World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1439
Shen Xiang stayed for ten days in Evil Temple, he attempts to fish bottom of that jade box with the hand, but anything has not traced, like does not have the thing, but he actually touches to some traces, he guessed that should be spirit pattern anything. He has many Good Fortune Fruit, he absorbs a period of time these Saint thick liquid every time, will refine 12 furnace Heaven Level Middle-Grade Dan, is uses God Refining Technique to refine, now he has very strong flame as well as Divine Soul, therefore God Refining Technique uses is very relaxed, before not having, is so difficult, but consumes equally is quick, especially uses Seven Colors Heavenly Fire time. Must refine to be many some Soul Eroding Powder to be good, this thing coordinated Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison to use is best.” Shen Xiang said that wants to go to accelerate ripening that Soul Breaking Tree with Soul Creation Fluid, the Soul Breaking Tree year is older, the Soul Eroding Powder quality that refines is higher. No, first refines Heaven Level middle-grade Saint Beast Pill, I currently also the urgently needed promotion strength, I have one not good premonition.” Long Xueyi seriously said, always does not act like a spoiled brat like before very much. Good, waits for me to refine Good Fortune Dan successfully.” Shen Xiang said that Long Xueyi can promote strength is very important matter. Shen Xiang also matter makes him restless now all day, is that Luo Yitao, he and Liu Meng'er have the engagement, but Luo Family also very strong old City Lord, on the same day Luo Yitao loses to Leng Youlan, definitely bears a grudge, in addition before him, by a Shen Xiang fist severe wound, being hated in addition to hate, he does not know that Liu Zongyu husband and wife can suppress Luo Family, does not make Liu Meng'er marry Luo Yitao. You do not need too to be worried that Divine Craftsman descendant is very competent, Liu Meng'er parents' Master, the strength is very definitely strong, otherwise Divine Sword Palace will not be respectful to them.” Su Meiyao said. In the past the time, Divine Craftsman descendant was expert in Legend, although little came out to take a walk, however their prestige, Heavenly Sword City have actually wanted to resist with them, must pay very serious price.” Bai Youyou said. Although they said that but Shen Xiang was worried that he can only speed up the time practice now, only then own powerful gets up, can resist Heavenly Sword City, on the same day was seized by Luo Yitao kicks and hits, he bears in mind until now. The time in a hurry, suddenly the past hundred years, hundred years regarding Nine Heavens are matters in a flash, however, are in many people's eyes important these days, especially know after that four big influence obtains the Evil Emperor inheritance.

In addition Emperor Heaven adolescence gradually, therefore the rhythm in Nine Heavens was faster. A big time will soon approach, in this each generation produces talented people Nine Heavens, if a bit faster does not have the strength, when that big time approaches, will be eliminated surely, if wants the coming to a stop foot, to try hard at that time now. Shen Xiang has been missing for hundred years, these for hundred years do not have his any news, some rumors said that he in Evil Temple by that four big influence killing, but Luo Yitao also frequently boasted how he on the same day is ** Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang in Evil Temple, truly was held by four big influences, but afterward escaped, this point that four big influence has not said that the Shen Xiang for hundred years have not appeared, they also really think that Shen Xiang died, because of depending on the Shen Xiang's temper, so long as he is also living, is impossible such for a long time not to make an important matter. Does not have Shen Xiang to cause trouble, Nine Heavens became is truly tranquiler, but before this type tranquil was actually similar to storm gather, was fermenting the violent storm, as if will arrive momentarily. Now compares to catch attention, naturally is these young people, for example Luo Yitao, comes back from Evil Temple, his strength on advanced by leaps and bounds, moreover some challenge young expert, He Feng was defeated by him frequently, now he became Immortal King. He Feng is almost becomes Immortal King in the same time with him, therefore they when the Immortal King strength, has compared one time, but He Feng defeated finally. The Luo Yitao success is countless, he has this strength, the people think that is because obtains the reason of Evil Emperor inheritance, in addition, Xie Family Xie Kang is also so. Now four youngest Immortal King, are that four big influence, they have the inheritance of Evil Emperor!

Luo Yitao goes to Long Family Immortal Palace to challenge Leng Youlan frequently, but Leng Youlan never comes out to accept a challenge, gradually, the people think that Leng Youlan has feared, after all Luo Yitao is Immortal King, although Leng Youlan had defeated Luo Yitao. A day does not defeat Leng Youlan, the hatred in Luo Yitao heart is unable to eradicate, on the same day Leng Youlan was shaming maliciously he. Since Shen Xiang is missing, Luo Yitao has substituted him, becomes now reputation biggest young people, the matter that although handles does not have Shen Xiang that Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering, moreover depends upon oneself back Heavenly Sword City, but the people must acknowledge that his strength is truly strong, now does not dare to compete with him on some old Immortal King. However on this day, an astonishing news passed on, the Divine Craftsman descendant apprentice's daughter, unexpectedly must get married with Luo Yitao. Liu Meng'er and Luo Yitao have a grudge, this is the matter that many people know, some rumors said that Divine Craftsman descendant once acted the Heavenly Sword City discussion to renounce the engagement the matter, who knows that finally evolves great war, finally Divine Craftsman descendant lost, has to comply. Saint Dan Territory, Long Family Immortal Palace, Xue Xianxian in the Long Family mansion, closes up the practice Leng Youlan to know that Xue Xianxian came, hastily goes to the hall. Master how?” Leng Youlan hastily asked that she also heard Liu Meng'er and matter of Luo Yitao wedding. Divine Craftsman descendant arranged several expert to come to see Sister Meng'er, did not make her escape, moreover her parents were also seen by that Divine Craftsman descendant stubbornly.” The Xue Xianxian whole face is helpless, casts the vision that seeks help to Long Huishan: Elder Sister Long, cannot make Sister Meng'er marry that bastard, depending on me and Youlan strength, is unable to prevent, that damn little rascal does not know that which died.” This is must have the Divine Craftsman descendant resistance with Heavenly Sword City, moreover when the time comes Fire God Palace, Suppressing Devil Temple and Xie Family, will help Heavenly Sword City, they already want to our fight.” Long Huishan knits the brows to consider.

Eldest sister, but Sister Meng'er my brother's woman, you must get rid.” Leng Youlan said that holds Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er's relationship. What?” Long Huishan one startled, looks at Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan, although before her, knows that Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er are quite intimate, but had not thought that will develop this degree. Xue Xianxian nodded: In Emperor Heaven...... In brief early, this little rascal in secret has helped my Master many times very much, my Master Fire Spirit is he helps the lane.” This dirty little boy, this is master and apprentice......” Long Huishan somewhat does not know whether to laugh or cry looks at Xue Xianxian and Liu Meng'er. Good, it seems like can only get rid, if initially did not have this brat to help me, does not have present Long Family.” Long Huishan sighed: Because of him, other Old Dragon all assembleds of Ice Dragon [lineage/vein], can make our Ice Dragon [lineage/vein] unite.”