World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1458
My younger sister is her apprentice.” Shen Xiang said. Oh? she does not accept disciple, she said that has the person who the qualifications are her apprentice not to be many, why will your younger sister settle on by her?” Grandma Lu surprised, her unexpectedly does not know matter that outside has. Because my younger sister obtains the inheritance of Sword Emperor.” Shen Xiang also said that this matter regarding the outside, was was not already secret. Has not thought that appeared including the inheritance of Sword Emperor, if is really this, your younger sister truly competently is her apprentice.” Grandma Lu nodded, then has patted a nearby stone stool, hints Shen Xiang to sit down. Shen Xiang careful walks, sat. Sees his fearful and apprehensive appearance, Grandma Lu he he has smiled: I said that what you do fear? You have Suppressing Devil Golden Body, cannot die, although here everywhere is poisonous, for example on this stone stool, has spread a five spices bone colored night.” „, The soils, year to year by the purple blood irrigation of purple blood centipede. Therefore, grows that attractive purple flowers.” Grandma Lu with handling gently caressed that purple to make the big flower that one was scared. Shen Xiang hit one to tremble, asks: If I do not have Suppressing Devil Golden Body, then I already did die?” Grandma Lu is having a smile nod of: Already turned into the bloody water, becomes the nourishment of my this small garden. That big girl will make you come, should be knows that you cultivated Suppressing Devil Golden Body, otherwise she was harming you, she knows that you did have Suppressing Devil Golden Body?” Lu Qilian knows certainly that he has the Suppressing Devil Golden Body matter, already was is not secret!

Knows.” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, smells a fragrance, from a distant place snow white floret, that floret unexpectedly is shaking slightly, probably is recruiting to him, shaking, will overflow the fragrance that one gladdens the heart intermittently each time. Your younger sister is her apprentice, she should not make you look for me, these have the reason.” Grandma Lu several thousand years has not spoken with the person probably such, keeps asking endlessly. Really wordy!” Shen Xiang secretly said in heart. Between I and her have a big secret, originally I and she agree, did not tell others, but she, since allows me to come looked for you, I think that she should know depending on your disposition, definitely will dig me and all her.” Shen Xiang to some Lu Qilian also resentment, because she has not told him to come to here to find that Grandma Lu beforehand. Although his Hundred Poisons Immunity, but makes him very not comfortable here. I obtained a seed......” Shen Xiang to tell this Grandma Lu the matter of that mysterious seed. actually is this, I had already listened to Legend of this seed, has not thought really in Starry Sky Ancient Domain.” Grandma Lu is interested in this matter. Grandma Lu, why can you stay here? Heavenly Flower Empress is you raises, she has won bet, you here, this also was too sleepily heartless.” Shen Xiang purely is curious.

If she does not let my stay here, I already destroyed completely your Suppressing Devil Temple, I and Suppressing Devil Temple have a grudge.” Grandma Lu the faint smile looks at Shen Xiang: „The girl is so arrogant, moreover innermost feelings ice-cold, has not thought that her unexpectedly complying will make me tell you place that Life Slaughtering Technique is, you are Suppressing Devil Temple's.” Shen Xiang was worried that this Grandma Lu gets up to kill the heart, hurriedly said: I am not Suppressing Devil Temple's, I and Suppressing Devil Temple have a grudge, if your old man can get rid to destroy completely Suppressing Devil Temple, I will give a big present to you.” Oh? is interesting, cultivates Suppressing Devil Golden Body little brat, unexpectedly and Suppressing Devil Temple has a grudge!” Grandma Lu eyes shines said. I practice cultivation technique that Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable keeps, is studies independently, possibly I and Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable are predestined friends, finally I obtained Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal! However Suppressing Devil Temple these old fellow did not acknowledge my status, but must rob my Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, said, I do not want to go to work as that Suppressing Devil Temple, I kept Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal to defend self, that thing was truly fierce.” Shen Xiang long sighed: Suppressing Devil Temple these old turtles, look for my trouble every other day, I have also killed several their Immortal King, several times had been killed by them.” This group of fellows were such morality moral character, Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable Suppressing Devil Temple like this are ruined by them. brat, I favor you, I cannot move Suppressing Devil Temple now, but you can.” Grandma Lu the suddenly sinister smile gets up: Qilian this girl, knows that I am here bored, sends you especially to me finds relief.” In the Shen Xiang heart has not been feeling well, because he had been planned by Lu Qilian, he discovered that truly is this, because this place, only then cultivates Suppressing Devil Golden Body him to arrive. Suppressing Devil Temple every other a period of time, will hold a time Suppressing Devil Palace Master inspection match, the people who so long as cultivates the town devil art method can participate, you naturally, so long as you complete these inspections, can become Suppressing Devil Temple's Palace Master!” Grandma Lu said. „Doesn't Palace Master have many? Only then big Palace Master is authorized!” Shen Xiang said. Um, therefore you must become big Palace Master, but must challenge two Temple Protector, needs to win streak, then you cannot win big Palace Master, you have certain status in Suppressing Devil Temple.” Grandma Lu said. „Is that useful? I not rare that position.” Shen Xiang said that he is Subduing Dragon Sect's Dean.

Young fool, I knows certainly that position does not have the fart to use, but you can arrive that step, Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal in your hand was useful, Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable leaves leeway the thing in Suppressing Devil Temple, needing Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal can open.” Grandma Lu has patted his head, does not know that anything toxin, having made Shen Xiang feel the scalp is cool. Good, I must attain Life Slaughtering Technique first.” Shen Xiang said. You first get so far as the Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable thing, like this you must obtain Life Slaughtering Technique to be easier.” Grandma Lu said: Truth told you, except for Qilian this girl, no one want to obtain Life Slaughtering Technique easily.” Why?” Shen Xiang is puzzled: „Doesn't she coax I?” She has not told you, can do Life Slaughtering Technique very danger(ous)?” Grandma Lu said: Although this girl Heart Eye are many, but the person also calculates does not go bad, especially to person on one's own side.” Sees a Shen Xiang face to suspect that she lowers the sound saying: Qilian is the Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable granddaughter, Life Slaughtering Technique is Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable hides, therefore she can get so far as, but the words that other people go , must die.” This...... Real? Flower Empress unexpectedly is the Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable daughter!” Shen Xiang is unbelievable. Hehe, actually I am her mother, she is I and Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable daughter.” Grandma Lu's words have shaken Shen Xiang. I do not believe that you are the Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable wife, can extinguish Suppressing Devil Temple for the wool?” Shen Xiang remembers that this Grandma Lu and Suppressing Devil Temple's hate are very big.