World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1445
The immortal [lineage/vein] are similar to Dragon Vein such, regarding an influence important, generally is maintains the key of large formation revolution, Shen Xiang, when the Divine Craftsman mountain village, uses Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade to ruin the underground immortal [lineage/vein], will therefore cause very serious destruction. If ruins this mountain, Heavenly Sword City will not pour, I have observed, bottom of Heavenly Sword City also many large formation, when the time comes can float, but ruins the immortal [lineage/vein], definitely will make their some large formation die the function.” Xue Xianxian said. Duan Ming said: Then everybody a bit faster leaves this cave, matter that this mountain cuts off, gives me.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: First ruined said again that other injured people, left here first!” Duan Chong nodded: I bring these little rascal to leave first.” Yun Xiaodao they received some wounds, their strengths are quite weak, after Shen Xiang and they said goodbye, Duan Chong then led them to leave fast. ...... In a Heavenly Sword City hall, the Divine Craftsman mountain village, Fire God Palace, Suppressing Devil Temple and Demonic Sky Xie Family, as well as the Heavenly Sword City important personages sit here. Shen Xiang this young bastard, unexpectedly has ruined our Divine Craftsman mountain villages, I must rip him exactly.” old man angrily said: Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade that our Divine Craftsman Old Ancestor builds in his hands, to our Divine Craftsman [lineage/vein] is an insult.” Vanished hundred years of Shen Xiang, suddenly appearance, but also 2-3 destroying completely Divine Craftsman mountain village, let several influence secret hearts on the scene startled, was worried that Shen Xiang will look for them. Shen Xiang what's the matter? Didn't you say him by your seal? Ten thousand years have not been unable to untie, now he appeared, moreover is so formidable, otherwise we will not neglect.” old man of Divine Craftsman mountain village looks at that several influences angrily the high level. Fire God Palace Lord coldly said: If I have not guessed that wrong, he at that time also in that Evil Temple, after we came out, he turned on that black coffin!”

Heavenly Sword City, Suppressing Devil Temple and Xie Family Sacred Realm expert hears, the whole body trembles, in the heart envies to resent immediately that black coffin inside thing is in their eyes important. Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and Heavenly Evil Saint Sword in his hands, only then he can turn on that black coffin, inside has any thing we not to know, in brief very important that's it.” Fire God Palace main long sighed: My Master went to a Evil Dragon mountain range at that time personally, but had not found Evil Temple.” That present what to do? Shen Xiang will come, definitely because of Xue Xianxian, he ruins the Divine Craftsman mountain village, it seems like he has been ready for any sacrifice.” Heavenly Sword City old man said: We reached an agreement before, this wedding must complete.” Definitely acts accordingly, otherwise do our Divine Craftsman mountain villages lose in vain? When the time comes we must hold Xue Xianxian, compelling Shen Xiang to be without a fight.” old man of Divine Craftsman mountain village said wickedly. This is the people have wanted to do, but before , because the Divine Craftsman mountain village is covering, therefore has not gotten rid, but now shelters Xue Xianxian's, only then Long Family, words that but these big influences collaborate, they have destroy completely Long Family self-confidently. „The person who attended the wedding were many, today starts, in order to avoid causes complications......” Just said that the entire hall trembled suddenly, afterward the deafening sound transmitted together, broke many things. Entire Heavenly Sword City in fierce swaying, house crazy collapse. Mountain broke!” Immortal Monarch is startled to shout running over: Some people divided the mountain.” Audiences expert has gawked staring, immediately understands that this definitely is the good deed that Shen Xiang they do, has not thought that their unexpectedly plans to destroy completely Heavenly Sword City! Float large formation opened, now landing slowly in ground!” That Immortal Monarch also said.

The Heavenly Sword peak such was ruined, lets is not this that Heavenly Sword City worries, but is Heavenly Sword peak deeply under that immortal [lineage/vein], now the energy transport by the tangential point, Heavenly Sword City large formation is dependence spare Immortal Crystal maintains, but the support how long, so many Sacred Level large formation, each will consume innumerable Immortal Crystal instantaneously. That several old man of Divine Craftsman mountain village, felt better at heart, because this Heavenly Sword City will not have the auspicious day, this made them balance immediately. Just went out of that hall in audiences expert, sees azure light glittering, afterward one drops down like the Heavenly Sword peak that big azure great sword, as if flies from that permanent ancient remote star territory. Hears that to absorb person mind intermittently Heaven-shaking dragon roar, audiences expert understands immediately that at present this is that Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, moreover becomes by Shen Xiang very huge. Immortal [lineage/vein]......” the old man anger of Heavenly Sword City exclaimed. However Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade has inserted that to break in front, shuts off that immortal [lineage/vein] at the same time, but also releases very strong strength, shakes completely the immortal [lineage/vein]. When audiences expert wants to fly, Duan Ming appears in front of them suddenly, in the hand is also taking Divine Sword. Is you!” The Fire God Palace main facial color sinks, because Duan Ming is not good to cope, not only cultivation technique is formidable, in the hand also has Divine Sword. I urged you on together, few words, might make you die completely here.” Duan Ming said with a sneer, has divided a sword, a sword gently, makes a big piece of space shake, that space shake wave makes the following that main hall crack instantaneously, by neat cutting. Has Divine Sword Duan Ming, in addition he is loose immortal, after him who the multiple terror loose immortal tribulation quenchings, True Qi and fleshly body in within the body exceptionally are terrorist. Is missing hundred years of Shen Xiang to appear suddenly, but also destroys completely the Divine Craftsman mountain village, now Heavenly Sword City has the so big sound, with the knee wants to know that Shen Xiang has killed here to come, the matter of Divine Craftsman mountain village at the maximum speed had already spread over Nine Heavens.

Now in the Heavenly Sword City person, in abundance flees, does not want to be affected. Shen Xiang in that side, blocks him quickly.” Xie Family old man exclaimed, but he actually could not withdraw, if he no matter now all intercepted Shen Xiang, will only be attacked by Duan Ming. Gives me.” The Fire God Palace Lord knits the brows saying that immediately overran, but iceberg actually suddenly pounds to fall, pressed to fall him on the ground, the Long Family Old Ice dragon gets rid. Quick, must block him!” Heavenly Sword City middle-aged shouted. expert of Divine Craftsman mountain village roars, abhors rush over toward Shen Xiang, Duan Ming sees, wants to stop, but actually tied down by several expert. Shen Xiang, I must peel you exactly, unexpectedly dares to ruin my Divine Craftsman mountain village.” That old man anger exclaimed. I am waiting for you here!” Shen Xiang did not fear, has put out that Divine Cauldron. not to know the immensity of Heaven and Earth little bastard!” The old man strength of Divine Craftsman mountain village is very strong, is in itself Divine Craftsman descendant, he puts out a golden long sword, understands at a glance is Saint Sword, chops to chop by far toward Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang hastily turns on the Divine Cauldron cover, inside Black Sun Fire Crow fierce clashes, was just divided by that Divine Craftsman descendant Sword Qi, immediately is angry, sends out appalling neighing, afterward overran angrily.