World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1431

Some a dragon died a moment ago here, the Imperial Dragon Clan person will come to here is also Shen Xiang they expected the matter that had Duan Ming here, Shen Xiang anything is not good to fear. Imperial Dragon Clan also enters in this Evil Temple, they come here dragon to be many, 30 this, after Shen Xiang receives that Divine Cauldron, saw the dragon that is assimilated into society the turn into a human shape to run, Dragon Emperor in inside. They saw Shen Xiang, saw Duan Ming. Initially Night Demon Underworld time, Dragon Emperor has experienced the Duan Ming strength, knows that Duan Ming is a strength very strong humanity, but he does not fear now, because of their this coming, Imperial Dragon Clan inside Old Dragon followed. That Old Dragon strength is very strong, Long Xueyi and Long Huishan immediately give Shen Xiang sound transmission, making him guard against that Old Dragon. Some a dragon died here, but Shen Xiang they here, Dragon Emperor arrive, immediately thinks is Shen Xiang they kills, immediately is angry. Shen Xiang, is you!” The Dragon Emperor anger exclaimed, a golden armor was shivering, bringing anger Dragon Qi to gush out from the crack of armor, emits intermittent golden light. Was we? This is Evil Temple your family? Doesn't allow us to appear here?” Long Huishan and the others, already side quickly arrived Shen Xiang, in order to avoid has the conflict, good to get rid promptly. „Had you killed a dragon a moment ago here?” The Dragon Emperor anger asked. „It is not, before we come, that dragon died, haven't you seen the ground that grey? Should be the ash of that dragon.” Shen Xiang said. However Dragon Emperor actually does not believe him, that dozens dragons are also filled with righteous indignation, must attack brutally evidently likely.

This is real, on this day spatially originally nine Sun, Black Sun Fire Crow turns, we come here time, was attacked by Black Sun Fire Crow, your dragons should be killed by Black Sun Fire Crow.” Yan Shan walks saying that his Saint Source Ancient Domain is a neutral influence, the speech very much has the component. Black Sun Fire Crow lived in that Divine Cauldron seal by Shen Xiang finally, you also saw that Divine Cauldron a moment ago.” Dragon Emperor they think that thought Yan Shan said not false, their dragons already died, but here had very intense fight a moment ago, has the ice cold energy to remain at the scene, they also discovered that side Long Huishan also has a very formidable Old Ice dragon. The strength of Imperial Dragon Clan that dragon is only weaker than Dragon Emperor, if must kill, does not need Duan Ming and that Old Ice dragon gets rid with joint forces, casual can write off easily. However, Shen Xiang here, in any event, they must ask for a point anything, let alone they a moment ago saw Shen Xiang's Divine Cauldron, that has Divine Cauldron of cover! That Divine Cauldron has the function of defense, attack and refiner, this multipurpose divine tool is precious, can say that is more precious than Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, perhaps Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade also refines through this Divine Cauldron. You hand over Black Sun Fire Crow, we must revenge Dragon Emperor to look at Shen Xiang to say for the compatriot of dying. Why can give you? I catch with great difficulty, moreover this Black Sun Fire Crow is so precious, you said that gives, even if gives you, you are uncertain can tame.” Shen Xiang coldly snorted, although he is unable to cope with Black Sun Fire Crow now, but, he would thinking the means to unearth that Black Sun Fire Crow value. Does not give you, do you want to snatch inadequately?” Long Huishan said with a sneer: Has to plant comes, I must have a look at you to have any skill but actually to rob Black Sun Fire Crow.” Duan Ming has revealed Divine Sword: I and Imperial Dragon Clan do not have what hatred, but you must cope with the friend of mine, do not blame me not being impolite.”

Dragon Emperor retreat several steps, arrived at side that old Holy Dragon, evidently they in the sound transmission exchange, what making in the Shen Xiang heart worry, that old Holy Dragon and Dragon Emperor as well as some dragons, once for a while look at Leng Youlan! Shen Xiang has White Dragon to assist, moreover obtains the inheritance of many Dragon Clan, this is the well-known matter, but where nobody knows that White Dragon. However passes through them to investigate, thought that Leng Youlan, because, had White Dragon and person very much long ago unifies the later birth Dragon people example, that is also white-haired . Moreover the white hair is very tenacious, therefore they suspect Leng Youlan. Leng Youlan is Shen Xiang's sworn sister, if she has the memory inheritance of White Dragon Clan, passes to Shen Xiang that is also very normal matter. White Dragon is the present Imperial Dragon Clan nightmare, even if has White Dragon Bloodline humanity, for them is also the huge threat! Shen Xiang grips the tight fist, he felt that Leng Youlan had been threatened, but he does not have the absolute strength to resist Imperial Dragon Clan. Walks!” After Dragon Emperor they leave, Shen Xiang and the others relaxed, if must hit, this will fight will be definitely frigid, now still in Evil Temple, everywhere fills danger(ous), they do not want any loss at this time. Elder sister, they should see that Youlan within the body had White Dragon Bloodline, later you must pay attention, do not let Youlan run all over the place.” Shen Xiang gives Long Huishan sound transmission. Also had realized a moment ago in Long Huishan, she responded: Knew, it seems like only then makes Youlan a bit faster formidable, like this she can be safer.” Duan Ming said: This crowd of Imperial Dragon are not silly, knows that here has the conflict not to have the advantage to anyone, now the matter of urgent matter, leaves this damned place.” The people continue to hurry along, they said the direction that will approach these Sun more and more, but these Sun are some ancient beast transform, the strength is powerful, but Shen Xiang's Divine Cauldron cannot open now, otherwise inside Black Sun Fire Crow will run.

If also will then meet that formidable ancient beast , can only struggle hard.” Duan Ming has been ready, he is loose immortal, although the strength is very strong, but these ancient beast can become existences of Saint Beast in the ancient times time, is in itself powerful, he can tie is very good. During the speeches, the people felt suddenly the temperature reduced little, looks up, sees only a Sun to disappear! Has this situation, explained that Sun turns into ancient beast, is fighting! Is who and that ancient beast fight? Is Imperial Dragon Clan that group of fellows? But they do not walk this direction probably.” Long Huishan said: It seems like many strong presences entered Evil Temple.” Person who perhaps enters the Evil Dragon mountain range, will enter here.” Yan Shan said that he knits the brows to look at front that glittering light glow, that should be the fight place. Let the people compare to have doubts many, front has the fierce combat, should have very big sound to be right, but now actually appears that tranquil. That thing I have seen...... Yan Shan murmured probably. What thing?” Shen Xiang hastily asked. divine tool that the thing of that illumination, our Saint Source Ancient Domain territory main uses probably, the named Nine Yang town evil tower, is Saint Source Ancient Domain Old Ancestor remains.” Yan Shan said.