaves one to burn intermittently the prosperous feather, the place when these feathers are fierce, grazes pass through, turns into piece of sea of fire. Old Ice Dragon roared, body fiercely shook, releases very terrifying ice cold air/Qi, a condense giant ice wall keeps off in the front, the Black Sun Fire Crow feather by the parry. Black Sun Fire Crow is just about to launch the second round attack, but Duan Ming has attacked, wields a sword to release Purple Lightning, chops to hit, approaches, punctures crazily, however Black Sun Fire Crow fleshly body is fearful, even though is Divine Sword, very difficult wound to him. Black Sun Fire Crow flies once more airborne, with the Duan Ming dogfight, that Old Ice dragon also no longer attempts, because that will only bring in the angry attack of Black Sun Fire Crow, he is trying to find the solution rapidly. This way is not the means.” Shen Xiang said. What good idea do you have?” Long Huishan hastily asked that she knows that Shen Xiang ghost method are many, otherwise she will not obtain the inheritance of Ice Dragon. Shen Xiang thinks that said: I have means to try, this Senior, waits for your again frozen this Black Sun Fire Crow, best to be able frozen long little.” Good, hoping you to have the hot crow that means blow this to fall insanely.” The Old Ice dragon knows Shen Xiang to be out of the ordinary, before on the road, he knew that Shen Xiang by a person of strength, destroys completely that sea common monster, he does not have asked how Shen Xiang must do, condense strength, the preparation attacks again. Senior Duan, hits to be farther the hot crow.” Shen Xiang shouted: I have the means to cope with this thing.” Duan Ming transports foot strength, to a Black Sun Fire Crow maliciously sword detachment that rapid flight is coming, makes a bright cremation, if in the night, this certainly will be beautiful. Black Sun Fire Crow was struck to fly the distant place by that sword, the Old Ice dragon seizes the opportunity, emits one group of condense the strong ice cold strength light group, strikes to Black Sun Fire Crow. Sees the Old Ice dragon to get rid, Shen Xiang vanish from sight, has displayed the strength of Law of Space immediately, the shuttle in the past, the people have not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly will pass personally, this quite danger(ous), because Black Sun Fire Crow, once breaks frozen, will attack Shen Xiang.

Duan Ming sharply pursues, but Shen Xiang arrived at Black Sun Fire Crow falling under. By frozen Black Sun Fire Crow, cannot move, crashes straightly, when the people were worried Black Sun Fire Crow breaks frozen, Shen Xiang suddenly has emitted that Divine Cauldron, controls Divine Cauldron to increase, very accurate catches that Black Sun Fire Crow. Shen Xiang has Divine Cauldron, everyone knows this matter, but Divine Cauldron does not have the cover, strength sells at a discount greatly, must be difficult in the Black Sun Fire Crow seal. When the people are somewhat disappointed, Divine Cauldron above suddenly presented a cover! Instance that the cover presents, Divine Cauldron violent rocks, but also sends out one intermittently bang the deafening sound, the flame has broken in Divine Cauldron frozen, but was actually stranded in Divine Cauldron, in inside is dashing crazily. Shen Xiang is far away from Divine Cauldron, but Divine Cauldron float in the air, fiercely was still swayed by inside Black Sun Fire Crow rewiring, the boom is billowing, but heat has not braved. This little rascal, unexpectedly has the Divine Cauldron cover!” Old Ice Dragon sighed one. Leng Youlan sees Shen Xiang to be so fierce, said while loudly laughing: Perhaps this Black Sun Fire Crow will be held by the brother, this is the good thing, which influence with has a grudge, where toward delivers, can perhaps exterminate an entire family.” The people hear, creepy feeling, they have not thought of Sister Shen Xiang's also that savage, if must such do, let alone the Shen Xiang's personal enemy, Immortal Palace was extinguished is also very normal matter. Divine Cauldron is still rocking, but cover covers very tightly, Shen Xiang planned to try, he has not thought that Divine Cauldron seal strength is so intrepid, he approaches Divine Cauldron gradually, releases Divine Power, controls in Temple these marks, suppresses inside Black Sun Fire Crow. „Isn't this that Divine Cauldron? How can the cover?” At this time, Shen Xiang heard some distant place person of shouted, in his heart one startled, hastily walked, changes Divine Cauldron that must sway is small, but Duan Ming also arrived at side him. Was the Imperial Dragon Clan person comes!