World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1432

Saint Source Ancient Domain also has long history, will otherwise not become a very formidable influence, will establish very good relationship with the formidable influence. When Yan Shan is not quite definite, far spatial glittering leaves very intense golden light, presented a golden great tower, that great tower fierce pressure falls. Really is the territory Lord, this is the Nine Yang town evil tower, has not thought that unexpectedly compels the territory Lord to use strongest strength to come, does not know that what ancient beast he has met?” Yan Shan said. Walks, we had a look in the past, that ancient beast is not evidently good to cope, we help.” Duan Ming said that can meet expert in humanity, he is quite excited, although that Old Ice dragon is also very strong, but eventually is not humanity, is not good to bring the contrast. The Duan Ming speed is fastest, suddenly on vanish from sight, that Old Ice dragon had not left, he must protect here person here, goes forward with the team. Front has the person.” Long Huishan sees one group of people to walk quickly toward them, immediately stopped. „Isn't that Luo Yitao?” Long Xueyi said: This fellow such quickly recovered, it seems like your fist is not heavy.” On the same day a Shen Xiang fist hits Luo Yitao changes beyond all recognition, Luo Yitao has therefore despised Shen Xiang. Brother, this fellow is Luo Yitao, Master became engaged with him, your previous time I heard at Divine Sword Palace outside matter that this fellow is owes to punch, already heard that he is not the good bird, but also wants to marry Master.” Leng Youlan life Qi/angry said that Liu Meng'er often has complained this matter, moreover she has also inquired the Luo Yitao matter. Luo Yitao cultivation base be much higher than Shen Xiang, is Immortal Monarch late stage, but he was actually punched by a Shen Xiang fist everywhere looks for the tooth, this matter has made him degenerate into the laughingstock, he sees Shen Xiang after the distant place, the anger crazily wells up, bringing steaming murderous aura to dash.

Shen Xiang also sees Liu Zongyu and Song Ying, Liu Meng'er and side Xue Xianxian not again them, this makes Shen Xiang worry. Sees Luo Yitao murderous aura to be so heavy, Yan Shan walks immediately, stands in front of Shen Xiang, he did not fear that this Luo Yitao, Saint Source Ancient Domain and Heavenly Sword City have the influence of massive refiner material, however Saint Source Ancient Domain be remote than Heavenly Sword City, the strength also be stronger than Heavenly Sword City. Luo Yitao sees Yan Shan suddenly to stand, knows that Saint Source Ancient Domain must protect Shen Xiang. Yan Shan, makes way quickly!” Luo Yitao exclaimed: Shen Xiang, comes out to hit one with my directly and honestly!” Shen Xiang said: I also think that directly and honestly fights with him, but I am Human Immortal late stage, but you are Immortal Monarch late stage, how is this possibly directly and honestly?” Brother, I exit for you, I am Immortal Monarch, making me go to battle, I castrate him, looked that he also does dare to marry my Master.” Leng Youlan has put out her big sword, consolidates armor, she is earnest. Time loud voice of Leng Youlan speech, not minces matter very much, making in the people heart laugh secretly, after Luo Yitao hears, the anger surges upward, because woman unexpectedly said very much rampantly must castrate him, if he does not leave the one breath, he later does want to see the person? Xianxian and Sister Meng'er?” Shen Xiang has not paid attention to that Luo Yitao, hastily inquires Liu Zongyu and Song Ying. Song Ying knows that Shen Xiang is worried about Xue Xianxian, happily smiles: They run into Xinyue and that silly miss, therefore did not plan, they said that must jointly refine anything with Xinyue.” Dongfang Xinyue and Dongfang Jing together, before Shen Xiang, hall their whereabouts, but does not have what news, has not thought that they also came to here, he wants to see Dongfang Xinyue and Dongfang Jing very much, one is his female slave, another is her sworn sister.

They have not come to be good, this Evil Temple very danger(ous).” Shen Xiang shouted the one breath gently. After shouted at the same time hits to shout " kill " Leng Youlan hears, the whole face regrets tunnel: Has been a pity, I also want with their refiner, to want a bit faster to go out of this damned place together.” No problem, after waiting, our Saint Source Ancient Domain can provide some materials to refine to you.” Yan Shan said with a smile. Your Senior Brother they have not come, but they said that will come to here to have a look, really hopes that they do not come.” Liu Zongyu said. By Luo Yitao that the people disregard, anger arrives at the extreme, he in Heavenly Sword City, all day such as many things around a center like that but here his including root onion is not, nobody looks straight at to visit him. Shen Xiang, I have not guarded on the same day, at the meeting your move, today I must ask.” Luo Yitao angrily said. I remember that on that day was your silly sitting punches to me there, therefore I had an opportunity, but if face-to-face fights now, I could not hit you, did I admit defeat here also inadequately?” Shen Xiang may not have the mood now and he hits, he must keep the strength to deal in Evil Temple the sudden critical situation. I am victorious, the brother you make me punch him!” The Leng Youlan plea said that although she works is very rash, however she is clever in front of Shen Xiang, does not dare to act unreasonably. Leng Youlan stands behind Shen Xiang's, to Luo Yitao shouted: Comes to call me, your I cannot hit, do not count on wins my brother, do not want to marry my Master.” Shen Xiang looked at Long Huishan, Long Huishan to his slight bow, because Leng Youlan has stayed a period of time in her there, has accepted Long Huishan in view of the dragon person's training, the potential was stimulated much.

However she goes, I also want to take a look at her present strength to be what kind, having a look at her inheritance to the White Dragon to grasp what kind.” Long Xueyi said: Has me here, I ensure she will not fall a hair, she is also my good sisters.” little girl, you shut up to me! Let alone is you, even if your brother and sister add on Liu Meng'er master and apprentice, is not my match.” Luo Yitao said rampantly. The Leng Youlan anger instead smiles extremely: „Are you very fierce? Dragon Emperor also here, your his mother has to plant to chop his arm. Dragon Emperor also brought several Little Dragon to come, you had to plant to kill an old lady to have a look, you definitely did not dare, but my brother has achieved, you?” Did not say Imperial Dragon Clan, even if Fire God Palace and Suppressing Devil Temple, my brother massacres they fierce Immortal King, you kill one to give a try, even if you killed, your father your grandfather your Sir could not guarantee you.” My brother does not want with your fight, because you in his eyes are one pile of dogshit, who is all right to be able with one pile of dogshit to compete?” Shen Xiang sighed secretly, the ability that Leng Youlan cursed at people has been very valiant, let alone she frequently cannot fight, therefore she can only talk. You...... Dead girl, good you, you very fierce not? Good, I first defeat you today, making you have a look at my strength, if I lose to your this little girl, my this just built good Saint Sword to you.” Luo Yitao puts out his to take Divine Sword, that is Divine Sword Palace builds, is that type slender type, Leng Youlan naturally looks does not glance, but as Refining Master, she naturally knows that this is very most expensive Saint Sword, takes away words that sells out, can trade the precious material to build oneself satisfied Saint Sword to her.