World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1460

Shen Xiang has swept around one, seeing the people look to vary, said: Your here does not have the stipulation to use the name!” No, with given name, but you, if can become Palace Master finally, that must have a name, pays the registration fee, million Immortal Crystal, then go to that side to accept the test of Immortal King strength.” That old man said. Shen Xiang despises this Suppressing Devil Temple secretly, why does not test the strength to pay the registration fee first again, if with tests, then million Immortal Crystal registration fees did throw away carelessly? That test what's the matter?” Shen Xiang looks at the place that old man had aimed at a moment ago, there has a martial arts contest stage, above is standing a facial expression ice-cold youth. Must become our Suppressing Devil Temple's Palace Master, must have the Immortal King strength, naturally, is not casual Immortal King is good! You and other fight with our Immortal King, how will know at that time your strength, otherwise you then participate in our Palace Master inspections, perhaps will die.” That old man said. Suppressing Devil Temple's Palace Master are many, because various Nine Heavens places have his minute of palace, needs fierce Immortal King to assume personal command. Shen Xiang has handed over million Immortal Crystal, has attained jade token, then moves toward that competition stage. Only then Immortal King can carry on this inspection, but the Immortal King quantity is few, although in this main hall person of many, truly but must register are not many, they come to here to watch the fun. Shen Xiang has gotten on that martial arts contest stage, the opposite party is a whole face ice-cold youth, both hands is holding the chest, looks like is very probably fierce such, he stands there, looks at Shen Xiang fainily. Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor? You did not think that this title is very stupid?” The youth looks at Shen Xiang's jade token, jokes: Evidently, you, although is Immortal King, but if wants not to be easy through my this Guan Ke, prepares severe wound at heart!” Shen Xiang sees the opposite party to be so rampant, he refuses to admit being inferior, said: Title is stupid, that is my matter, closes your trifling thing, you completed your matter that's alright, your such, let alone made into the severe wound me, you can make to calculate my hair well.” old man under stage, cannot help but took a deep breath: This fellow brain is sick, he does not know the person who he faces is our Suppressing Devil Temple's four small Immortal King strongest that?”

actually he is four small Immortal King strongest that it is said this person is in Suppressing Devil Temple inside four strongest young Immortal King ranks first, named Zhao real, heard that his Devil Subduing Energy cultivated ninth layer!” This fellow is Zhao true, previous time he went to Devil Heaven, makes there devil feel alarmed and anxious for several days.” Shen Xiang hears the people to mention this Zhao true matter under, knows fellow who this is responsible for testing the strength, is a little real skill. Zhao true hears others to discuss him, the head curled upwards high, that flattering made in his heart very proud, he looked that the Shen Xiang's look disdained. Compares notes, must use with Suppressing Devil Temple related cultivation technique, cannot use weapon.” old man shouted: Now starts.” Zhao Zhenzhi thought that the opposite party is a not to know the immensity of Heaven and Earth fellow, he also wants to punch opposite party maliciously, unexpectedly says that rampant words. „A move takes down you!” Zhao true sees large formation opening of competition stage, body Suppressing Devil Holy Power Sheng, the clearly discernible spout, seems like similar to the golden arrogance like that beats around his whole body greatly. The opposite party can practice Suppressing Devil Holy Power to come, Shen Xiang does not think strange, although Suppressing Devil Temple declines, but background also, this Zhao true in young generation of most expert as Suppressing Devil Temple, cannot practice Suppressing Devil Holy Power to think strange. pā lā......” consecutively five thunderclap crack come, unexpectedly is the Devil Subduing Energy five skills. Zhao true using strength that Devil Subduing Energy five erupt, arrived in front of Shen Xiang by own body instantaneously, the fist has wielded! Regarding many people, from the beginning on use Suppressing Devil Holy Power and Devil Subduing Energy five, this was very terrifying attack, if the opposite party were Demon King or the fiendish person, must lie down.

When the people thought Shen Xiang is somewhat pitiful, another thunderclap explosive comes out, is rapid and fast, unexpectedly is consecutively nine. Shen Xiang also uses Devil Subduing Energy, unexpectedly or nine layers, moreover looks like he utilizes very adeptly! Ha Ha!” Shen Xiang laughed wildly one, the fist has pounded, his build was quite big, the arm also compared with Zhao true must long. Zhao true fist has anchored to the Shen Xiang's nose in front, because a Shen Xiang speedily fist has pounded on his eye. Bang! Shen Xiang first is Devil Subduing Energy nine layers, afterward is shakes strength, the long jab that Zhao true left eye, and has a greatly strengthened suction, does not make Zhao Zhenfei exit. pā pā...... The Shen Xiang double palm wields, was dozens palms of the hand has hit instantaneously, was ruthless and brushes quickly on the Zhao real face, finally that palm vigorously, flew especially directly Zhao Zhenchou. Zhao Zhenpa on competing with stage, slightly **, in the heart full is being the anger, he covers an eye, stands slowly, Shen Xiang has not used that crazed Holy Power, is only with fleshly body strength, otherwise this Zhao true already turned into the ash. „Are you good, is not good trades fierce point coming up to fight with me, your this strength, I really worried that one did not pay attention to beat to death you, I could not unshackle.” Shen Xiang both hands fork waist, loud voice was shouting rampantly. The people also immersed in a moment ago that recalled that secret heart startled, Shen Xiang grabbed the mischievous child strong drive like an Sir a moment ago, he had strength that the opposite party killed, but was actually worried that will be held responsible, therefore has not used strongest strength.

I and you spelled!” Zhao true of filled with fury, almost whooshes to shout that then overran. Snort!” Shen Xiang stamps the feet, under foot golden light glittering, the golden ray is similar to the lightning like that rules out from the ground together, after that Zhao true, turns into golden circular formation, keeping Zhao true from moving. Sees these marks, the people know that is Suppressing Devil Temple's Suppressing Devil Qi Formation, Shen Xiang stamps the feet to emit one to seal Devil Qi, understood at a glance that is familiar. Zhao true knows certainly that this Devil Qi fierce, that is records in Suppressing Devil Qi Formation air/Qi of quite difficult release, needs to consume very many Suppressing Devil Holy Power, once can release, can surround Demon and Devil king a period of time, has very major function to the immortal. Shen Xiang two steps step to Zhao really front, is several thunderclap explosives, Shen Xiang displays Devil Subduing Energy nine layers, a fist fires into Zhao true another eyes. Explosive of bang, Zhao true another eyes had been beaten savagely a fist by Shen Xiang, at this time he only thought that two a fuzziness, his both eyes have been hit to swell by Shen Xiang at present, glowing red, looks like very funny. Stops!” old man hastily drinks, this way, Shen Xiang definitely will destroy that Zhao true, but the utilization of Shen Xiang to town devil art method, truly made People be startled, skilled was higher than many Suppressing Devil Temple's old Immortal King.