World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1441
Shen Xiang now when attacking bottleneck, he also has not become Immortal King, is only the Immortal Monarch late stage peak, he cultivates is others five times of quantities can break through, therefore during this, many talents under the irrigation of rich resources, early become Immortal King, but he has some Saint thick liquid and divine art, because of his special practice way, therefore he breaks through is difficult. However, this can actually make him have others over five times strength, this is very rare. His dantian or same as usual, were being covered by Qi mist of soot, puts on his dantian very much ugly, but inside five translucent beast image, inside Heaven Dan, was containing Holy Power at this time, his Heaven Dan has formed, respectively turns into very slightly very fine beast image. So long as becomes Immortal King, True Qi of your within the body basically can complete the transformation, becomes Holy Power, but later you only need Holy Power and Divine sea inside Divine Power fuse, strengthen a more formidable strength shape, can break through unceasingly.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang during practice, cultivates own Divine Soul, but in the alchemy aspect, he has been able to refine Immortal Dan, becomes Dan Immortal, Saint Beast Pill that now Long Xueyi eats, is Immortal Dan, therefore her progress is also fearful. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, although the severe wound in body, did not have strength originally, but they with the Long Xueyi's help, little expands own Divine Soul, uses that Sacred Spirit Jade Rabbit blood to strengthen their fleshly body again, if later Shen Xiang can refine Saint pill who sells her to recover, when the time comes their strengths definitely will make very big breakthrough. Shen Xiang does not know the Liu Meng'er's matter, before he thought behind the Liu Meng'er parents to have formidable strength, will therefore not make Liu Meng'er marry Heavenly Sword City, but instead is that Divine Craftsman mountain village facilitates this wedding now, if he knew, definitely cannot relieved practice here. The present is the key of Shen Xiang breakthrough, Long Xueyi has been paying attention to him. Suddenly, Long Xueyi hears the Shen Xiang's body sends out one giggle the sound, is similar to the firecracker is so clear, continuous resounding. Can become Immortal King? After this fellow becomes Immortal King, won't know the strength fearfully?” Long Xueyi said with a smile slightly: It seems like the skeleton started to occur to change, the Heavenly Saint Body great accomplishment indication, that Saint thick liquid was really the good thing.” She expected Shen Xiang's Heavenly Saint Body will achieve intermediate rank or high level, but this has achieved ten years ago, the present is to advance to great accomplishment Realm.

Heavenly Saint Body great accomplishment, should be able to turn into golden bone, does not know that what stage jade bone can be?” Su Meiyao arrives at side Long Xueyi. jade bone, with Dan Emperor such? That also needs a period of time, he at least results in the Cheng Hua Saint nine revolutions.” Long Xueyi said: Your body cultivation is very relaxed, so long as with that Jade Rabbit blood that's alright, but this brat is unuseful, if he later wants to build up jade bone, must result to suffer itself.” The Shen Xiang's body emitted intermittent golden light, the skin has plated gold foil such, strength and fleshly body of his within the body were carrying on the huge transformation. The present stage, did not have the strength of granting, everyone is so, to this rank, to obtain very formidable strength more difficult, needs to depend upon massive pills. „Becoming Immortal King time, all transform are quick, he should soon be able to wake up.” Su Meiyao said. Really, she just said that Shen Xiang has opened the eye, at this time his in the heart is tranquil, before, he will break through each time will be joyful, that formidable strength that just obtained caused excitedly excited. strength that this breakthrough, he obtains is more formidable, but he knows in Nine Heavens, is the case everywhere the person who he is more formidable, the strength of his present, cannot be anything. Finally became Immortal King!” Shen Xiang has grasped the fist, has felt Immortal King strength, strength of King of immortal, making him have a King spirit, but he now is not Immortal King True Qi, but is Holy Power! What has a look under that box to have quickly?” Long Xueyi said.

That is similar to the coffin same jade box situation, has many spirit pattern, before this is Shen Xiang, knew, but in recent years, he touched these spirit pattern every day, has been able to memorize completely in the mind. Has spirit pattern, anything does not have!” Shen Xiang said that but he is not disappointed, because that Saint thick liquid has brought the greatest advantage to him. Wait / Etc.......” he carefully looks at these spirit pattern, suddenly in the discovery tiny trace, has some slightly very small ancient character together. His present vision is fearful, even if the dust, in his eyes can put a great accomplishment grain of meatball. What does above write? Is related with these spirit pattern?” Long Xueyi hastily asked. „The gate of Heaven territory!” Shen Xiang murmured: By spirit pattern set up formation, then constitution enters Heaven Evil Territory Teleportation Formation, I there!” What thing is Heaven territory?” The Shen Xiang shock said: Evil Emperor unexpectedly there!” After Long Xueyi hears, tightens the brow, obviously knows anything. Xueyi, I had heard before various strength that the Heaven territory matter, it is said the Nine Heavens constitution needs, from endless Heaven territory, this was my small Master says.” Su Meiyao said. I remember that small Master has said that endless Heaven territory is fearful, but many expert will go.” Bai Youyou then said.

The Long Xueyi nod said: Endless Heaven territory...... is truly fearful, constitutes world of Nine Heaven strength, came from in all kinds of Heaven territory.” world of Nine Heaven did not exist, but myriad Heaven territory revealed all kinds of energies, then these energies collect together, continuously fuses unceasingly the self- compression, finally this point exploded, formed this world of Nine Heaven, has the energies of various shape, but also bred various lives.” However finally these lives arrive at a high spot time, by the Heaven territory receive in the past, as for going to Heaven territory will do, I was not clear.” In brief endless Heaven territory wants to control the revolution of entire world of Nine Heaven repeatedly, but is unable to succeed finally.” Shen Xiang receives that jade box, said: It seems like world of Nine Heaven is not simple, in the past the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens matter, was perhaps related with this endless Heaven territory!” Exits quickly, does not know that these past years obtained the fellows of here these things, does not know that now has made any matter!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang arrives at the corner, activates that Teleportation Formation, transmits outside, is that Evil Dragon mountain range. Evil Temple still here, but hides in an space above upper air, he must come, to use the strength of Law of Space next time to pass through. Now he also in Dragon Heaven , he as soon as comes out, immediately hurries to Golden Dragon Immortal Palace, first inquired something that these years have, have a look to be worth him paying attention.