World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1454

Flower Empress has not exhausted fully, but looks like very ominous, it seems like she only wants to teach Shen Xiang, making Shen Xiang suffer a hardship.

But Shen Xiang is not the Lord who is willing to lower the head, he shuttle space, wants to avoid this sword immediately, but has not expected unexpectedly not to succeed, here space is stable, he realized immediately one in the Flower Empress strength spirit territory, that sword punctured. Shen Xiang shuttle space failure, has missed the opportunity of avoidance, because that is only flash's matter, he only felt that Zuo Lei a pain, then the body flutters, he was flown by a that powerful sword violently. Flower Empress was somewhat surprised, has been startled being startled, she has not thought that her thin sword unexpectedly has not punctured the Shen Xiang's body, in a moment ago that instantaneous, she can feel on Shen Xiang to have firm protective armor, she does not know that was anything, but can shoulder protective armor of this sword, was surely intrepid. Shen Xiang throat one sweet, almost spits blood, that sword shook air/Qi dirty tight shrinking together of his within the body a moment ago, if not for his fleshly body is powerful, in addition has Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, definitely will meet the severe wound, the five main internal organs (entrails) will cause heavy losses. This woman is really fierce, has not thought that her strength spirit territory is so intrepid!” Perhaps if he shuttle space, cannot avoid with other ways a moment ago, at least not like the present by that serious wound. Shen Xiang received some wounds a moment ago, but his within the body has Jade Dragon Bloodline as well as a wee bit Phoenix blood, making him rapidly restore the injury in within the body. Flower Empress sees on Shen Xiang to have such fierce protective armor, felt relieved to attack, that brushed, wielded gently chops a sword, looked like very elegant lithe, however in the Shen Xiang eye was actually such terror, making him as if place oneself in Hell like that. Make him feel very strong Sword Force, he has not thought that this Flower Empress with sword expert, this sword, has also reached the pinnacle, that covers threatening Sword Force, as if can grind to be the same him. Must be finished!” Long Xueyi does not know how should avoid this sword, here is the Flower Empress strength spirit territory, how regardless to move aside, her sword is similar to the ghosts and demons is pursuing you. Shen Xiang gets a sudden inspiration, hastily offers a sacrifice to that Divine Cauldron, lets Divine Cauldron in reverse, his cover.

Flower Empress must hit Shen Xiang shortly, but suddenly are many a big cauldron to cover Shen Xiang, this lets her secret life Qi/angry, but her sword has also divided to chop on hard Divine Cauldron, sends out thump a deafening sound, shakes the entire small woods to sway Shen Xiang changes that Divine Cauldron is small, runs from inside, on the face full is the haughty smiling face, looks at the Flower Empress short of breath. In the Shen Xiang haughty vast time, Flower Empress moves sideways to arrive at side him, thin sword horizontally on his nape of the neck. Spends Great Emperor, you had said that only then three moves, I melted your three moves, you spoke must keep a promise.” Shen Xiang does not dare to move heedlessly, he can see this woman very angry. Flower Empress is only in the heart is not feeling well very much, because she has not compelled Shen Xiang to use that fierce Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, has not compelled Shen Xiang to use Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, these are the Shen Xiang fiercest things, but Shen Xiang actually and she fights with a broken iron hammer and a cauldron, making her refuse to accept very much. „Do you come in? For these years, wants to mix here person to be many, but does not have a success, you must tell me honestly, otherwise do not want to exit.” Flower Empress whole face cold frost, cold voice asked. Shen Xiang thought secretly this Flower Empress some stingy, he thinks Flower Empress is still haggling over that the Divine Sword matter, if not his suddenly appears, Divine Sword perhaps was her, will not be robbed by Duan Ming. „Haven't you looked? How you know that I do hide there?” Shen Xiang asked curiously, he thinks that Flower Empress can see him to turn into the leaf. I could feel that here flowers and plants trees are my one plant, has the subtle relation with me, although I have not seen you, but I feel you there.” The thin sword in Flower Empress hand is sticking to the Shen Xiang's throat, she wants to lacerate the Shen Xiang's skin, frightens him, who knows that the Shen Xiang's skin is very thick is very tenacious, her crosscut saw, has not cut open.

Said quickly!” Flower Empress compels to ask. Shen Xiang truly is in the wrong, because he spreads to others domains arbitrarily, Flower Empress has not rumbled to kill him already is good, now wants to seek for the loophole is very normal. You must keep secret, cannot other to know, otherwise after me, uses this move not to work again.” Shen Xiang near distance place, is staring at Flower Empress that beautiful appearance unscrupulously, his greedy look, making Flower Empress very not comfortable, in the heart is very uncomfortable, because few people dare such boldly to look straight ahead her. Flower Empress already heard that a Shen Xiang person destroys completely the Divine Craftsman mountain village, she knows that the formation protection of Divine Craftsman mountain village is not only weaker than her Hundred Flowers Palace. Good, I will not say.” Flower Empress wants to know how very much Shen Xiang was quietly to mix, moreover was investigating her in secret, if were not she cultivates Divine Soul, has formidable Divine Sense, perhaps she will not discover that investigated her strength. If she not in Hundred Flowers Palace, but has others to mix like this, she thinks to be afraid. Shen Xiang has moved out of the way a point her the thin sword with the finger, said with a smile: If you withdraw your strength domain, I can demonstrate to you look.” Flower Empress sees Shen Xiang that pair of shifty eyes to look on her randomly, she stared Shen Xiang one maliciously, beautiful eyes has projected two severe ominous light, making the Shen Xiang whole body tremble, has restrained. She receives the thin sword that takes back the strength domain that she releases again, then looks at Shen Xiang, hinting Shen Xiang can start.

„Do you want to run?” Flower Empress sees Shen Xiang not to start, in the hand used a thin sword: You excel at rushing to my domain now, if because of Qianxiang, you already did not die now, if you cannot make me clearly know how you come, I am impolite.” Shen Xiang clenched teeth, suddenly turned into a bird, circles in the head of Flower Empress, this made Flower Empress look to stay, causing Shen Xiang to fall on her shoulder, she has not driven away. Afterward Shen Xiang turns into one wisp to send the silk, mounts in the back of Flower Empress, finally Shen Xiang changes, stands in front of her. Now you should know, but this move to you, no matter uses, you can definitely discover me, but other people difficultly said that therefore I such have come, although understood the fellow who this method are not many, but you should better find the way to guard, so as to avoid later incurs blame to my head.” Shen Xiang suddenly becomes very serious, said solemnly: Do not speak irresponsibly I to understand this ability everywhere!” Flower Empress coldly snorted and said: Imperial Dragon Clan Transformation Technique, has not thought that you also practice Divine Dao.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: And you too, you should also practice Divine Dao, but you are new military recruits! Do you want to study Transformation Technique?” Does not think!” Flower Empress replied very much decisively. Hehe, even if you think that I will not teach you.” Shen Xiang said with a smile mischievously.