World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1443

The Shen Xiang half step goes out of that Immortal's cave, in this Divine Craftsman mountain village is peaceful, especially this central area, the person are few, has, is strength quite strong Immortal King. Although here is the core region of Divine Craftsman mountain village, but the person here are not many now, Shen Xiang suspected that these expert went to Heavenly Sword City, the surface seems like drinks the celebration drink, is actually makes the transaction, received exchange for the precious thing that Evil Emperor keeps with Liu Meng'er. Person the fewer the better!” Shen Xiang flies airborne, making Temple is similar to a great mountain is so big, fierce pounding falls, in that has detained on the Liu Meng'er's hill. The deafening sound of bang, heavy Divine Cauldron presses strength of release fiercely, presses a piece of crushed stone that hill. Every large or small crushed stone that flies violently, is similar to the tuck dive tide, ruins all around some houses completely. Bang! Shen Xiang controls Divine Cauldron, pounds to fall on the ground once more, the split open of earth in violent swaying, the fierce earthquake, making the earth high and low fluctuate, collapses a big house. Shen Xiang heard the angry shouts of many people, the Divine Craftsman mountain village is very strong to outside defense, but the internal destroyed words, do not have the resistivity. Outside the Divine Craftsman mountain village person, can see one at this moment such as the great mountain-like tripod, float in the air, then maliciously crashes the ground, attacks an intermittent intense shake, but also follows a threatening heat wave. Divine Cauldron inside seal Black Sun Fire Crow, Shen Xiang is releasing to come out inside heat at this time completely, the heat wave wells up to assail eight sides crazily, raises intermittent raging fire, suddenly, the central area of this Divine Craftsman mountain village turns into piece of sea of fire. Guards here these Immortal King not to recover, here was ruined most probably. Our Divine Craftsman mountain village always stands aloof from the world, who is comes this to be greatly noisy.” A Immortal King anger exclaimed, flew toward that huge Divine Cauldron.

This Divine Cauldron he more looks approximately looks familiar, after he recognizes, the whole body trembles, startled shouted: This is Divine Craftsman Old Ancestor Divine Cauldron, moreover there is a cover, this Divine Cauldron not in the Shen Xiang hand?” Get lost the distant point to me, wizard believes you to stand aloof from the world.” The Shen Xiang anger sound track, controls that huge Divine Cauldron, flies to catch up with expert that to press toward that crowd. Avoids quickly!” Feels that terror heat that Divine Cauldron braves, in these Immortal King hearts panic-stricken, shunts in abundance. Divine Cauldron pounds to fall on the ground, arouses scalding hot qi wave, the hot wave is torrential, rolling burns down is surging toward the four directions, the ground by the intense flame incinerator the lava, here house was burnt down completely, these Immortal King float in the air, angrily look that huge Divine Cauldron bombs this central area. Liu Meng'er where?” Shen Xiang has only used the moment time, ruins this central area, unexpectedly expert has not come out to stop, making him slightly surprised, he does not believe that the Divine Craftsman mountain village does not have Duan Ming that expert, now has not gotten rid, should go to Heavenly Sword City. Does Heavenly Sword City give their thing really so to be important? Let these expert turn out in full strength. You are really rescue her, she went to Heavenly Sword City.” Immortal King replied, Xue Xianxian fled from here before, they expected that Xue Xianxian will possibly look for Shen Xiang, now really so. However they have also completed very sufficient defense, who knows that Shen Xiang bewilderedly appears here, if depends upon these large formation, even if Duan Ming that expert is very difficult to break through in the short time. Her marriage may not be one's turn your Divine Craftsman mountain village the matter, since you mind others'business, then I must meddle one time now.” Shen Xiang is sneering, took that divine hammer to clash.

He came, quick dispersing, do not resist hardly, this fellow present strength is fearful.” Strength quite strong Immortal King shouted, in the Shen Xiang hand has Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, moreover now is the Immortal King strength, even if Immortal King late stage does not dare to go to meet the tough head-on with toughness with him. The people just saw Shen Xiang to clash, but the next instance, appeared side them, he that changes the hand in small Divine Cauldron flings. That Divine Cauldron flies to shoot from his hand, suddenly becomes is similar to hill such, toward that crowd of Immortal King clashes in the past, was only the instantaneous time, battering Divine Cauldron hit that crowd of Immortal King spits blood. Shen Xiang, our Divine Craftsman mountain village always well water not interfering with river water, moreover Human King Immortal Country Wu Canghong has wanted to become friends with you, you continue again, without doubt is we have the dead enmity.” That old Immortal King has avoided dashing of Divine Cauldron, that heat that but spout by Divine Cauldron burning the whole body gives off heat. You should not interfering the Liu Meng'er's wedding, now looks like, is you forces her to marry Heavenly Sword City Luo Yitao, do not think that I do not know you are using Liu Meng'er to receive in exchange for some important things, Liu Meng'er is my wife's Master, you said that this is I have relationship?” The Shen Xiang ice-cold sound, is bringing steaming murderous aura, he moves sideways to arrive in front of Immortal King, wields divine hammer in fight, pounds toward that Immortal King overhead. Sees Shen Xiang to be so strong, that Immortal King died the heart of counter-attack, the horizontal sword keeps off, who knows Shen Xiang's divine hammer to be fearful, his Immortal Sword by divine hammer pounds the time, turns into the fragment instantaneously, but he was also shaken to fly by the divine hammer impulse. Shen Xiang, we detain Liu Meng'er toward Heavenly Sword City ahead of time, moreover went to a number of expert, causing here to defend weakly, you may know that what reason this is?” That old Immortal King is calm, he knows that cannot fight with Shen Xiang hardly. Shen Xiang had not inquired, but fires into these four Immortal King Immortal Monarch that flies to run away, brandishes divine hammer in hand, pounds to fall to sea of fire of ground. Because we know that some people must stop, to rescue Liu Meng'er on the way, to catch the whole lot in a dragnet this group of people, therefore we set out many expert, I have not guessed that the wrong words, Long Family will certainly go, as well as your Master and the others, you should have a look at their casualties to be what kind of now.” That old Immortal King anger sound track.

Shen Xiang hears, the complexion changes, that old Immortal King sees this, in heart one happy, but after he sees Shen Xiang puts out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, very calm his suddenly has been startled. Thanks the reminder, my this in the past!” Shen Xiang said that throws into the upper air Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, sees only azure glow to spread with shocking dragon roar, rolling shakes the horizon to make noise. azure glow vanishes, sees only Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade became very huge, is ten thousand zhang (3.33 m), the knife point to the tread, in -line gets down. Roar...... Divine Blade falls to the ground, does not have the hilt, the hilt mountain that reveals so is big, the entire Divine Craftsman mountain village violently is swaying at this moment, intermittent sad dragon roar from deeply under transmits. Similar to the urban huge Divine Craftsman mountain village, in ten thousand dragon roaring sounds, suddenly split open, presents deeply not to see the bottom the crack, Slaughter Qi from deeply under brave, such as the dragon roared generally, soars the upper air. A blade gets down, the entire Divine Craftsman mountain village was torn several parts, many large formation bases were ruined, the wild energy continually wells up from these cracks.