World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1444
These Immortal King have been shocked completely, this Divine Craftsman mountain village has every large or small powerful formation, there are many years history, every year will carry on the careful maintenance, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade that but actually at will is thrown now by Shen Xiang ruined. Regarding the Divine Craftsman mountain village, this is the total destruction! Shen Xiang vanished, he is hurrying to Heavenly Sword City, he had not used true strength a moment ago, that is only his physical strength, if uses Holy Power, the entire Divine Craftsman mountain village already unravelled. Heavenly Sword City on a high peak, is huge, is equal to a city on the upper air, Immortal Qi is also rich. Shen Xiang arrived here, immediately knew that here erupted great war, moreover transmission plaza in city. That is more than double-hour ago matter, now Teleportation Formation has repaired, working efficiency very high of Heavenly Sword City. But Shen Xiang transmits to here time, can see around here plaza is stretch of ruins, he inquired slightly, knew is the person in Divine Craftsman mountain village brings Liu Meng'er is coming the time, troop expert besieges, great war is ready to be set off. In order to avoid fight fallout affects the entire city, transmits plaza large formation to open immediately, obviously early is prepared! However finally disappoints Shen Xiang, because that group of people have not robbed Liu Meng'er, because of Fire God Palace and Suppressing Devil Temple here. Their fall into a trap, has not thought that Suppressing Devil Temple and Fire God Palace also participated in this matter.” Shen Xiang grasps the fist, making Long Xueyi seek to hide the person here. Because Teleportation Formation ruined at that time, Long Huishan they affirm are only run away, but also hides in the city, now the Heavenly Sword City people in all directions are tracing the whereabouts of these people.

Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan have the appearance, because they are the Liu Meng'er's apprentices, what making Shen Xiang quite accidental is, Huang Jintian, Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming came, Yun Xiaodao that several little rascal also participated in the fight. Although Liu Meng'er has not been robbed, but Heavenly Sword City and Divine Craftsman mountain village also loses seriously, because Duan Ming also came, has Duan Ming, Heavenly Sword City and Divine Craftsman mountain village has certain pressure. Had found, they hide in this peak following cave.” Long Xueyi said. The Liu Meng'er's big marriage is tomorrow, some time, now Shen Xiang must have a look at Long Huishan their situation. They can come, in the Shen Xiang heart is grateful, his these years have also refined pill of many therapy, should help them. Shen Xiang found the cave that they have hidden quickly, they are vigilant, induce approach to some people, has completed the combat readiness. Induces their aura not to be weak, Shen Xiang relaxed secretly, explained that they do not have life danger(ous). Is I!” Shen Xiang with formidable Divine Power, penetrates their formation, the sound transmits to the mind of everyone. Covering up of cave entrance vanishes immediately, Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan that comes out first, sees is really Shen Xiang, the eye socket is moist immediately, because they have made contribution to rescue Liu Meng'er, but has not actually succeeded. Went in said again!” Shen Xiang touches their heads, looks at people.

Although in cave crude, but is very clean, the people sit in the ground, the population is not many, besides Shen Xiang these friends, Long Huishan also brought ten expert from Long Family, this strength in Nine Heavens is very huge. Dead brat, we also think that you died.” A Long Huishan hammer builds on the Shen Xiang's chest, but on the face has actually shown the smiling face, but actually sighed: Then looked your, our group of people almost lost one's life cannot steal Liu Meng'er, that group of fellows have calculated that we will come, to join up to ambush we.” „If not Senior Duan, perhaps we will be captured alive by them.” Xue Xianxian looks grateful to Duan Ming, the Duan Ming strength is truly intrepid, by several strength and his suitable expert surrounding, he can still help the people to get out of trouble. Huang Jintian said: little rascal, these for hundred years, where did you go? Really by these fellow seals in Evil Temple? You now look like very fierce!” These for hundred years, Shen Xiang does not have what change, looks like as before, had not felt that he was formidable, only then Huang Jintian, Duan Ming as well as that Old Ice dragon saw a point anything. Is a long story!” Shen Xiang heaved a deep sigh, he saw the people also same to become very strong, in the heart was very gratified, they received some minor wounds, the severe wound has eaten up Immortal Dan. Hua Xiangyue said: Now does Meng'er in Heavenly Sword City, what to do you plan? That place is very difficult to mix.” „Like the Divine Craftsman mountain village, the surrounding region of my Divine Craftsman mountain village was very initially difficult.” Huang Jintian shakes the head saying: Must a bit faster try to find a solution, otherwise late, tomorrow on big marriage.” Xue Xianxian thinks that Liu Meng'er must marry Luo Yitao tomorrow, somewhat sadly said: large formation of Divine Craftsman mountain village is Sacred Level formation, altogether 7749 combine together, especially the central area, there is most difficult to enter, but the defense of Heavenly Sword City also had been reinforced probably by the Divine Craftsman mountain village.” Shen Xiang touches her face, said with a smile: „The Divine Craftsman mountain village had been ruined by me, I know to disappear, immediately hurries to the Divine Craftsman mountain village, has not thought that Meng'er not in inside, but inside does not have what fierce fellow, I go all out one there!”

Big Brother Shen, aren't you are cracking a joke? Senior Duan said that Divine Craftsman mountain village that breaks through very much!” Yun Xiaodao suspects to say. Or you have a look now!” Shen Xiang including saying with a smile: Who said that must break through, so long as mixed that's alright, these formation generally were outside the defenses, but acted unreasonably the words that in inside, could not defend.” The people have gawked staring, what wants to run to have a look at that Divine Craftsman mountain village to be made into very much by Shen Xiang immediately, although does not know the process, but after the people hear, in heart dark crisp. Then you planned that now a person does go? Or I and you go together!” Duan Ming said: This will be safer, currently in Heavenly Sword City has several strength and my suitable fellow, if runs into them, I can constrain their a period of time.” That how many fellows? Initially was they gets up my seal, I have broken their seal luckily, otherwise was already killed by them.” Shen Xiang pinches the fist saying: Tomorrow is the big marriage, we must break off this mountain today, has become enemies with Heavenly Sword City in any case, does not have anything to be good to fear.” This mountain is very big, the words that but must break off are not difficult, especially regarding Shen Xiang their this crowd of expert. The people have inhaled cold air, they are only the plan greatly were noisy in Heavenly Sword City, but Shen Xiang actually wants to ruin entire Heavenly Sword City! Shen Xiang said with a smile cloudy: Not only but ruins this mountain, but must this mountain following immortal [lineage/vein] pulling out, that is the Heavenly Sword City foundation, does not have that immortal [lineage/vein], their large formation are also only the ornaments!”