World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1433
Brother.” Leng Youlan acts like a spoiled brat shouted. Goes, careful! Also, must win his Saint Sword, otherwise after you, let alone is my younger sister.” Shen Xiang has pinched her face with a smile. Leng Youlan said immediately excitedly: Relax, I maliciously teach certainly him, making him know that he cannot accompany Sister Meng'er.” Said words time, Leng Youlan has the look of profound meaning to look at Shen Xiang with a classification, she understood Liu Meng'er and Shen Xiang's relationship now. Song Ying and Liu Zongyu helpless looks at each other, then stands the distant place, the Leng Youlan's disposition they understood very much that Leng Youlan has stayed a period of time in Human King Immortal Country, but she has not thought that the Leng Youlan's strength will be increased that quickly, unexpectedly dares to challenge Luo Yitao. Person who a moment ago and Luo Yitao came together, had Heavenly Sword City some elders and young people, Divine Sword Palace Dai Yong receives also here, this expert look here that should not kill, at most was only the severe wound. Snort, do you have middle-grade Immortal Sword? Your doesn't sworn brother have many sharp weapons? He one does not give you, it seems like he does not care about you very much.” Luo Yitao looked at big sword in the Leng Youlan hand, although looks like very aggressive, but that is only middle-grade immortal tool. Is only I do not want, you do not know that I am Refining Master? Refining Master only with weapon that oneself build! Although the sword in my hand is not the high level thing, but that is actually I builds with own blood and sweat, is fiercer than any Divine Weapon in my heart!” The Leng Youlan ridicule said: From collection material, to drawing a charge, is I completes, whom has not depended upon! You have Saint Sword to be also what kind, also isn't your back person bestows your? Is any skill, you are only assign, let alone you could not have played that the Saint Sword might, in my eyes compared with these junks hardly.” „Is the sharp tongue death girl, I have a look at your strength now and your mouth is equally fierce.” Luo Yitao on the whole body anger, bickered he unable to fight Leng Youlan, but compared with the words of strength, he has absolutely self-confidently. Luo Yitao stamps the feet, fierce leaping up in the past, the Saint Sword cold air in hand was cold, is bringing greatly strengthened killing intent, like lightning thorn to Leng Youlan's jade neck.

„The soft egg of head of tender powder face, when I must have a look at you to be able but actually rampantly.” Leng Youlan sees Luo Yitao to puncture the sword to come, disdain with a hand racket, making that exude one Saint Sword buzz recited lightly. That sword punctured a moment ago, Shen Xiang on secret heart startled, Luo Yitao is Immortal Monarch late stage, although the person was quite crazy, but he and He Feng strength was similar, if were earnest, was very fearful, but the might of that sword also proved in the Shen Xiang heart also to think that was actually very fierce. However, a Leng Youlan actually at will palm opened, usually looks like quite uncouthly Leng Youlan, has not thought that the thoughts are so close, the place that because she hit a moment ago, happen to can shake disperses on Saint Sword condense strength, but that place also probably is the Saint Sword weak place. From the beginning, Leng Youlan carefully observes that in Luo Yitao hand Saint Sword, even the thorough interior examines, analyzes the Saint Sword weakness, really had been found by her, must know that she also has Dongfang Xinyue to look at that with Liu Meng'er divine book, inside has massive profound formation and thing in refiner aspect, moreover she also has the White Dragon inheritance, digests these things is not very difficult. Luo Yitao felt that own Saint Sword above strength was shaken the powder by a palm, that remaining strength insufficiently breaks through the Leng Youlan's defense radically, hastily retreat several steps, just avoids the big sword that Leng Youlan that chops horizontally, if not he is reduced to quickly, perhaps the throat has suffered a sword. The Leng Youlan's sword is very long, has almost her to be so high, on her puts on the armor, looks like quite tall and strong, although that Luo Yitao and she is equally high, but contrasts to think somewhat thin and small. Ha Ha...... Has not thought that you are practice ice True Qi coldly.” Leng Youlan said while loudly laughing. „Is that also what kind of?” Luo Yitao sneers: Do not think that you use the flame to restrain my cold to ice True Qi, cultivation technique that I practice but existence of close divine art, is saint level cultivation technique.” That is also what kind, cultivation technique or Icewind Divine Art that I practice, but I always do not brag with others.” The Leng Youlan's big sword shakes suddenly, emits intermittent cold frost. Leng Youlan can simultaneously practice to ice the fire attribute cold air, moreover she has achieved probably also Ice-Fire accommodating Realm.

Song Ying also understands Icewind Divine Art, she passes to Liu Meng'er's. Other haughty!” Luo Yitao blamed itself secretly, had not understood that well Shen Xiang person, has not thought this Leng Youlan was so fierce. Leng Youlan treads one step, but person actually suddenly vanished, but observes the people who in the distant place, only felt that a cool breeze blows to all around, but in the battlefield place, the cool breeze is chaotic. This is Divine Wind Step, has not thought that she grasped quickly.” Song Ying said with a smile lightly. Bai Youyou said: Divine Wind Step is a very profound step, is in Icewind Divine Art, displays will present chaotic winds, nobody can catch to the trend that she walks.” The Icewind Divine Art people some heard that but inside quite famous Divine Wind Step, is needs Immortal Monarch late stage generally even is the Immortal King strength can grasp, because this needs to lose massive True Qi and Divine Sense displays. However Leng Youlan can actually utilize now very much with ease, making many elders cannot help but exclaim in surprise again and again. Luo Yitao is sweating profusely, this Divine Wind Step is fierce he naturally to know that he cultivates ice cold True Qi, knew about Icewind Divine Art very much, reason that he must with the Liu Meng'er marriage, to obtain Icewind Divine Art. Appeared!” Long Xueyi said in a soft voice. Suddenly, presented snowstorm, toward Luo Yitao violent scraping off, the instance that the snowstorm presents, Leng Youlan also appears in Luo Yitao behind, how the people have not seen clearly her to appear, the white snow of discovery ground by incarnadine one piece, but the Leng Youlan's big sword pricks from the back of Luo Yitao, passes the body to put on, the blood is dropping from the big sword.

Snort, this ability? Also feels all right before my brother clamors!” Leng Youlan wins Saint Sword in Luo Yitao hand rapidly, a foot tramples to his buttocks, will kick. The snow melts quickly, after all the space also has seven Sun, but the people were cool a moment ago. Leng Youlan appears, breaks the Luo Yitao defense, does a sword pierce the body of Luo Yitao? This makes expert that surrounds in the nearby not think clearly, because of all these too suddenly. On Luo Yitao has protective armor, as the Heavenly Sword City talent Young Master brother, protects body treasure armor is very definitely strong, but Leng Youlan actually effortlessly piercing. Is the strength of Ancient Dragon!” Dai Yong receives whispered, looked at Shen Xiang one. Long Xueyi said with a smile: Our White Dragon Bloodline are fierce, she displayed Transformation Technique a moment ago, turned into the snowstorm, by person who the snowstorm covers, quite in had been locked by her, so long as she seeks for the empty gate of that fellow, only needs a thought that can come to the attack immediately, she utilizes the Transformation Technique union fight, have to experience a lot compared with you. You all day are thinking is used to peep others to take a bath.” dragon brat, do not speak irresponsibly, I have not done this matter wicked, you always instigate me to do actually! Also, how Transformation Technique uses, that is you teaches for my, I do not use well, that is also your mistake.” Shen Xiang ill-humored tunnel.