World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1440
Human King Immortal Country, Gu Dongchen just and Wu Kaiming in a hotel, although on the tabletop is suspending big table of sumptuous expensive cooked food, but under they do not have the chopsticks, they waited for more than double-hour here. „Can that old lunatic play us to play intentionally? He has remembered incorrectly the time, so was long had not come.” Wu Kaiming traces baldly, some did not say patiently. Should not be, this time looks like he worries very much.” Gu Dongchen shakes the head to say. They know that Huang Jintian the reason that they called, was prevents Luo Yitao to get married Liu Meng'er, Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming knows Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er's relationship, Huang Jintian naturally also clear. If Shen Xiang not missing is so long, they will definitely not be worried, because Shen Xiang can certainly handle, but arrived in this crucial point now, Shen Xiang has not come, Huang Jintian somewhat worried. Huang Jintian came, is bringing bamboo hat, change appearance becomes a humpbacked old man, after coming, he sweeps the dish on tabletop first cleanly, has hit satisfied belch, leisurely said: Your fellow adolescence very quickly, Immortal King, but also too stingy, did not call a big point table.” Master Ancestor, we can call one table of dishes now again.” Gu Dongchen including saying with a smile. Huang Jintian has not looked for Wang Weiquan and Shao Xuanyun , because their husband and wife and Liu Zongyu husband and wife relationship was good, moreover Shen Xiang does not think that he and Liu Meng'er's matter let Wang Weiquan and Shao Xuanyun know. At this time, there is a person to push the door to walk, was a purple skirt female of stature beautiful fascinating'winsome, she took down the veil, revealed a beautiful and charming jade face, this person was really Hua Xiangyue. „Did Master Ancestor, not call teacher's wife and Master? Their strengths are very strong, your start to talk words, they will certainly comply.” Hua Xiangyue said that in Hundred Flowers Immortal Country her, obtains the Huang Jintian's notice, catches up to come to here with great speed.

Huang Jintian shook the head: Prestige entire and Xuan Yun had a female baby, now were also many brat, we are not only Heavenly Sword City do against now, several big influences, they but now the whole family, cannot involve them, because that female baby and that brat do not have adolescence to get up.” However we have no cares, even if has annoyed the important matter, will not tow the family to bring, oneself can sneak off.” Hua Xiangyue nodded: Master Ancestor said is, although we now are Immortal King, but when the time comes faces is not only Heavenly Sword City, or I use pills in hand, gathers to be many some assistants?” Does not use, although Shen Xiang this brat has been missing, but his Subduing Dragon Sect's that crowd of little rascal also, although is not Immortal King, but they play the cloudy words, Immortal King must plant in their hands, moreover for many years they...... also had that to rob Divine Sword mysterious expert with Duan Chong.” Huang Jintian lowers the sound: Xianxian this little girl escaped from the Divine Craftsman mountain village, now should in Ice Dragon Long Family, when the time comes that side definitely also get rid.” Wu Kaiming, Gu Dongchen and Hua Xiangyue, in heart secret surprised, they have not thought that helps Shen Xiang's strength be so abundant. Your three little rascal, if when the time comes the exposed status, you pretend non-involvement relationship with your Master immediately, said one have joined Subduing Dragon Sect, this will not implicate your Master that whole family.” The Huang Jintian urging said. Gu Dongchen said: Said that we can join Subduing Dragon Sect?” Huang Jintian smiled: What joins Subduing Dragon Sect to have not to be good? Shen Xiang this brat may be rich flows the oil, when later Emperor Heaven appears above Nine Heavens, his Dragon Vein suffices many everybody to be jealous, let alone on him these precious herbs.” Wu Kaiming sighed: It seems like I must be separated from Wu Family, but this does not have the means that now Human King Immortal Country does not dare to provoke the Divine Craftsman mountain village, basic, let alone was Heavenly Sword City and Fire God Palace these big influences.”

Hua Xiangyue indignantly tenderly snorted and said: This Divine Craftsman mountain village also is really, did not prevent Sister Meng'er to marry, but also Meng'er being stranded, her parents looked at stubbornly, what thing did this group of fellows eat mistakenly?” Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen also expressed puzzled, they heard that the Divine Craftsman successor has lost to the Heavenly Sword City person, must therefore fulfill the commitment. Master Ancestor, is this and in hearsay such? Divine Craftsman does descendant make a bet to lose to Heavenly Sword City?” Gu Dongchen asked. Huang Jintian in Gu Dongchen in their three people of eyes, but Divine Ability general existences, the strength has been unclear, moreover little has suffered a loss, is Undead clan. „It is not!” Huang Jintian coldly snorted, it seems like he knows the detailed inside story: In the Divine Craftsman mountain village has several old fellow Heavenly Sword City something that because seeks , will therefore comply to marry Liu Meng'er.” They used Liu Meng'er to trade some precious thing, these things were Heavenly Sword City that batch of Evil Emperor Emperor's Tomb taking, makes concrete me not to know.” Hua Xiangyue knits the brows: Meng'er talent, although is good, but she should not be worth Heavenly Sword City using that precious thing exchange!” Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming also very much have doubts, Liu Meng'er currently had the Immortal King strength, but the Immortal King female are also many, Liu Meng'er is more outstanding than has, on the enticement of Evil Emperor inheritance, can make some female Immortal King marry into Heavenly Sword City Luo Family. On Liu Meng'er has of Vermilion Bird Divine Weapon Four Beast's Divine Weapons!” Huang Jintian whispered: Hears this thing continuously on Liu Meng'er, moreover is unable to take down, nevertheless, Heavenly Sword City plans to marry first Liu Meng'er, then they attempt to take again.”

After Hua Xiangyue hears, immediately is angry: This group of bastards, this unexpectedly is a transaction, what Meng'er did they treat as?” Wu Kaiming said: That Vermilion Bird doesn't Divine Weapon take down including the Divine Craftsman mountain village?” Gu Dongchen said: If obtains, they will not hand over Liu Meng'er received exchange for Evil Emperor inherited, does not know that Young Martial Uncle knows this matter, will be what kind of?” Huang Jintian said with a sneer: If that brat knows, Heavenly Sword City and Divine Craftsman mountain village cannot escape by luck, although that brat strength is not strong, but plays the method, feels ashamed of one's inferiority including me, does undying they, but does to be remnant they.” Was good, now we go to Long Family, first converges to discuss with other people process that again marries after abducting.” Huang Jintian said that also supplements one: Transmission expense you help me pay temporarily, I a little am on hand tight.” Xue Xianxian same was put also under house arrest with Liu Meng'er, but suddenly runs away now, this has caused the vigilance of Divine Craftsman mountain village, but they think that Xue Xianxian cannot raise any storm. But Shen Xiang, he also in that Evil Temple, he uses for hundred years, the Saint thick liquid absorption of that box builds up.