World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1455

Flower Empress had not denied that she just crossed the threshold on Divine Dao, she is also because has practiced Divine Dao, the strength will rise sharply. You must see Qianxiang, may greatly open and aboveboard looks for her, does not need such stealthily.” This is the Flower Empress quite discontented place, she does not hope that her domain makes others pass and out at will, moreover is a man. Really sorry, actually I do not want in this manner, mainly to be I stare by old fellow, that old fellow in your Hundred Flowers Palace entrance, my change appearance, he can also recognize me, therefore I like this mixed.” Shen Xiang planned to mix, first found Mu Qianxiang, such Flower Empress thinks that is Mu Qianxiang makes him come, has not thought that Flower Empress is so fierce, unexpectedly can discover that Long Xueyi is using Divine Soul to visit her. Who Flower Empress one wants to know that old fellow that in the Shen Xiang mouth said is: He pulls relationship with him? He is actually is a very sly old fox, but you, if the department offends him, he such will not stake your.” Flower Empress is bringing Shen Xiang, walks into the small woods, walked while is saying. „Do you know him?” Shen Xiang is somewhat curious: He said that he called Ji Yuan, does not know that was the real name?” Is the real name, he is comes in remote Starry Sky Ancient Domain, moreover he is very sly, is a big swindler, many people had been deceived the precious thing by him, now disreputable, but others actually how him, because he was well-founded to get free for himself, moreover he also had the communication with some big influences probably, has been sheltered.” Flower Empress said: „Did he know your status? If knows that he stares at you is very normal.” The Shen Xiang crack scolded: This Old Turtle, I had almost been deceived by him, it seems like I that thing that obtains from his hand should be fake, he added that you have appraised real.” Flower Empress stops the footsteps, the running together of two syllables in rapid speech asks: What thing? Is that seed?” Shen Xiang puts out that golden millet, a face is not feeling well said: Is this broken thing, he said that so long as the type comes out, can go to a mysterious world, has precious spirit herb there. He added that he has looked for you, you also believe this matter, therefore I think real.”

The Flower Empress chest fluctuated slightly, took a deep breath: „Are you get so far as from his hand? Although this fellow deceives, but this is real!” Shen Xiang stares, said: This old fellow told me the matter of this seed, was worried that I will reveal, therefore he planned that killed me to eliminate a potential informant......” Shen Xiang was slightly detailed the process said that after Flower Empress heard, cannot help but the chuckle several, that Ji Yuan this somersault fell really hurts. Has not thought that this old swindler, unexpectedly will plant in your hands.” On the Flower Empress face is having the smile, looks like very charming, but Shen Xiang does not dare to look that was worried this smiling face will vanish Then I give you to plant, when the time comes do 55 divide up money what kind of?” Shen Xiang somewhat excitedly said. Ok, but needs a period of time.” Flower Empress also agreed that if she wants a bit faster the imperial throne, to have enough Sacred Level herbs to make her promote. „, Do not lose!” Shen Xiang has handed over, such precious thing, he said that gives, explained that he does not have what obstruction to Flower Empress, this also because of Mu Qianxiang relationship, Flower Empress understands this. At this time, they not like former that big fire Qi, moreover something can also discuss well. Their once more starting to walk step, the place that goes Mu Qianxiang to be. Spends Great Emperor, you solid told me, did you have Life Slaughtering Technique really?” Shen Xiang asked: I will not speak irresponsibly everywhere.”

Flower Empress hesitant, sighed lightly: Right, but your previous time, when the Divine Sword congress really talked too much, although some people have suspected, but nobody will be in front of my to say.” Does not have the means that too many people are staring at my Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, I can only shift their attention, are you so in any case fierce, what fear?” Shen Xiang cracks into a chuckle. „Do you want to make me pass to you Life Slaughtering Technique?” Flower Empress asked. „It is not, I want to know how you obtain Life Slaughtering Technique, I know that this is not good to pass on.” Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique of Shen Xiang beforehand study, needs to learn through that stele. The Flower Empress nod said: Right, because I have not learned many, moreover in Life Slaughtering Technique that many abstruse things, I will teach to you very much difficultly, this is also Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique the reason that is difficult to inherit.” I also think that you had Life Slaughtering Technique, heard that you have many high level spirit herb, generally that only then Life Slaughtering Technique can make.” Flower Empress said. Is uncertain, in Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art also has these methods, but the speed is very slow is very slow, especially regarding these high level herbs.” Shen Xiang said that actually his Soul Creation Fluid was quick, but he dislikes slowly. Divine Art of Four Symbols inside Dragon Saliva Art also has this effect, that is also very slow, I was to use Dragon Saliva Art before, your Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art inside method, should compared with Dragon Saliva Art quickly many!” Flower Empress said that regarding this matter her also very interest, although her not alchemy, but she actually very much likes planting herbs, therefore she is very good with relationship of some high level alchemy masters, did not worry that does not have the alchemy master to help her alchemy. I can tell you place that Life Slaughtering Technique is, records the Life Slaughtering Technique place to be the same with Beast Slaughtering Technique, on together cliff, but there can danger(ous), obtain very much looks at your good fortune.” Flower Empress puts out a map, gives Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang has not thought that Flower Empress will comply with straightforward, expressed gratitude hastily.

This does not give for nothing your, you must accept my condition, you should know that the Life Slaughtering Technique significance is, but you are the alchemy master.” Flower Empress is looking straight ahead Shen Xiang's both eyes, appearance is earnest. You said first is any condition.” Shen Xiang does not dare to comply casually, if a pit? This condition cannot. If you can obtain Life Slaughtering Technique, you must remember that helps me make Divine Sword, does not limit the time, I believe that you should have the means.” Flower Empress said Shen Xiang said with a smile: Does not have the issue.” Before him suspects is the same, the matter of this Flower Empress to Divine Sword has taken to heart. Spends Great Emperor, you should be well-known, can tell me? Now our partner.” Shen Xiang asked smilingly, this was some people that direct examination Flower Empress names. Before others called her to spend Palace Master, or is hundred flowers Immortal Woman, afterward was Flower Empress, few people knew her name, moreover she also desirably concealed her name probably. Do not say!” Flower Empress lowers the sound, said in a soft voice: Lu Qilian!” Shen Xiang in great surprise, this reminded him of immediately also in Emperor Heaven Demon Empress Lu Qinlian, these two names looked like, was impossible not to have relationship.