World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1457
Shen Xiang wants to remain very much, what great person having a look at that Ji Yuan to invite, but he saw the Lu Qilian complexion, knows that he must leave Hundred Flowers Palace. She and Shen Xiang have cooperation relationship in secret, but she does not want to make other influences know, in order to avoid brings in the unnecessary trouble to her. Mu Qianxiang is drawing Shen Xiang, arrives in an underground stone chamber quickly. Brother, you are certainly careful, you have been missing for hundred years, I am worried about you very much.” Mu Qianxiang is hugging Shen Xiang, has kissed on his face. Shen Xiang smiled, has traced her cheek: Um, these fellows do not have the means with me, you must look after itself good.” Shen Xiang steps into Teleportation Formation, Mu Qianxiang some does not abandon, is biting the lip lightly, looks at Shen Xiang to vanish in that Teleportation Formation. Goes to an unmanned place, Shen Xiang opens Lu Qilian to his map, this map can make him find Life Slaughtering Technique. Although that is a danger(ous) place, but most danger(ous) Saint Beast Ancient Domain forbidden land he has gone, let alone now he is Immortal King, therefore he also dares to go to that place. This map a little pit, where does not know!” Shen Xiang looks at that map, although described very in detail, but also described a scrap region, Nine Heavens was so big, could not see region that on the map described where, above has not prompted. This woman is really, wants me to go back one?” Shen Xiang felt that is very troublesome, before went to Saint Beast Ancient Domain that map, made him have a headache about the period of time. Sister Meiyao, where is your this?” Shen Xiang asked. Looks familiar very much, but some are impossible.” Su Meiyao is not quite definite.

This map is very new, shortly after should just draw is good, Flower Empress already calculates that you will look for her? Therefore gives you this map?” Bai Youyou said: „It looks like truly looks familiar, above is drawing the place, looks like in this main palace hundred flowers mountain range very much.” Life Slaughtering Technique here?” Shen Xiang some do not believe: First has a look, there danger(ous)?” Not danger(ous), but there once was Hundred Flowers Palace planted the herbs place, finally does not know why left uncultivated.” Su Meiyao also thought that has doubts: After that there danger(ous), Flower Empress has not reminded you, that place very danger(ous).” Shen Xiang returns to the bustling streets, here has bought a book, above picture has many maps, is this hundred flowers Immortal Palace main palaces, he had found quickly that hundred flowers mountain range, distance here is not very far. He has contrasted that map, is really that hundred flowers mountain range! unexpectedly is so near.” After Shen Xiang determines, immediately goes to that hundred flowers mountain range. Because hundred flowers mountain range in this Immortal Palace, therefore there is very safe, will not have any Demon Beast. In Immortal Palace, will not have the danger(ous) place, because enters this Immortal Palace inside person, for a chart security. Shen Xiang illuminates the map, in the air displays Earth Shrinking Step, is treading void, rushes to into the mountain range upper air, overtakes toward the red point that on the map indicates. Here does not have the cliff, is that woman teases me to play? She was also too bored!” Shen Xiang arrived on that point, he overlooks from the upper air, only sees has left uncultivated the construction, but that point of indication, top in a mountain peak. Shen Xiang arrived here, but also discovered that an unusual phenomenon, is here Immortal Qi is thin, properly speaking Immortal Palace inside Immortal Qi, should be quite rich, even if Immortal Qi on these wilderness, be richer than here, let alone here also many heaven big trees. Shen Xiang descends on that mountain peak, small garden that here the hut and encircle casually.

Here unexpectedly some people live, Shen Xiang understands immediately that Lu Qinlian makes him come to here to find the person. The Shen Xiang feelings knocked on a door in the past, the gate opened, a facial expression very good black robe old woman, is leaning on a White Jade long stick, walks slowly. This grandma white hair combs very neatly, is inserting the obsolete swirl, the skin like the jade, maintains extremely good, is only some corner of the eye wrinkles, but appears somewhat old, but her whole person looks like very energetic. In her hand that White Jade long stick is attractive, the long stick crown is a lifelike rabbit, that White Jade long stick has the white clouds to surround, looks like has life such probably. „Do you ask me to have matter?” The grandma inquired in a soft voice that the sound is very supple, without any dignity, she, although has not smiled, but actually gives people a very gentle feeling. Flower Empress has given me a map, then I arrived here!” Shen Xiang took that map, he is curious at this time this grandma the status, should be a very strong person evidently, but he and Long Xueyi cannot induce on her strength to fluctuate, looks like mortal such. Shen Xiang has handed over the map, the grandma puts out a hand to meet, that somewhat was only dry the old hand to tremble suddenly. In that instantaneous, Shen Xiang also induces to anything drills into his body, but quick vanished in his body. Shen Xiang fierce receives the hand, retreat several steps, the whole face was vigilant. What have you made to me?” Shen Xiang knits the brows to ask, the expression is having an anger, the defense of his body is greatly strengthened, but that inexplicable energy can actually enter in his body a moment ago with ease. Your unexpectedly is the Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable successor, after has not thought of Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable, some unexpectedly also people can practice the body of Suppressing Devil, I used some slightly to confirm a moment ago poisonously, you 1 : 00 matter does not have now, because of the Suppressing Devil Golden Body reason.” Shen Xiang knits the brows: „Are you Grandma Lu in Legend?”

Grandma Lu is slightly surprised tunnel: You know real many, Qilian this girl makes you look for me, is makes me tell you place that Life Slaughtering Technique hides, person who generally only then she trusts extremely, will she such do? What relationship you and are she? Are you her man?” But this is not right, your strength and she differs very far, she should not look for a strength the man who she is weaker than is a husband.” You directly asked that she isn't good?” Shen Xiang some are impatient, he facing is an old poisonous woman of genuine goods at reasonable prices, he only wants a bit faster to leave this place. „It is not good, I cannot leave here, but she cannot come here, cannot speak with me.” Grandma Lu he he smiles: I and she hit to lose, therefore I must say according to her did!” Young fellow do not fear that you have Suppressing Devil Golden Body, if I want to kill you to be possible the department to be easy.” Shen Xiang actually did not fear that but she said that he is afraid actually. Grandma Lu...... Where do you know Life Slaughtering Technique? Told quickly, I was looking anxiously!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. He He, you did not tell me you and that girl are any relationship, I did not tell you.” Grandma Lu is mischievous smiles, then sits on a stone stool.