World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1435
Angry Luo Yitao, may unable to control that many, he arrives around Shen Xiang, has hit a Shen Xiang fist maliciously, but Shen Xiang's fleshly body is very formidable, making Luo Yitao feel that the fist feels pain. „Doesn't Old Ancestor, why make that white hair young girl?” Luo Yitao clenches teeth saying that he has not thought Shen Xiang's fleshly body is so fearful. Makes this brat, has consumed our many strength, moreover we cannot display the second time again, the Saint Source Ancient Domain territory advocates peace that fellow surnamed Duan there, was broken by them, we will make a false counter-accusation.” That Heavenly Sword City middle age said. The muscle beat on Shen Xiang face, Luo Yitao unexpectedly has the Leng Youlan's idea! He is looking angrily, said solemnly: Your Heavenly Sword City to me, especially your this Luo Yitao, I certainly personally will be massacring your!” How long you could not live, after using up you, compelling you to hand over something, you can die.” Luo Yitao said with a sneer. Either now you massacre me, if you make me run away, I will make you pay the heavy price surely.” Shen Xiang coldly looks at that group of people, is expert of that several influence. Do not be obstinate argumentative, opportunity that you simply have not dumped tray now!” disciple of said with a sneer Fire Emperor: On you should have good Fire Spirit, when the time comes I can enjoy well.” You must die!” Shen Xiang angrily said, although he plants now in these manpower, but he also hopefully runs away, because these people must use the matter that he is some them not to dare to handle. They searched for Shen Xiang whole body, had not found storage equipment, old man was pinching the Shen Xiang's nape of the neck, angrily said: Takes Heavenly Evil Saint Sword, the words of your obediently coordination, we will perhaps not kill you, at most is only your seal for a lifetime.” Although Shen Xiang's Divine sea by seal, but can transfer a faint trace to open Hidden Jade Ring, takes inside Heavenly Evil Saint Sword. Heavenly Evil Saint Sword falls in the ground, that Xie Family old man will pick, said with a smile: This thing sooner or later is our, so long as opens Evil Emperor Emperor's Tomb, obtains his thing, our strengths can definitely promote a big truncation, when the time comes goes to be again Flower Empress that woman, takes carry back Punishing Demon Saint Sword.”

Nine Heavens is our, Ha Ha......” Shen Xiang looked at all around, here is a stone chamber, he has not thought that Evil Emperor grave unexpectedly in Evil Temple, the appearance of Evil Temple, definitely is Xie Family makes, moreover they already sought to enter the Evil Emperor Emperor's Tomb key. Yi Tao, you detain him to take the lead!” Luo Yitao complied with one, whole face has arrived at side Shen Xiang mean, but at this time Shen Xiang had tied up by a golden string, the both feet had not tied up can also walk. Walks quickly!” Luo Yitao has despised Shen Xiang, has kicked a Shen Xiang foot maliciously, tramples Shen Xiang forward to fall. Xie Family old man is taking Heavenly Evil Saint Sword, arrives at a wall, inserts in Heavenly Evil Saint Sword a hole, on the wall suddenly resounds a sound, a leaf carves complex spirit pattern Stone Gate to open completely slowly. Goes in!” Luo Yitao mentioned Shen Xiang, lost into that Stone Gate inside passage Shen Xiang, had a look to have any mechanism. In the Shen Xiang heart is very angry, but he can only endure patiently now, in front of these strength strong expert, he is unable to revolt, let alone ran away. Takes your Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, here need your blade!” Heavenly Sword City that middle age, coldly said: You should better or coordinate to select, if you do not think after your wife, has any important matter......” Shen Xiang clenches teeth secretly, he guessed that this person certainly is the Heavenly Sword City hierarch, should be old City Lord in that Legend is unmistakable, now his unexpectedly coerces him with Xue Xianxian, this makes his innermost feelings arrive at the extreme angrily, he pledged, so long as he can run away, he is willing to pay any price, destroys completely Heavenly Sword City!

His that wife is very good, when the time comes makes their master and apprentice marry me.” Luo Yitao said with a smile evilly. Shen Xiang turned head to look angrily at his one eyes, then said to that old man: You, if must be wanted thing, manages well foul-mouthed of this bastard, otherwise I die to you looked that your anything cannot obtain finally!” Lao Luo, lets this little rascal honestly, if Shen Xiang died, we finally also only then passes away here!” Suppressing Devil Temple's old man coldly said. Yi Tao, restrains some.” That old City Lord berated one. The disciple of Fire Emperor said to Shen Xiang: Puts out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade to come quickly, should not be wordy.” Shen Xiang said: You, if can help my fan that brat palm of the hand, I deliver you Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade immediately!” Really?” Although the disciple of Fire Emperor such asked that but he a palm of the hand has brushed on the face of Luo Yitao, will hit flies to hit on the wall, he starts to be quite light, but the fan is swollen the face of Luo Yitao. You......” that old City Lord are angry: „The Fire God Palace Lord, are you but I do not exist.” Teaches the descendants for you, matter that he has almost gone bad us, this important matter you bring him, he makes mistakes we to have the authority to teach him.” That Fire God Palace main said very much rampantly, although they now cooperate, but relationship is not good. Shen Xiang looks at the Luo Yitao whole face anger, he laughs, then takes Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, loses to that Fire God Palace Lord.

Other people see, regrets to hit Luo Yitao is not one, otherwise can obtain this Divine Blade! This Fire God Palace main, but the Fire Emperor apprentice, itself is very strong, even if here other expert collaborates, perhaps cannot take him, let alone currently he also has Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade in the hand. Quite heavy...... Ha Ha, Divine Blade was my!” Fire God Palace main said with a smile crazily, but he is actually not able to receive in storage equipment Divine Blade, he thought own good storage equipment, could not have accepted this Divine Blade is very normal. In the Shen Xiang heart sneers, because Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade now is his, so long as a thought that this can return to his hand Divine Blade immediately, he temporarily places others there. This is the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade secret, even if his sincerity wants to others, erratically to give, in the past Great Emperor of Ten Heavens also paid the enormous price, the talent and Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade isolation. Heavenly Sword City old City Lord looks angrily at Luo Yitao, because of Luo Yitao relationship, he thought that Shen Xiang will not give them Heavenly Sword City any advantage. The Fire God Palace Lord is taking Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, holds into hole, then revolves, opens sliding door. After the front door opens, the people saw front to present a broad great hall, had many black chairs in, the ground and rug were the black, only then on the great hall was hanging the pearl was sending out the white light, other things were jet black, looked like very strange. Here was the past Evil Emperor main hall, our Xie Family ancestor, here and Evil Emperor has met, Emperor's Tomb should under that chair.” Xie Family old man said.