World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1446
Black Sun Fire Crow that suddenly presents, making audiences expert be surprised, but Duan Ming and that Old Ice dragon secretly have actually smiled, this Black Sun Fire Crow strength they have asked for advice, sufficed that Divine Craftsman descendant to drink a pot. In order to let Shen Xiang smooth seeks for Liu Meng'er, Huang Jintian and Long Huishan they felt promptly that has joined the fight, fights with all might with some fierce Immortal King. In an instant, among sky over that grand palace Heavenly Sword City, many expert battle, under fallout that entire Heavenly Sword City fought sways, as if will momentarily crack. Shen Xiang, has not thought that you are also living, this is also good, can make me recapture Heavenly Evil Saint Sword.” Xie Kang grazes suddenly, in the hand is holding a paint black big sword, the evil aura is steaming, understood at a glance that is related with Evil Emperor. Shen Xiang has recognized Xie Kang, Xie Kang depends upon the inheritance of Evil Emperor, adolescence quickly, at this time is Immortal King middle stage. Xie Kang grazes, the jet black big sword in hand lets go to fly to shoot, turns into the black multi-colored sunlight to fly to shoot toward Shen Xiang together. „Is this also Saint Sword?” Shen Xiang feels that the sword formidable evil strength, cannot help but earth core startled, afterward puts out that Divine Cauldron. He enlarges Divine Cauldron, hole to that the black big sword that flying to shoot, the big sword enters in Divine Cauldron, he builds the cover immediately, then receives Divine Cauldron. You......” Xie Kang were shocked, he was very confident to oneself that sword, even if cannot attack Shen Xiang, can probe the Shen Xiang's strength, who knew Shen Xiang unexpectedly receiving his the sword with that Divine Cauldron. Again thanked you to deliver the sword!” Shen Xiang laughed , to continue to rush to that palace, Liu Meng'er now in that. Xie Kang is angry, he has delivered three Saint Sword to Shen Xiang, he planned finds the opportunity to ask, but has made contact with Saint Sword now.

Be not looking down upon the person, today will not make you prevail!” Xie Kang angry roar, the hair suddenly disorderly dance gets up, eyes turns into the red, fingertip suddenly on both hands becomes is very long, was similar to steadily blood red small sword such. Evil God Palm!” Xie Kang drinks lowly, the body evil aura wells up crazily, in the upper air presents a pitch-black thick cloud suddenly, turns into one to paint black giant palm, has pressed toward Shen Xiang. such insignificant ability, gives me to break!” Shen Xiang grasps void, all around Immortal Qi fierce craziness wells up, leaves a pale golden energy ball in his palm condense. Time that black Evil God Palm presses, Shen Xiang the hand that uses the Holy Power condense energy group to throw. The pale golden energy group contrasts that is similar to vault of heaven black Evil God Palm, is similar to the grain of rice size, Xie Kang sees, cannot help but sneers again and again. However that energy group moves that Evil God giant palm time, suddenly explodes, glittering leaves very intense golden light, is similar to fierce positive like that dazzling, Evil God giant palm that massive evil aura condense become, was purified in that instantaneously completely. This...... How is this possible?” Xie Kang, Evil God Palm is in great surprise fierce, Xie Kang and that Luo Yitao use frequently, the use, can always create the overwhelming sound each time, but all of a sudden was actually disintegrated by Shen Xiang. Other expert saw Xie Kang to use Evil God Palm a moment ago, knows that Shen Xiang must be suppressed, Immortal King middle stage Xie Kang, displays Evil God Palm, the might is very formidable, but Shen Xiang is stronger! A moment ago what Shen Xiang used is true Suppressing Devil Holy Power, Suppressing Devil Holy Power originally is bringing pure and holy aura strength, but is Sacred Level expert of genuine goods at reasonable prices can have Holy Power that now, copes with Evil Devil to have the lethality. Although you have delivered me three Saint Sword, I am also grateful you, but you can die now.” Shen Xiang knows that Indestructible falls this Xie Kang, definitely will be being been pestering.

Come, do I want to take a look at you to kill me but actually? Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade? Sorry, then does not have to me the blade, we had found to restrain the means of this blade.” Xie Kang said with a sneer, in his blood red hand, suddenly presents azure glow, above that point sharp nail, glittering the evil looking purple glow, is looking like is bringing acute poison probably. Copes with your this type of trash, but also cannot use Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade!” Still in Shen Xiang of distant place, suddenly appeared on the Xie Kang top of the head a moment ago, Xie Kang induced to the sky has one to make him feel that the frightened oppression raided, he wanted to shunt, but the evil strength of his within the body actually probably lost strength, keeping him from moving. Shen Xiang appears above Xie Kang, palm dives to the tread, but has small golden color in his palm center town character, Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal appears in his palm, releases intermittent vigorous Suppressing Devil Holy Power, forms one plain and fills dignified hugeness town character, the golden Qi mist billowing tuck dive, is similar to the sky immortal palace pounds to fall generally. Death!” Shen Xiang explodes drinks, that huge "Suppress (镇)" character Slaughter Qi four well up immediately, in that instantaneous, the Xie Kang desperate pitiful yell, Xie Family expert of distant place, wanted to catch up already late. Bang! The clear bang shocks the universe, as if must tear the world like that "Suppress (镇)" character pounds the instance that falls, the entire world like wanted the avalanche, that Xie Kang whole body evil strength, facing this town character, only then unravelled, soul destroyed fate. Evil Devil is Evil Devil, depends on this strength, but also wants to make me reveal Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade? Snort!” Shen Xiang that palm, among a big piece of building Heavenly Sword City shook ta a moment ago, the ground probably is turned several such, now only then among that grand giant palace also steady standing erect where. Kang'er!” Xie Family that old man roars, at this time crazily and Duan Ming fight.

A Duan Ming person dealt with several expert, pressure big, the body had some wounds, he only hopes that Shen Xiang a bit faster rescued Liu Meng'er, then a bit faster left. Xie Kang died, was killed by a Shen Xiang palm bang, probably kills the dog to be so simple, has not used including weapon! Although Luo Yitao has been called as youngest formidable Immortal King, but Xie Kang also and Luo Yitao is similar, then, in inside Luo Yitao should be able very danger(ous). Shen Xiang is not worried about Liu Meng'er, because on Liu Meng'er has Vermilion Bird Sentimental Silk, is Divine Weapon that an attack and defense has. All the way, several Immortal King want to stop Shen Xiang, but was killed with the Divine Cauldron 11 bang by Shen Xiang, he controls Divine Cauldron time that flies to shoot, person who these attacked, is similar to facing a heavy incomparable great mountain attacks, was hit, even if undying, the whole body skeleton will be cracked-up. In the Heavenly Sword main hall, Shen Xiang saw Luo Yitao, Luo Yitao grasps a red long sword, wears one set to send out the evil looking red light clothes, in the hand is also bringing the ring that purple light is sparkling, understood at a glance that this set of equipment obtains from that tomb chamber. Luo Yitao is not anxious, the whole face smile looks at Shen Xiang.