World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1450
Day not bright, Liu Meng'er woke up, she comes to the bathroom, will be cleaning the happy from now on trace, remembered last night, her face cannot help but felt hot, but has very happy smiling face. double cultivation that actually Xiangyue said is this, really many advantage, no wonder this spirit always that is keeping thinking.” Initially tastes the sexual intercourse Liu Meng'er, cannot be explained to that type wonderful also forgets to return. After dawn, Liu Meng'er goes to the hall, she wears simple white skirt, but looks like the light dust is refined, performs to reveal the graceful bearing, sees on her face that delightful simple and beautiful smiling face, Hua Xiangyue on happily said with a smile: That hasn't brat come out? Really Meng'er is fierce, making him unable to get out of bed!” Liu Meng'er charmingly angry, face immediately one red: Little Fairy, that brat skill, you are clearer than me.” Long Huishan has coughed two: Has not thought that my this younger brother actually is so bad, later I must make the Long Family girl leave him to be farther am good.” Sister Hui Shan, I thought that you should better also be far away from point little rascal, his hand is growing.” Hua Xiangyue glanced unintentionally sat is drinking ratafia Leng Youlan there. Little Fairy!” Long Huishan lightly snorted, she knows certainly what Hua Xiangyue said is any meaning. Xue Xianxian said with a smile lightly: Youlan, goes to call quickly your brother, has the important matter to ask him to discuss.” The Leng Youlan big mouth drinks up cup inside ratafia, then walks quickly that small house, she goes, Shen Xiang just took a bath. Brother, Sister Xianxian allows me to come shouted you, said the important matter.” Leng Youlan said. Important matter? That now on the past!” Shen Xiang immediately and Leng Youlan goes to the hall. But at this time in the hall sits many people, especially these old man, are some strong Old Dragon, Shen Xiang also sees Long Peirong, as well as Long Peirong father, is that mysterious Supreme Elder. After Shen Xiang comes, 11 give these Senior to salute. What important matter has?” Shen Xiang somewhat was worried that this Long Family will not give shelter to Liu Meng'er they, because after Heavenly Sword City that matter, the influence is very big, quite Yu Henhen has hit the faces of several big influences, that several big will influence not give up, especially Fire Emperor. Long Huishan has put out Ice Dragon Sword, gives Shen Xiang: This gives back to you!” Why Oh? must return to me, this is your Ice Dragon [lineage/vein]!” Shen Xiang some did not understand, therefore they receive.

You had summoned Ice Dragon Old Ancestor Ice Dragon Sword with this, moreover you and Ice Dragon Old Ancestor crosses the exchange, this sword in your hands, we thought that does not have anything, hoping this sword to be able at crucial moment to your some office help.” That Supreme Elder said. Shen Xiang receives, asked: Has any important matter, you directly said!” These Old Ice dragons looked at Long Huishan, they must let Long Huishan. Brother, you cannot keep Long Family to be too long, oh......” Long Huishan, but sighed: We have made best effort with the Fire Emperor communication, but he must start to you, if our Ice Dragon [lineage/vein] must accept you, Fire Emperor will immediately kill.” Shen Xiang nodded, this was he already expected matter that she looked at Xue Xianxian they: They?” This you could rest assured that they will continue to stay here, now Fire Emperor aims, only then your!” Long Huishan said: In nine emperors, only then Fire Emperor comes, by his present strength, has the greatly strengthened rallying point, other influence disagreement Fire God Palace cooperation, will definitely not have the communication with us.” Your Long Family has given me very big help, cannot because of me, but implicated entire Long Family, I am understandable!” Shen Xiang sighed. Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian they also already knew this matter, but they have not thought to have anything, because for many years they already were familiar with Shen Xiang all day in the outside wanderer, is only some regrettable abilities is insufficient, cannot with Shen Xiang together, will otherwise only implicate him. Later waits for you to be formidable, destroys completely Fire Emperor, does not have anything is good to fear, you walk Meng'er in this fellow at present, making him become angry out of shame, he must use all strength to cope with you, this is very normal matter, was after a period of time good.” Long Huishan has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder, smiled to Shen Xiang. Um, I walk tonight!” Shen Xiang said. Shen Xiang and Xue Xianxian also had Hua Xiangyue to talk about old days slightly quite a while, quietly left Long Family! Where now do you want to go to?” Su Meiyao asked that the sound was having a jealousy, because her little man and a woman on good. Must go to a very safe place, well and Sister Meiyao kiss mouth.” Shen Xiang said with an evil smile. Do not be loquacious, said earnestly, where do you then want to go? That Fire Emperor is not good to cope, perhaps he can momentarily find you!” Su Meiyao earnestly said. Shen Xiang thinks that said: I planned that perhaps Hundred Flowers Immortal Country, Flower Empress has Life Slaughtering Technique, if I want a bit faster to obtain strength, defeats Fire Emperor, must result in collects Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique.”

Hundred years passed by, do not know that Flower Empress present strength is what kind, if she really becomes very strong, perhaps then she has Life Slaughtering Technique.” Su Meiyao said. Regarding Flower Empress whether has Life Slaughtering Technique, Shen Xiang was unable the complete determination, but may have much, therefore he must result in goes to Hundred Flowers Immortal Country, carries on a private talk with Flower Empress. Shen Xiang transmits from Ice Dragon Immortal Palace to the Hundred Flowers Immortal Country main palace, this is also big Immortal Palace, because will frequently have the precious strange flowers different grass to appear here, therefore Hundred Flowers Immortal Country is also the place that many outstanding alchemy masters gather. This makes Shen Xiang suspect that Flower Empress grasps Life Slaughtering Technique, and carries on to expedite duplication precious spirit herb through Life Slaughtering Technique. Although that Flower Empress also had certain age, but according to Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou to her understanding, Flower Empress contrasted many big influence inside old fellow is only little girl, but she was actually called Flower Empress, that was because speed very rapidness of her adolescence. Shen Xiang guessed that Flower Empress grasps a series of precious herbs, therefore she can receive in exchange for high level pill with these precious herbs, or is makes some high level alchemy masters help her alchemy, will make her promote rapidly. Shen Xiang smallest sworn sister Mu Qianxiang, is the Flower Empress apprentice, therefore he thought that to see Flower Empress, should not be very difficult. Xiao Ling is closing up, has not seen her is really somewhat regrettable, next time should have the opportunity!” Shen Xiang in Long Family, wants to see Shen Lingling, but this little girl is very assiduous, all day the choke-out pass/test breaks through the bottleneck, because on her some itself flaws, therefore she in the day after tomorrow actually very diligently. In the Hundred Flowers Immortal Country main palace, posts a reward the main hall, has hung up high has posted a reward about Shen Xiang's . Moreover the latest news was Shen Xiang left Long Family. Shen Xiang is forced to leave Long Family, because Fire God Palace's Fire Emperor has exerted pressure to Long Family, if Shen Xiang also continues to stay there, Fire Emperor personally will pass, even if when the time comes cannot hold Shen Xiang, must destroy completely Long Family. Shen Xiang left Long Family, where will go? Before Shen Xiang was missing for hundred years, but after appearing, has the greatly strengthened strength, extinguished two young formidable Immortal King continually, rescues at present Liu Meng'er in Fire Emperor, what was most incredible, a Shen Xiang person ruined the Divine Craftsman mountain village. But at this time some rumors said that Shen Xiang that for hundred years stay in Punishing Demon Summit, but Shen Xiang was also the Punishing Demon Summit person. If Emperor Heaven can from appear above Nine Heavens newly, that was good, has White Tiger, that Fire Emperor does not have anything to be good to fear.” Shen Xiang sighed, because many big influences the reputation will have helped Fire God Palace grasp with Shen Xiang now. Let alone Shen Xiang itself with many big influences is an enemy, in addition his Shen Xiang has treasure, grasps his is the affirmation, casual can also obtain the recognition of Fire Emperor, if later Fire Emperor dominates, will then fill of enjoyment absolutely. Shen Xiang also inquired that Black Sun Fire Crow matter, after Black Sun Fire Crow he puts, in Heavenly Sword City greatly makes, Fire Emperor was just about to get rid, slipped away, where now does not know that Black Sun Fire Crow.

But Heavenly Sword City is also posting a reward that Black Sun Fire Crow, so long as there is a relevant information, can receive the monetary reward. Has been a pity this Black Sun Fire Crow, perhaps if by the seal in Divine Cauldron, some day could be obeyed by me.” Shen Xiang sighed secretly, arrives at that Hundred Flowers Palace entrance. The Hundred Flowers Palace entrance has two red splendor great flowers, but is standing several great Chinese on the flower petal, is the Immortal Monarch strengths. But the front door has fierce barrier, only then opens barrier to enter, otherwise is Immortal King is very difficult to rush. You walk, previous time you are so impolite, our Palace Master will not say goodbye your.” The guy who that guards a gate said to old man. I knew mistakenly, I asked you to help, helped my circular Flower Empress once more, told her, I was clear.” That old man puts on a long face saying that looked his strength has Human Immortal late stage, Flower Empress unexpectedly met with him. The guy shakes the head saying: Palace Master said that she will not say goodbye you, please return!” Sees this guy to be so firm, that old man heaved a deep sigh, then dejectedly left, Shen Xiang followed immediately behind him, after having been far away from that Hundred Flowers Palace front door, he entered that old man. Old Mister, why do you want to see Flower Empress?” Shen Xiang asked directly. That old man body trembles, the one who sees the question is a pretty flame, was not vigilant, his complexion sank, said: Your unexpectedly tracks me!” Shen Xiang hastily compensates to say with a smile: I am curious, perhaps my some people in Hundred Flowers Palace, I can help you!” Snort, even if your some people are also useless, only if your person is the Flower Empress apprentice, otherwise useless, because my previous time has enraged Flower Empress.” That old man said. Shen Xiang will not tell him, his sworn sister is the Flower Empress apprentice. Old Mister is really fierce, unexpectedly can meet with Flower Empress, moreover enrages her not to have the matter, Old Mister definitely is famous expert.” Shen Xiang said why his truly curious this old man must see Flower Empress, how because to see this old man likely is not expert.