World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1438
Shen Xiang looks at all around astonished, this is covered entirely the blood light the terrifying tomb chamber, but looks like so is now comfortable, at present that black coffin likely is not a coffin, but likely is a snow white jade system box. He shoves open that heavy cover slowly, what heaving in sight is one piece is sending out the pale golden liquid, the entire box is these things. The pale golden liquid overflows intermittent light fog, heads on, Shen Xiang has absorbed point these light fog, thought that suddenly has massive True Qi to emerge in the body. This is the Saint thick liquid, only then the Emperor Level character can concentrate these Saint thick liquid, unexpectedly has that many, should be Evil Emperor remains!” Long Xueyi is excited to run, is fishing these pale golden liquids with the hand, pleasantly surprised incomparable. How can use?” Shen Xiang also touched, the complexion has changed, arm severe pain, because the massive energies were emerging his body crazily, his present fleshly body is very difficult to withstand these things. „The Saint thick liquid of this box...... Enough you sufficed into Immortal King, moreover can make his Heavenly Saint Body enter high level, what was most important, can change into Holy Power all True Qi of your within the body completely, if were the normal practice, must experience the Sacred Realm nine revolutions to be able completely the transformation to be Holy Power.” Long Xueyi excitedly said. Shen Xiang also feels excited: The words that these many, must absorb completely, require a lot of time! Your if wanted and do I absorb together?” Does not use, leaves your, Sister Meiyao and Sister Youyou do not need, you now a bit faster formidable.” Long Xueyi said. I now am only Human Immortal late stage, builds up completely can enter into Immortal King Realm, can after me influential?” Shen Xiang does not dare to touch these Saint thick liquid again, because this was really too danger(ous). But Long Xueyi had been fishing a moment ago several, a matter does not have, obviously her fleshly body is formidable.

Bottom of this jade box also has certainly anything to you, moreover you do not have the thing to install these Saint thick liquid now, only if uses that Divine Cauldron.” Long Xueyi said: If comes out but actually, will immediately integrate in the world, this jade box to install these Saint thick liquid is specially-made.” Divine Cauldron inside seal Black Sun Fire Crow, can definitely not put! It seems like I must consume many time here.” Shen Xiang has gotten down the decision, this pool Saint thick liquid absorption, does not leave here. These Saint thick liquid are precious, can make you ahead of time be Holy Power the True Qi transformation.” Long Xueyi said. Immortal King later Realm melts Sacred Realm, needs to carry on nine transformation, can turn into Holy Power Immortal Qi, then I complete Holy Power to transform, to end the Cheng Hua Saint nine revolutions?” Shen Xiang asked. „It is not, incarnation nine revolutions of processes, but also needs unceasingly strength of formidable within the body, but when the time comes you need to do is strengthens strength in within the body, while transforms Holy Power as higher strength shape.” Long Xueyi excitedly said: Such one, your beginning becomes very high, Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique that in addition you practice and grasps Four Beast's Divine Weapons, you will be very definitely formidable in the future.” This Saint thick liquid be more precious than other things.” Bai Youyou said: You have the time in any case here, practices pill while convenient, cultivates Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, expands Divine Soul.” Heaven Level middle-grade herbs that Shen Xiang has, only then Good Fortune Fruit, moreover Saint Beast Pill and that Soul Eroding Powder, so long as expedites childbirth well, can become Heaven Level middle-grade, as for Heaven Level High-Grade Dan herbs, he also has, therefore he can dive to cultivate very long a period of time here. „After that group of fellows exit, surely these treasure that needs to digest them to obtain for a long time, hoping you to be able to catch up at that time.” Su Meiyao said.

I make contribution!” Shen Xiang penetrates in the hand that box, soaks in these pale golden liquids, revolution cultivation technique, the absorption builds up that strength. ...... Xie Family, Fire God Palace, Suppressing Devil Temple and Heavenly Sword City at the matter of Evil Dragon mountain range, had been known by the high levels of many big influences. These big influences have arranged some concealed wirings in these four big influences, at this time they obtain some news, these four big influences obtain something that Evil Emperor keeps, moreover are many, concrete they do not know that but knows some cultivation technique. However they such did, offended Imperial Dragon Clan, because that was the Imperial Dragon Clan domain, Xie Family has not gone to look for Imperial Dragon Clan, instead was goes to Suppressing Devil Temple and Fire God Palace, moreover Imperial Dragon Clan still died in inside a dragon, they suspected that this was related with that four big influence, because however Evil Temple was controlled by them. Before and these four big influence relationship were good, after undergoing a probe, discovered that these four influences have not shared the harvest with their friends the thought that but actually wants to control them. Made other Immortal Country Immortal Palace produce the contradiction with that four big influence. In a Human King Immortal Country palace, the Wu Canghong complexion is dignified, measure that at this time Human King Immortal Country was discussing dealing. In this assembly hall, is other Immortal Palace Palace Master, majority are Immortal King. In nine emperors, only knows Fire Emperor at present also, moreover is controlling Fire God Palace, but Fire Emperor by the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens severe wound, has not been recovered in the past, the strength did not have so to be initially formidable, but in Nine Heavens, was still top existence, if he obtained Saint pill of therapy from Evil Emperor there, perhaps he can fast recover completely.” Wu Canghong most is worried is this. If Fire Emperor dominates has not stopped, meeting with a disaster should be our these Immortal Country, he will definitely destroy completely or subdues all Immortal Country hierarchs, then to these super big influence fight.” Liu Zongyu sighed: Does not know that who can prevent him, in nine emperors, Ice Emperor had been killed by Shen Xiang, other missing.”

Ice Emperor died luckily, otherwise we are more miserable, although Ice-Fire does not accommodate, but these two emperors have actually done many matters of being in cahoots.” old man said. It seems like must invite these Old Ancestor, but must go to discuss with other Immortal Country.” Wu Canghong said. Short, many hearsay made on the several th flustered, because made people think that probably will have great war at any time, was similar to ancient times great war of time. However some people are also very calm, they thought that this does not close their matters, must hit is also these big influences starts, they can also have the good play to look. Shen Xiang has also been missing these days, his some friends in seeking for him, but actually could not find, without any clue, but actually knows that is missing in Evil Temple. Liu Meng'er just started also very much to be worried about Shen Xiang, but after seeing Hua Xiangyue, she has felt relieved, because Hua Xiangyue and Shen Xiang have the contract, if Shen Xiang died, Hua Xiangyue also with dying, Hua Xiangyue now is fortunately good.