World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1456
What relationship Lu Qinlian and are you?” Shen Xiang hastily asked. She is my small Junior Sister! This matter cannot mention with others, my Junior Sister that trusts you, therefore you must keep secret.” Lu Qilian said: I know that this small Junior Sister is good in Emperor Heaven and your relationship.” Said that you are also the Lotus Flower spirit?” You are the spirit, I am humanity, but was adopted by Grandma Lu, since you know that my uses poisonous small Junior Sister to be surnamed Lu, matter that you should also know Grandma Lu.” The Lu Qilian character and style ten thousand farmed white Shen Xiang one. Has heard!” Shen Xiang early should think that behind this Flower Empress definitely has a very fierce person. Grandma Lu was also a Emperor Level character, and Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable has fought, the strength was formidable, it is said only poor, can become Demon Heaven female Demon Emperor, but had afterward been missing, but afterward her descendant once defeated Suppressing Devil Temple's Palace Master. Said that you also do use toxin?” Shen Xiang is somewhat curious. Lu Qilian had not replied, because that mysterious Grandma Lu was also called Venerable poisonously, since she has relationship with that Grandma Lu, does not use poisonously is impossible, she has tacitly approved. „Does Xiao Xiang know this matter?” Shen Xiang has not thought that Mu Qianxiang Master unexpectedly is a such danger(ous) fellow, although the surface looks like beautiful moving, but is actually one uses poisonous expert. Only then you only know!” Lu Qilian smiled to him, making Shen Xiang somewhat be scared at heart. „Won't you later kill me to eliminate a potential informant?” The Shen Xiang whole face is intentionally panic-stricken, but in eyes actually full is the happy expression. Cannot, you be Subduing Dragon Sect's Dean.” Lu Qilian has the profound meaning to say.

Shen Xiang suddenly understands that before went to Emperor Heaven Demon Empress Lu Qinlian, should be goes to there to take root, but behind Lu Qinlian definitely was this Hundred Flowers Palace, later the Emperor Heaven forming, had Dragon Vein him, definitely was the best ally, but this woman received Mu Qianxiang for the disciple, after this was also the convenience, they cooperated, but after Shen Xiang, threatened the Hundred Flowers Palace words, she can also be the hostage with Mu Qianxiang! Shen Xiang suddenly has planted is planned the feeling, moreover he thought probably at present this Flower Empress, has been waiting for him to step into her to weave in the good spider web likely. old ginger is hotter than young ginger!” Shen Xiang whispered. This is natural, you now are tender!” The Lu Qilian faint smile, she also saw Shen Xiang to guess correctly anything. Works with me, but do not presumptuously think to step on to my head, although I now do not have you to be so formidable, but, was difficult to say.” Shen Xiang this is issues warning to Lu Qilian, making her not think subdues his Subduing Dragon Sect. You are also same!” Lu Qilian smiles, smiles somewhat coldly. Shen Xiang has not spoken, he wishes one could to conquer to apprentice sisters this in the hip. Also next, unexpectedly plans him to be so long, before owing him, feels for others, was so good to Lu Qinlian, has given back to her some strange poison. And other anything do not say that Qianxiang she does not need to know that many matters.” Lu Qilian whispered. Mu Qianxiang before and Lu Qilian practiced the sword in the courtyard, Lu Qilian suddenly leaves is so long, Mu Qianxiang did not result in patiently, wants to have a look to have anything. When she wants to exit, Lu Qilian brings Shen Xiang to enter in the courtyard, Mu Qianxiang sees Shen Xiang, immediately is pleasantly surprised, hastily swoops. „Did dead brother, which these for hundred years you die?” Mu Qianxiang is thrashing the Shen Xiang's chest.

Mu Qianxiang looked like before was wilder, dressed up momentarily can carry on of fierce battle to pack up tight-fitting, came out from that forbidden land, after experience to this brilliant varied world, charming she were many some maturity, but that face in the Shen Xiang eye was still a mischievous wild girl. „Didn't my this come?” Shen Xiang he he smiles, is pinching her beautiful cheek. We also planned rescues Liu Meng'er's, plans the day of the big marriage, who knows that you appear that quickly, therefore we have not come.” Mu Qianxiang said that initially was Liu Meng'er recommends her to see Flower Empress, moreover she also knows that Liu Meng'er and Shen Xiang were that relationship, she naturally must get rid, but Flower Empress and Liu Meng'er's relationship was also good, she also had the means to walk Liu Meng'er. Brother, you are really crude, makes into such Heavenly Sword City, is really fierce, I like.” Mu Qianxiang has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder: Next time will do this matter again, takes me to go.” Shen Xiang smiled, looked at Lu Qilian, Lu Qilian must rescue Liu Meng'er, he is very grateful, casts the grateful vision. I initially also very much danger(ous), was almost killed by that Fire Emperor bang.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Almost does not have, didn't you bring Sister Meng'er to run away?” Mu Qianxiang looks to Lu Qilian, said with a smile: If after my Master, this, you can also like this help me rescue Master?” Because in person eyes, Shen Xiang goes all out to rescue Liu Meng'er outside, because of Xue Xianxian's relationship, naturally, even if Shen Xiang Liu Meng'er that relationship, he will not have gotten rid for Xue Xianxian. Naturally can!” Shen Xiang has pinched with a smile her face: This matter will not occur, in the world nobody can control to result in has spent the Great Emperor wedding!” This is natural, can marry her man also few.”

Mu Qianxiang is telling own bad brother probably, do not have the idea of her Master. Although Shen Xiang, only then a wife, but she knows that Shen Xiang that a lot of dirty trick has many, especially these years, she inquired that Shen Xiang has many scandals, was says the matters of some of him and women's. You now were also Immortal King, there is an inheritance of Fire Emperor, perhaps later can become female Sword Emperor, was fiercer than me.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Then uses Saint Sword fortunately? Here several swords, but is Saint Sword that Evil Emperor keeps.” Shen Xiang put out him to rob Xie Kang and Luo Yitao sword, black, blood red, was Saint Sword. This type of thing to her, her disposition should not be weak, very easily by Evil Emperor that type to the evil sword intent influence, in her hand that has sufficed Punishing Demon Saint Sword.” Lu Qilian sees that two evil aura steaming Saint Sword, cannot help but frowned. Palace Master, some outside people seek an interview, that Ji Yuan invited a great person, said that had the urgent matter to see you, I already that great person welcome to the Outer Sect living room.” Outside broadcasts together the sound suddenly. Ji Yuan was made a seed by Shen Xiang, but Ji Yuan was worried that Shen Xiang saw Lu Qilian, was worried that will act swiftly to get there first, but, has to have a Starry Sky Ancient Domain great person, searches Shen Xiang to have with Lu Qilian meets. Knew, my this exits!” Lu Qilian should say that then gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: You a bit faster leave here, that person should from Starry Sky Ancient Domain, wait for me to enter Inner Sect her, she will perhaps discover you.” Xiao Xiang, leading your brother to use that Teleportation Formation to leave, some people ask him to walk.” Lu Qilian said.