World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1447
Xie Kang died, this fellow really does not have, obtains the inheritance of Evil Emperor, unexpectedly so is frail, was killed by your palm bang, owes outside person also to take him and I places on a par, for me this simply is one shame.” Outside dozen bustling, but this Luo Yitao is calm, probably outside any matter has not had such. It seems like I , to rescue Sister Meng'er, first kills you!” Shen Xiang indifferently said, he and Liu Meng'er's Vermilion Bird Sentimental Silk has the induction, so long as in the, he can induce obtains, Liu Meng'er now in this main hall. Do not be naive, even if you killed me, you could not rescue Liu Meng'er, whom did you know there? You think that is the Divine Craftsman mountain village and our Heavenly Sword City is trading really? You think that we all will exit to hit with you now, won't keep expert to watch that important Liu Meng'er?” Luo Yitao said with a sneer , he although also has the beforehand that arrogance, but his maturity, before not having, is so impulsive. Shen Xiang thinks that thinks is also, Heavenly Sword City and Divine Craftsman mountain village is willing to bear that big loss, must prevent Liu Meng'er to be rescued, moreover Fire God Palace, Suppressing Devil Temple as well as Xie Family came, this back transaction definitely is unable to imagine. Then, is Fire Emperor visiting her?” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, asked slightly. You are very intelligent, can guess correctly this Sir here, therefore you must lose today!” The Luo Yitao corners of the mouth flood wipe the smiling face of disdaining: Hundred years pass by, you were more formidable, but you actually must die today here!” I have not died now, humans affair not absolutely.” Shen Xiang smiled very much indifferently: I have truly killed Ice Emperor, therefore Fire Emperor here, I do not have anything to be good to fear. Also, no matter what, you will die compared with me look, because I will deliver you to start off immediately.” Fire Emperor truly here, Long Xueyi induced, Shen Xiang can only walk one now step is one step, first being in the way killing said again. Dying can be you, finally I will marry Liu Meng'er, Ha Ha......” Luo Yitao laughs wildly one, turns into a red shade, dodges toward Shen Xiang. This Luo Yitao is much fiercer than that Xie Kang, does not know how he cultivates this so terrifying evil strength. ! A very ruthless severe sword has delimited from the Shen Xiang ear, Shen Xiang thinks Luo Yitao will appear left him, therefore he dodges the distant place immediately, but that Luo Yitao traveling speed is also fast, unexpectedly appears right him immediately, wields toward his nape of the neck chops a sword, if not for he is reduced to quickly, the head had been cut.

Hasn't put out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade to come? Opportunity that otherwise you do not return alive!” Sees Shen Xiang to be daunted by own that sword, in the Luo Yitao heart some haughty, dodge once more, this time he uses the sword time was fiercer than a moment ago. Leaves the instance of sword, all around space by the powerful evil strength that his within the body gushes out suddenly shaking the avalanche, has black space cracks, tyrannical space power wells up from inside. Does not need Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade also to kill you!” Shen Xiang double palm white light dodged, presented a pair of white glove, Slaughter Qi suddenly in main hall became strong, suppressed Luo Yitao that evil aura completely. Then wields to divide the blood red long sword, he put out a hand to grasp, held sword blade, he wants it this, but sword blade was firm, but he stubbornly held, simultaneously a foot trampled. Luo Yitao wants to draw a sword to pull out, but he used very big strength unable to extract, probably and Shen Xiang's palm linked together such, he expected Shen Xiang to leave the foot to trample him, therefore he also left the foot to kick to Shen Xiang. Snort!” Majority of Holy Power of Shen Xiang revolution within the body, pours into the thigh, immediately golden light overflows, tramples maliciously to the foot that Luo Yitao kicks, steps in that calf, powerful Holy Power adds on his Heavenly Saint Body great accomplishment strength, two strength fuse together, making his foot very overbearing wild, rips open the calf of Luo Yitao stiffly, the scene is bloody. „......” Luo Yitao called out pitifully, the hand loosened, then blood red long sword by Shen Xiang entraining. Shen Xiang thigh above strength has not abated, he raises legs to sweep away, passed over gently and swiftly the chest of Luo Yitao, sweeps big flesh and blood. Luo Yitao retreat several steps, whole body has trembled, he is unbelievable, Shen Xiang's strength unexpectedly is so terrorist, the whole person is similar to Divine Weapon is the same, his chest has big flesh and blood probably to be shovelled to be the same, his protective armor is hard to defend.

This is the fearfulness of Holy Power, in addition Heavenly Saint Body, Shen Xiang can have no scruples uses this fearful strength, making his whole body be similar to saint weapon so is powerful. Shen Xiang saint weapon receives that just snatched, moves sideways to arrive at side that been shocked Luo Yitao, fist overflowing full Holy Power, pounds maliciously on the cheeks of Luo Yitao. Bang! Luo Yitao flesh and blood on face were hit together with a broken bone! pēng pēng pēng! The Shen Xiang double fist like the rain, pounds to fall on Luo Yitao with raw hate, each fist makes bloody flesh and blood. Do not want dead with ease!” Shen Xiang is sneering, fist **, savage must wreak havoc Luo Yitao, at this time had several Immortal King to clash, seeing Shen Xiang every to make flesh and blood, cannot help but all over the body lives coldly. Shen Xiang............” Luo Yitao called out pitifully, pitiful sound that neighed, was full of the endless hate and fear, reverberated in the main hall, that despair, making the person hear cannot help but the whole body to tremble. I have said that you die certainly compared with me early. Evil Devil, gets down Hell to go!” Shen Xiang palm raging flames, glittering leaves seven colors light, covers toward Luo Yitao. The present flame because was not Heavenly Fire, but was Saint Fire!

Seven color Saint Fire are fearful, a Shen Xiang palm in the past, the flame had not bumped into the body of Luo Yitao, is only that arrogance, has fired the ash Luo Yitao that bloody body. After Shen Xiang kills Luo Yitao, took a deep breath, enemy who because he then faces, possibly is he runs into the most formidable enemy in history, Fire Emperor nine emperors! Outside this main hall, still hits bustling, but in main hall that Shen Xiang is, actually a suffocating peace, these just came in shortly after Immortal King, now immediately has drawn back, they are very clear, they radically court death facing Shen Xiang now. Induction of between Shen Xiang following him and Vermilion Bird Sentimental Silk, trod the serious step, he does not know that will then be what kind, but he must go. Could chat with this fellow, on you Vermilion Bird Sentimental Silk the thing that is more precious than are being many!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang shook the head: Does not talk about with this person anything, I have completed the worst plan!”