World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1434
Here also many Heavenly Sword City elders, therefore under Leng Youlan does not have the killer, will otherwise have the conflict with Heavenly Sword City now, if outside, she may not consider that many. Leng Youlan pierces the body of that Luo Yitao, and pours into very strong ice cold True Qi, the blood of his within the body frozen, has not created the severe wound, but Luo Yitao at least must recreation a period of time, he be held well now by these elders, trembles looks angrily at Shen Xiang and Leng Youlan, he plants once again in others hand, is a female, what satirized, Leng Youlan was the Liu Meng'er's apprentice! Luo Yitao and Liu Meng'er have the engagement, before he was rampant in front of Liu Meng'er, but he others big apprentices cannot hit, but also loses Saint Sword, thinks to think after him, is unable to gain ground in front of Liu Meng'er, let alone must marry Liu Meng'er. Leng Youlan haughty is shaking that Saint Sword in front of Shen Xiang, happily said with a smile: Brother, your if wanted , I give to you!” You are remaining.” Shen Xiang touches his head, has smiled. Dai Yong receives, but sighed, this was they build Saint Sword, however in the Luo Yitao hand shortly, has changed the master, making in his heart sigh with emotion extremely. I can trade some Sacred Level materials with Saint Source Ancient Domain, this was too small the sword, using a point not to be feeling well.” Leng Youlan has brandished several, curled the lip. Has White Dragon Bloodline Leng Youlan, the strength promotes the rapidness, secretly exclaimed in surprise in the innermost feelings including Shen Xiang, moreover he also saw Leng Youlan to hide many strengths, she so was no wonder self-confident, Long Huishan also knew probably, therefore felt relieved very much made her come out to fight. Distant place, Duan Ming and Saint Source Ancient Domain territory main just and ancient beast great war, the aura that at this time that direction transmits is getting more and more weak, looks like resembles the side to be suppressed the Lord, the people thought that should be ancient beast is collaborated to trig by two big expert. Really, the people see the distant place to have two people chatted, while walked, making Shen Xiang quite surprised, he has not thought that Saint Source Ancient Domain territory Lord, strength unexpectedly and Duan Ming were equally formidable. In this Nine Heavens, expert of hideaway also has, but is unknown, before some people had told Shen Xiang.

Presently in the air has seven Sun, what Shen Xiang is very curious that only ancient beast is. Is a wolf, should be the spark day wolf, ancient times time, a meteor crashes Saint Beast Ancient Domain, but inside has a wolf, is that spark day wolf, although this fellow cannot say badly, but actually very much likes causing trouble, finally is missing, has not thought that became the Evil God servant.” Long Xueyi said. Is Saint Beast?” Shen Xiang asked. Does not calculate, but if he, can perhaps become Saint Beast honestly.” These come from your memory inheritance? Your memory inheritance were getting more and more!” Shen Xiang said that Long Xueyi did not know these ancient times times the secret, but she probably gradually knows now. My inheritance memory are many, is regaining consciousness little.” Long Xueyi said. But Shen Xiang thought that is not simple, he always felt that Long Xueyi has many matters to conceal him. After ancient beast was subdued, besides Luo Yitao, other whole face likes, is waiting for Duan Ming and that territory Lord. When the people show the whole face relaxed smiling face, world suddenly trembles, this is not only the earth shivers, day after day airborne that seven fierce positive are swaying, as if entire space greatly is shaking. Youlan, comes quickly!” Long Huishan hastily holds Leng Youlan, because vibrates more comes to be approximately fierce, but the world gradually is also dark.

Shen Xiang looks up to the sky, sees only the sky the space in the little avalanche, his all around space is collapsing, he saw Leng Youlan and Long Huishan, the space that at this time they are, probably by formidable the strength bombardment, was divided into many parts. What's the matter?” Shen Xiang stands in same place has not moved, because around him had the situation of space avalanche, he does not know how should take refuge. Is more careful, this strength probably in view of your, some people intentionally separates other you and people!” Long Xueyi said: I induced a moment ago, only then all your around space fluctuation is quite intense, who does not know is, unexpectedly can use this strength, in the distant place control cutting space, transfers the space!” Except for my personal enemy, but also who will aim at me?” Shen Xiang coldly snorted, frowns tightly, whole body ties tight. Shortly, space that he is at stabilizes gradually, shakes greatly vanished, only then slight swaying, but in all directions is a darkness. „The region that you are, started to fuse with other spaces, it seems like in this Evil Temple the space was forms, can move at will, only then grasped Evil Temple inside space to transfer formation to achieve.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang grips tightly the fist, all around starts to present the dim ray, he knows quickly is who to his fight. All around gradually is clear, but the Shen Xiang actually suddenly whole body cannot move, True Qi of oneself within the body is unable to revolve from the dantian, his unexpectedly was used a very profound technique to imprison the dantian, mind Divine sea, by greatly strengthened Divine Power blowing. Person who can use this technique, is one is very surely strong, not weakly in Duan Ming, moreover is a god cultivates. Ha Ha......”

Shen Xiang heard a big laughter, is many people are laughing, afterward front he saw to present one group of people, in these people, there are much is he has seen! Fire God Palace, Xie Family, Suppressing Devil Temple as well as Heavenly Sword City! That whole face thin and pale Luo Yitao laughs wildly fiercely, before has fought with him, and loses Heavenly Evil Saint Sword and Punishing Demon Saint Sword Xie Kang also here, smiles cloudy sadly. Shen Xiang, this time you could not escape.” Person facial features pretty man said with a sneer, from his taking care, he is Fire God Palace's, the whole body has a very scalding hot aura, he suspected that this person perhaps is that Fire Emperor big apprentice. He is really a god cultivates, can luckily, even if blows his Divine sea, perhaps otherwise he will display some Divine Ability to escape.” old man said that this is Suppressing Devil Temple's. Xie Family old man seriously said: Anxiously be not carving up him, we hold him not for his thing, Heavenly Evil Saint Sword on him, moreover he cultivates Suppressing Devil Golden Body, can lead us to enter Evil Emperor tomb.” That Xie Family old man is very strong, should be that old antique, with the Duan Ming same strength, Shen Xiang induces, imprisons his strength, the part came from this old man. In addition has a Heavenly Sword City middle age, the Fire Emperor big apprentice, Suppressing Devil Temple's golden robe old man, that is the strength surmounts Immortal King expert.