World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1461
Zhao true was held by old man of jumping up stage, before also rampantly said that a move takes down others, but actually top two inflamed eyes to carry off finally, making people think somewhat funnily, but the people are more surprised in this Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor the strength, unexpectedly is so fearful, but also on the useless real skill, hits to fall face down four small Immortal King eldest children. What is the following inspection? Do not send this fellow again and I have hit, wastes my time. Also thinks him fiercely, is the matters of two fists.” Shen Xiang is curling the sleeve, while asked that must go all out evidently likely, will not hit satisfying not to give up such. This you, the true inspection must several days later, not know that what relationship you and Hundred Flowers Immortal Country do have?” A old man inquiry said that at this time he was better to the Shen Xiang's manner, this person can join Suppressing Devil Temple, for them is the good matter. I also want to ask you, that Hundred Flowers Immortal Country ate wrong pills, unexpectedly also shouted that such a name, one group of women, the trifling thing was not dry, clearly blind such name of pleasant to hear, I with that crowd of woman any relationship, I have not wanted to move that Hundred Flowers Immortal Country, unexpectedly was the same with my given name.” Shen Xiang ablaze with anger bellows intentionally, this secret worried for him, this is Flower Empress does against, who does not know that fierce of Flower Empress, that Hundred Flowers Palace inside woman is not the ordinary woman. Shen Xiang steps down the stage, is stepping stride, swaggering leaves, the appearance of walking is rampant, making the person look wants to punch him. In this town Devil Immortal palace, four small Immortal King are famous, because they have very big potential, the handsome semblance, the itself strength is also very strong, but fiercest that Zhao true, unexpectedly by one said the Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor rampant fellow has been defeated, moreover defeats very miserably, the opportunity of continually hitting back does not have. Shen Xiang this time appearance is an ordinary youth, but this face has been remembered now, moreover he in the town Devil Immortal palace in most luxurious the hotel, is hugging two beautiful women now, making them feed the liquor to feed the dish. He has been very low-key, this time that high-sounding talk, is only for disgusting one that Lu Qilian, he has not thought that rampant unexpectedly has such big advantage, he arrives at this hotel, sent out own given name, can eat without paying drinks in vain, now he understands that these Young Master elder brothers why so will be why rampant. Naturally, rampant must have qualification, otherwise the fate is the same with that Zhao true, made into the dog.

This matter quick spreads, the Palace Master selection is the comparison let the matter that the person pays attention, but actually had such a character now, but also pulled relationship with Hundred Flowers Immortal Country, the person of good deed, passes to Hundred Flowers Immortal Country this matter immediately, but also added inflammatory details Shen Xiang these rampant words, has exaggerated maliciously, passed to near the ears of Hundred Flowers Palace these females. At this time in Hundred Flowers Palace these fierce female Immortal King, Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor hate to the marrow of the bones to this, many female Immortal King asked for instructions Flower Empress, crusades against Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor this rampant disciple. ...... In Hundred Flowers Palace main hall! Palace Master, this fellow was too wild, this clarifies is provokes our Hundred Flowers Palace, multi- youngster, nobody has dared such to do, making us get rid, we teach him, making him know that fierce of our Hundred Flowers Palace, made him change the given name while convenient.” Female Immortal King said. This person truly owes the lesson, however his strength is not weak, evidently unusual rival in Immortal King, if our many Immortal King send out to take him, will only make the person laugh, let alone he now in Suppressing Devil Temple, participates in the Palace Master selection, do we to his fight, give Suppressing Devil Temple to seize the opportunity?” Lu Qilian said that she had suspected that is Shen Xiang, but she does not think clearly, why Shen Xiang makes this matter. Palace Master, what to do can that? Doesn't this tone leave?” Another female Immortal King asked that on the face full was anger, that appearance like must give the swallow alive Shen Xiang. Suppressing Devil Temple's Palace Master selects anyone to participate, I usually have to teach your town devil art method, sends out one strongly participates, when the time comes when Palace Master inspection, will have the link of competition town devil art method, at that time tidies up his that's it, we want open and aboveboard to teach him.” Lu Qilian has swept audiences female one eyes: But, this person is very strong, if you do not have the absolute strength, will look when the time comes only at the joke by others.”

Palace Master, making me go!” Was long young female to walk quite, she has a shoulder-length short hair, the appearance was delicate, looks like very refined, was not a fly cutter makes the female of sword likely. Xiao Lizhi, is rare you to be so initiative, don't the words that you go, bully the person?” tall female Immortal King giggle said with a smile. To provide against contingencies, fellow should keep many strengths, sends words that other sisters go, a little risk.” That Xiao Lizhi said: This fellow is very exasperating, even if Palace Master does not comply, I will teach secretly also his.” Lu Qilian lightly smiled: Good, now we, I personally have a look, this fellow is fierce.” Palace Master, Xiao Xiang? If she goes into action, should be also good!” Xiao Lizhi asked. She is closing up, the Suppressing Devil Temple's inspection does not allow to use weapon, she will not need the words of sword, the strength to sell at a discount greatly, you will go! The town devil art method you study well.” Lu Qilian is the Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable daughter, the town devil art method are most purely . Moreover the attainments of some of her also many Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable, her Hundred Flowers Palace core disciple, each has the study town devil art method, studies not compared with that Suppressing Devil Temple difference, but they conceal, little use. ...... Shen Xiang still eats and drinks extravagantly in a hotel, precious suddenly of that hotel runs, some said worriedly: Sir, that Flower Empress led some disciples to come, they came to you evidently.”

Came happen, whom I will make that group of women have a look at to be fierce.” A Shen Xiang face does not care, making that storekeeper admire. After a double-hour, storekeeper runs over. In them has one registration that called Xiao Lizhi, a move defeated in four small Immortal King second, later can do evidently with you, they must defeat you in the open and aboveboard method.” Shen Xiang is drinking tea, looks that one group of stature graceful females dance, ask: That is Xiao Lizhi very fierce has the related information?” That Dean said immediately: Has, heard that she is the Flower Empress under five big peony heads, possibly broke through Immortal King Realm, entered Sacred Realm, she usually little gets rid, but she gets rid, some people will have bad luck surely, before she recent one time will get rid is 2000, alone will go to the Devil Heaven fiendish person hole, will cut to kill hundred fiendish people, because only their female disciple had been traced the buttocks by the fiendish person of fiendish person hole.”