World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1442

Shen Xiang arrives at Golden Dragon Immortal Palace, immediately knew about the Liu Meng'er's matter, after knowing Liu Meng'er must marry Luo Yitao, he does not have other thoughts to inquire that other matter, only wants to kill Heavenly Sword City, destroys completely Heavenly Sword City. Luo Yitao this bastard!” When Shen Xiang remembered in the past that several expert seized, Luo Yitao how copes his, let in his heart the anger, at that time he pledged that he had enough strength, must first destroy completely Heavenly Sword City. He does not know that Huang Jintian they have anything to move, does not know why the Divine Craftsman mountain village will hand over Liu Meng'er, he does not want to know, in his opinion, the urgent matter first destroys completely Heavenly Sword City now. Also one day, luckily I come out quickly!” Shen Xiang has stepped into Teleportation Formation, arrived at Human King Immortal Country. He arrived here, sees the conspicuous place to have some in chaos secret marks, is Huang Jintian leaves his. Was he found one to subpoena jade token following these secret marks, but cannot relate on Huang Jintian. Why can the Divine Craftsman mountain village put under house arrest Sister Meng'er? Are they iron core must marry that Luo Yitao Sister Meng'er? This closes their trifling thing, how to say again that is also her parents' matter!” Shen Xiang inquired that here some situations, he met with Liu Zongyu also has Song Ying to contact, knows that this is enlightened to husband and wife, although had set the engagement to Liu Meng'er in the past, but they know that now Liu Meng'er does not like Luo Yitao, knows after Luo Yitao manner, definitely will not thrust the fiery pit Liu Meng'er. But now, this matter by the Divine Craftsman mountain village controlling! „The Divine Craftsman mountain village, I go to rescue now Sister Meng'er!” Shen Xiang sets out to go to the Divine Craftsman mountain village immediately, this Divine Craftsman mountain village in Human King Immortal Country, Shen Xiang has found that Human King Immortal Country has is controlled by that Divine Craftsman mountain village most probably. Human King Wu Canghong is a puppet, if he is not obedient, will have very big trouble.

Outside the Divine Craftsman mountain village, Shen Xiang was waiting for some important characters come out, he now is Immortal King, although is only initial stage Immortal King, but if Immortal King of same rank runs into him, but puts in an appearance to be able by him to be tidied up. The Divine Craftsman mountain village establishes in the wilderness open country, the entire mountain village is huge, the population should be many, moreover now their alert is stern, protects formation of entire mountain village, is formidable. formation spirit pattern that they use, was past Divine Craftsman inherits, formidable was the affirmation. The Shen Xiang's time is tight, he waited for more than half double-hour, has not seen Immortal King to come out, has to Immortal Monarch fight. He knocks down that Immortal Monarch, uses Grasping Soul Devil Curse to search that Immortal Monarch memory, after understanding in Divine Craftsman mountain village something, turns into that Immortal Monarch appearance, swaggering walks into the Divine Craftsman mountain village. That Immortal Monarch is a middle-aged person appearance, named Jiang Tong, Shen Xiang the memory of him searching, this Jiang Tong in this Divine Craftsman mountain village is not the key person, but actually knows where Liu Meng'er was put under house arrest. Liu Meng'er was put under house arrest in a Divine Craftsman mountain village mountain, has Immortal's cave in that mountain, that Jiang Tong has to participate in the construction. Shen Xiang displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, float in upper air, quick had found that mountain, the east situated in mountain village central area, there is the most stern place, even if Jiang Tong this character cannot approach. It seems like has Immortal King, can enter that region.” Shen Xiang outside the Divine Craftsman mountain village, knows a moment ago these large formation are very difficult to break through, even if he uses enters the strength of principle is very difficult spatially.

The Divine Craftsman mountain village is similar to a small city is the same, has many houses in this inside, although he all the way runs into many people, but the strength is not very strong, he only wants to look for Immortal King to pretend to be, such can enter the interior. He arrives at outside of that region, finally meets old Immortal King to walk from inside, Shen Xiang knew according to that Jiang Tong memory, this Immortal King named Wang Rong, two years ago is Immortal Monarch, because becomes Immortal King, therefore gains attaching great importance to of Divine Craftsman mountain village immediately, can enter the core region. Shen Xiang follows in Wang Rong, Wang Rong looked at his one eyes, then from attending, in this place person that many, some people also is very normal in behind. However after Wang Rong walked long journey, discovered that the following person some do not suit, but at this time, his Sea of Consciousness was attacked, two one black, has fainted. Shen Xiang closes up cultivates for hundred years, has gotten down very big thoughts on Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, but that Spirit Slaughtering Technique can make him attack energetic is stronger. Wang Rong corona past that instantaneous, Shen Xiang hastily displays Transformation Technique, changes Wang Rong comes, but that put in that medicine cauldron by him. Under glare of the public eye, he has completed this, the speed very rapidness, causes in other person of eyes, Wang Rong just almost throws down, has not seen that Shen Xiang plays. After powerful, Shen Xiang plays Transformation Technique to be also wiser, after he searched the Wang Rong memory, then walks into that core region, here probably needs to enter urban such, must enter from a front door. The investigation status, Shen Xiang smoothly enters this core region, immediately rushes to that to put under house arrest Liu Meng'er's Immortal's cave. expert of this Divine Craftsman mountain village was short, this Wang Rong thought the doubts, he same does not know why has been short of that many expert, it seems like he was unable to contact the true core secret.” Shen Xiang walks on the main road in this central area, discovered that here little has Immortal King to appear.

If his first coming, thought the doubts, but stayed here two years of Wang Rong, thought that this was very strange, moreover this was the matter in several days. Shen Xiang has not the good premonition, hastily rushes to that Immortal's cave, that Immortal's cave nobody safeguards, he has gone very much in ease, but in actually the nobody left, only leaves behind on Liu Meng'er that the light delicate fragrance. Damn, they should already embark, for what, making the Divine Craftsman mountain village so secret? Will Sister Meng'er be worth them such doing?” Shen Xiang sits, in Liu Meng'er has rested on bed, is pondering this issue. Vermilion Bird Divine Weapon, Vermilion Bird Sentimental Silk! This should be worth the Divine Craftsman mountain village making this type to sacrifice! Liu Meng'er's Vermilion Bird Sentimental Silk can use, her parents definitely know that but perhaps her parents also told in the Divine Craftsman mountain village person.” Su Meiyao sighed. Bai Youyou said with a sneer: They definitely do everything possible to want from Liu Meng'er to take down Vermilion Bird Sentimental Silk, but actually cannot achieve, then told Heavenly Sword City, her body had Vermilion Bird Sentimental Silk, such one, they can receive in exchange for the precious thing with Liu Meng'er, must know that Heavenly Sword City is now rich flows the oil, obtained the inheritance of Evil Emperor!” „The time that the time, they hold the big marriage will definitely not change, because invited many big influences, now the first secret goes to Heavenly Sword City.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang smiles dark ruthlessly: „The Divine Craftsman mountain village, I make you taste the thing that your Divine Craftsman Old Ancestor inherits to be fierce today.” He has put out Divine Craftsman's Hammer, as well as that seal Black Sun Fire Crow Divine Cauldron!