World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1453

Hundred Flowers Palace pursuing difficult breakthrough is outside heavily large formation, is the same with other big influences, but once can mix, very much allows to attack from the interior, therefore is strict in the turnover, that Divine Craftsman mountain village is an example, was mixed by Shen Xiang, was destroyed including deeply the following immortal [lineage/vein]. After Shen Xiang comes, flutters airborne, turns into the bird, soars in this fine spring day Hundred Flowers Palace, has many birds in this, therefore he does not fear exposed. Hundred Flowers Palace is divided into Outer Sect and Inner Sect, Inner Sect has female disciple, moreover obtains key training, Outer Sect male female disciple has, if aptitude good male disciple, can obtain the key cultivation, becomes the Outer Sect elite, in the future or Outer Sect elder, but still does not allow to join Inner Sect. Male can come and go out Inner Sect?” Shen Xiang saw the distant place to have the high fence, that inside should be Hundred Flowers Palace Inner Sect. Ok, man but who can take a walk in inside generally, is the status is very high, because in inside female, is very outstanding females.” Su Meiyao said: In the past I almost joined Hundred Flowers Palace, but afterward had something, has not gone.” Here changes not in a big way, makes the person fondly remember.” Bai Youyou emotionally said, recalls many past events. You should better not Inner Sect, Flower Empress, if knows that you have optional enter the Inner Sect method, definitely does not meet happily.” Su Meiyao said. All right, I go in also want to tell her, their defense also many loopholes, although the person like me is few, but has, this also to let her prevents to have my this fellow appearance again, my this is the good intention.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, because Mu Qianxiang was the Flower Empress apprentice, therefore he did not have what hostility to Flower Empress. Does not know that wild girl crosses what kind in this inside, she is the Sword Emperor successor, has boundless prospects, moreover obtains Flower Empress to cultivate! Right, does Flower Empress have other apprentices?” Shen Xiang asked. No, before had not heard she has the apprentice, perhaps she is makes an exception to receive Mu Qianxiang for the disciple.” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang when entering the Inner Sect entrance waited for a period of time, waited for that female Immortal King passed by, this inside females are very young, obviously is young has eaten many Halting Face Dan and so on thing, therefore passes many years, not senile. Shen Xiang and previous such, turns into one to send the silk, falls gently on this female Immortal King, had not been discovered by her.

Is she...... Has not thought that she became Immortal King, in the past she was only one girl who was responsible for receiving.” Su Meiyao somewhat with amazement said that she has recognized that female. Shen Xiang flutters to that female, arrives in piece of forest garden, turns into the bird, making Long Xueyi seek for Mu Qianxiang, only then found Mu Qianxiang, can be easier to see Flower Empress. This Inner Sect is not very big, Long Xueyi present Divine Power is also powerful, she had found quickly Mu Qianxiang: She and Flower Empress together, their unexpectedly compared with sword...... It is not good, I was discovered!” Long Xueyi receives immediately Divine Power: Quite fierce, this Flower Empress adolescence speed is quick, no wonder she will obtain this title!” Shen Xiang turns into the bird, stands on a branch of tree, below occasionally some beautiful females pass through, is aptitude is very good. Suddenly, he induces to raid to an intense pressure. She came, her unexpectedly can track down here, she should practice to have Divine Soul.” Long Xueyi surprisedly said: Run, will otherwise certainly be discovered by her.” Shen Xiang changes a leaf immediately, mixes together with other leaves, because turns into the words of bird, was seen very much easily, the normal bird, will induce to that pressure will definitely fly away. Flower Empress really pursued . Moreover the white hands are also pinching a long thin sword, should be Saint Sword evidently, she is red both feet, is treading on the clean lawn, wears the pale-green long skirt, the hair is gripping ponytail simply, on that beautiful and chilly noble jade face, full is vigilant the color. female disciple in this piece of botanical garden, in obtained her sound transmission a moment ago, already quickly left. This small woods become very peaceful, the bird already flew away, occasionally has the light breeze to blow, falls several leaves, looks like very easy and comfortable enjoyable, but here is actually covering Flower Empress might of that looking disdainfully world.

Shen Xiang turns into the leaf, above looks that Flower Empress enters step by step, looks that pair of snow jade common jade steps on fully on these fallen leaves, in the heart is worried secretly. Comes out, since you can enter my Hundred Flowers Palace Inner Sect, your strength should be good! You should better, in has not caused the harm before my Hundred Flowers Palace comes, I punish you at most.” Flower Empress was saying to the empty woods. Shen Xiang does not exit, he wants to have a look at Flower Empress to have any ability, even if were discovered by her, Shen Xiang did not fear was grasped. Many years, nobody has been able such to intrude my domain, you are first!” The Flower Empress sound became cold, tore skirt vigorously, has revealed black packing up, the trousers short sleeve, outlined her that devil general stature. Sees Flower Empress to reveal that pair of jade lotus root arm, in the Shen Xiang heart secret one startled, Flower Empress appears this kind of image, it seems like must come. Came!” Long Xueyi shouted. Shen Xiang felt that cold murderous aura, in the Flower Empress hand that punctured the thin sword, his hastily changes the turn into a human shape is, the shuttle space avoids that sword. Really awfully!” Shen Xiang arrives at behind Flower Empress, looks at that graceful moving back, took a deep breath, he was pierced a moment ago almost the body by this woman sword. Is you!” Flower Empress said that then turned head, is somewhat accidental. Shen Xiang descends the ground, said with a smile: I want to come to see my younger sister, well-meant.”

Flower Empress is similar to the fallen leaf falls ground generally, the jade foot ignites the ground lightly, she has not received the thin sword in hand. Looks in the Qianxiang face, I forgive your life, but you must accept the penalty, I only leave three moves, you look at the office.” Flower Empress coldly said, punctured a sword. Shen Xiang has not responded that sword tip moved his clothes, as soon as he treads Earth Shrinking Step, draws back backward fiercely, wants to avoid that sword, but that sword has probably suction such, pursues him not to put tightly. I hammer!” In the Shen Xiang hand presents divine hammer suddenly, he has used whole body 80% strength, pounds maliciously to the Flower Empress thin sword. The Flower Empress white hands tremble, she has not thought that is so fierce the black hammer, erupts very terrifying impact strength, can vibrate her wrist|skill. Shen Xiang believes that oneself that hammer can fall a great mountain absolutely broken, but can only make the Flower Empress thin sword fluctuate now. However he actually broke Flower Empress that sword, because the imposing manner of that sword had been disintegrated by Shen Xiang, regarding Flower Empress, this sword was discards. Snort!” Flower Empress tenderly snorted, the personal appearance flashes, unexpectedly vanishes silently, cannot feel any aura. Left!” Long Xueyi hastily reminder.