World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1437

Some people enter the Evil Emperor tomb chamber, therefore is stranded outside person is also released, but Shen Xiang in inside, he has not known that outside what happened, does not know to enter in the tomb chamber person to obtain anything. „Did untie my seal, if wanted goes to have a look?” On Shen Xiang has several formidable seals, has sealed up his dantian and Divine sea, is unable to use his formidable strength. When the time comes again said that first had a look for these days what happened.” Long Xueyi said. With several days of time, Shen Xiang's seal had untied by Long Xueyi, at this time he is investigating in this great hall carefully, wants to have a look to have its group to enter that tomb chamber. Does not know that they can also come back here.” Shen Xiang looks at originally the place of leaf of front door, in the heart is very uncomfortable, because he seeks for this Evil Emperor tomb laboriously, has not thought that finally was actually found by others, moreover he was also seized, almost died. Has the sound!” Long Xueyi suddenly shouted, but Shen Xiang also immediately displays Transformation Technique, turns into a bug, hides on the great hall crossbeam. Sound that Long Xueyi said that is a very intense space fluctuates, Shen Xiang can see from above, on under that black rug, is raising slowly together Stone Gate, is Stone Gate that before vanished, Stone Gate opened, has Space Gate. This makes Shen Xiang some unreadable, because that Stone Gate needs Heavenly Evil Saint Sword and Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade can open, these two keys now on him. They should obtain anything in that tomb chamber, can therefore control this Stone Gate, here has Heavenly Evil Saint Sword and Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, they exited, will do everything possible.” Long Xueyi said. Space Gate fluctuated, sees only the person to walk one after another from inside, is that group of people who before went, that Fire God Palace Lord smiled, said: Also can come back luckily, now should be able to take down Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and Heavenly Evil Saint Sword, without them, is unable to turn on the Evil Emperor black coffin.” Although obtained many good things and cultivation technique, but fiercest should in that jade coffin, these top grade immortal tool and Sacred Level that cultivation technique we obtain, contrasted the Evil Emperor given name is too disappointing.” Suppressing Devil Temple's old man said.

He just said that sees the complexions of other people not to suit, afterward his complexion also suddenly big change, because Stone Gate above Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and Heavenly Evil Saint Sword disappears. Passed away Shen Xiang on stage also to vanish! They are not silly, immediately guessed correctly Shen Xiang had not died, they regretted that at that time had not made up a palm, but they do not dare, is worried to destroy here, stimulates any mechanism, after all that Evil Emperor chair. Shen Xiang should exit, the seal of his within the body, definitely has not walked away, the words that we exit now perhaps, can catch him.” Xie Family old man said. We enter the tomb chamber time, was stranded outside these people should also walk, does not know that Shen Xiang can run into them, we a bit faster transmit, grasps to come to turn on that black coffin Shen Xiang again.” Afterward, they enter in that Space Gate in a hurry, now that leaf of Stone Gate will not close again, only if controls from inside. Shen Xiang hides above, waited for more than double-hour, then enters that Space Gate. Across Space Gate, he came to a spacious stone chamber, four walls are the paint black, the crown has the red light bead to send out evil looking red splendor light glow, has many cabinet chairs in four walls, at this time somewhat is disorderly, above is empty, above should chock up many things, but was taken away by that group of people. Thing that this stone chamber 50 ten feets in width, places should be many, thinks of this, in the Shen Xiang heart gets angry secretly, because he might obtain these things. The middle of stone chamber is placing a very ordinary black coffin, likely wooden, the place above of hei coffin has a grain of giant light bead, the red splendor multi-colored sunlight perpendicular incidence gets down, covers the entire black coffin, looks like however sinister is stranger.

Shen Xiang looked behind, Space Gate is still opening, his hastily walks, inserts Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade on two holes with Heavenly Evil Saint Sword, closes the door, such these people are unable to come. Has Teleportation Formation in that side, should be able to transmit.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang looks to a corner, there ground has one to send out light white light circular formation, because just some people had used, therefore the condense energy has not dissipated. Does not know that what thing will have? After opening, can later danger(ous)?” Shen Xiang arrives by that black coffin, covers in the coffin side has two holes, understood at a glance that must can open with Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and Heavenly Evil Saint Sword. Should, that group of bastards not come in this inside to tamper with, doesn't live well? Here has reserved Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and Heavenly Evil Saint Sword key hole, therefore definitely has any thing to inherit.” Long Xueyi urged: A bit faster opens has a look, possibly is not only the Evil Emperor thing, after Evil Emperor controls this Evil Temple, he thing that obtains from here.” Existence of Evil Temple, be much more ancient than expert of Great Emperor of Ten Heavens their this time, this Evil Temple is who establishes, until now is a riddle. ...... The Evil Temple original condition is not broad, instead a little dilapidated, all over the body a jet black palace, without any life Qi/angry, tight lying down in the forest of Evil Dragon mountain range. When Shen Xiang closes that sliding door, Evil Temple suddenly vanished baseless, after detection of Xie Family, Suppressing Devil Temple, Fire God Palace and Heavenly Sword City, immediately uses the quickest speed original. Disappears!” Xie Family old man called out strangely: Certainly some people have closed that sliding door, therefore Evil Temple will vanish!”

Said, Shen Xiang also in inside?” The Fire God Palace Lord clenches teeth to say. Is uncertain, in him, Evil Temple should not vanish!” Xie Family that old man has put out a black disc, knits the brows: Evil Temple vanished thoroughly, we can clearly know the Evil Temple position with this disc before.” First here looks to look that can find Shen Xiang, we also obtained many things in any case, can help us obtain stronger strength, when we go back to digest these things, when is we strives for hegemony Nine Heavens.” The Fire God Palace Lord said. Although has not obtained that black coffin inside thing, however in massive treasure of that tomb chamber, can make these ancient times expert satisfy. Shen Xiang stands by that black coffin, can hear outside these people's dialogs, his very curious that batch of treasure have anything, unexpectedly can this group of so confident. Evil Temple has not vanished thoroughly, but is float in the upper air, moreover becomes transparent. Opens quickly has a look, you now also urgently needed promotion strength.” Long Xueyi urged. Shen Xiang is no longer ambiguous, puts out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and Heavenly Evil Saint Sword, puts in that two holes, sees only in tomb chamber red light suddenly to turn into the white light, but that black coffin also turns into snow white jade coffin, the change of suddenly, has the infinite variety with before.