World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1462
The storekeeper just said that Su Meiyao on seriously said: This Xiao Lizhi is very fierce, in the past our time time was very strong, I in the past and Senior Sister collaborated, perhaps was not her match, now passes is so long, does not know that her adolescence to any situation, it seems like you really has enraged Hundred Flowers Palace.” Ji Meixian had fought with her, it is said that war is great war between unusual females, making many men ashamed.” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang somewhat could not sit still, he has not thought that will explode such old hag to come, moreover called any Xiao Lizhi, such adorable name, unexpectedly was a female devil. Did not fear when the time comes I punch her to cry.” In the Shen Xiang heart somewhat worried, but he must continue to get down rampantly, others do not know in any case he is Shen Xiang, lost lost, changed a name is a real man. Suppressing Devil Temple was quite happy, because there is a Shen Xiang this fierce character, but Hundred Flowers Palace came female fiend now, they start to criticize Shen Xiang. Naturally, they know that Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor is the Shen Xiang's words, definitely scolded fiercely. When Shen Xiang the scented tea, the storekeeper was running: Sir, the Hundred Flowers Palace person came.” Shen Xiang by the chair, looks in the hall these dancer's posture moving beautiful women, said with something else in mind: Normal, they hate me, definitely knows my whereabouts.” Shortly, Shen Xiang induces to raid with a unique delicate fragrance to threatening murderous aura, he does not need to look that knows was the Hundred Flowers Palace person has walked into this hall. Lu Qilian leads more than ten females to walk, although on their faces is obstructing the tissue, but they, as soon as comes , the dancing girl in stage was low-spirited immediately, on the makings, the Hundred Flowers Palace female by far wins these dancing girls. In the hall has many people, seeing Flower Empress to arrive, heart inexplicable beat, does not dare to look straight ahead the Hundred Flowers Palace person, was worried that will be hit. Only then a Shen Xiang person, any matter has not had such probably, drinks tea there, shouted: Stopped? Continues to jump, I have given Immortal Crystal.” Shen Xiang turned the head to look at this time these Hundred Flowers Palace females. Short hair that is Xiao Lizhi, she has not changed.” Su Meiyao said.

Shen Xiang saw a face round short hair beautiful woman, looks like very petite, looks like also his chest, an eye is limpid, but is actually full of killing intent. That Xiao Lizhi walked, the people atmosphere does not dare to breathe heavily, they know that this Hundred Flowers Palace person, comes certainly to Heavenly Flower Empress that brain is sick. Really, Xiao Lizhi arrives in front of Shen Xiang, the sweet and delicate voice asked: „Are you that bastard?” The Shen Xiang short distance must sweep her several eyes, said: Shouted that the woman of my bastard, generally is on bed, Hehe.” The man on the scene understands immediately, in heart laughs in one's heart, but on the face actually does not dare to smile, ruthless that this Xiao Lizhi became famous, they as if saw the Shen Xiang's head to be cut by Xiao Lizhi. You......” Xiao Lizhi complexion one cold, but Lu Qilian of distant place also releases a threatening pressure. „Do you want to do? I have not provoked you, you run for no reason in front of me, asked that I am that bastard, I have not scolded you am polite, do not create a scene.” Shen Xiang felt that killing intent rises from all directions, but he is still very calm, this makes in many person hearts admire secretly, changes into other people, perhaps already frightened the urine. „Are you that say the Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor person?” Xiao Lizhi also calculates quite restrains, without out-of-control, if her such fight, definitely will drop the words to redicule about. Right, I am Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor, has the issue?” Shen Xiang closes right up against the chair, the leg that knocks is swinging, appearance as rampant as family. Is good, you are waiting to me!” Xiao Lizhi bites the jade tooth, turned head, because she saw at present that person is a hoodlum, calmly will not be reasonable with her. The Hundred Flowers Palace person also stays in this hotel, this makes Shen Xiang some uncomfortable, but he does not want to move, otherwise others will say that he has feared Hundred Flowers Immortal Country. That Flower Empress looked at your several with Divine Power a moment ago, but she has not seen through, moreover I also camouflaged your dantian, it seems like she somewhat suspected you are Shen Xiang, but she should determine that now was not you.” Long Xueyi said.

Is uncertain, this woman astute very much, she knows I looked for Grandma Lu, these days will possibly come.” Shen Xiang said: Makes her know also No problem, I die do not acknowledge that's it, if she wants Will kill me not to be easy.” That Xiao Lizhi also is very long the symbol!” Shen Xiang returns to the room, feels chin happily said with a smile. Is good, compared with having flavor.” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile. They really come to you, the Xiao Lizhi strength be more formidable than before, how you should think to defeat her.” Bai Youyou said: Flower Empress is the Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable daughter, the town devil art law in hand certainly be more than Suppressing Devil Temple, when the time comes compares notes to need to use the town devil art method, that Xiao Lizhi can have that war technique in Devil Heaven, should grasp the greatly strengthened town devil art method.” At the worst my exposed status, adds on Sacred Seal strength with true Holy Power, puts together one with her, is the incorrect words, I fuse the town devil art method and Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique.” Shen Xiang said. „It is not good, I, defeat her!” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile. Shen Xiang laughs, well will take a bath, actually suddenly hears in the mind to have the sound to resound. You are Shen Xiang, I looked, have not installed again, what are you doing?” The sound in Shen Xiang mind, is Lu Qilian. In the Shen Xiang heart jumped darkly several, he has not responded, walks into the bathroom, removed completely jumped to the bathing pool. Who are you? Do not think own Divine Sense is formidable, can peep others to take a bath unscrupulously, female hoodlum!” Shen Xiang responded with other sound: I think that your admitting mistakes person, what is Shen Xiang? He catches up in front of me rampant, I hit to lie in the same old way he!” Flower Empress has been monitoring Shen Xiang with Divine Sense, who knows that Shen Xiang suddenly takes off the clothes, she truly saw the thing that some should not look, making her the whole face blush immediately, in the heart also secretly gets angry. Shen Xiang soaks in the bathing pool, is not feeling well very much said: Really was convenient she.”

It seems like she is suspecting!” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile: Or you on the exposed status, then accuse her to peep you to take a bath now.” Shen Xiang loudly shouted: Female hoodlum, who you, your unexpectedly in broad daylight peeps I to take a bath!” The entire restaurant heard his voice, immediately lets the person recollections in close succession! Shut up!” Lu Qilian gives him immediately sound transmission, shaming the anger must shout to clear the way. Makes me shut up?...... You killed me to eliminate a potential informant. The female hoodlum peeps I to take a bath, moreover Divine Sense is very formidable, does not know that who can be?” Shen Xiang continues to bellow. A Hundred Flowers Palace female, on face full is the heterochrosis, they know certainly that who is peeping that bastard. I go to shear his tongue.” Xiao Lizhi said. Ok, I rest first.” Lu Qilian closes the eye, took a deep breath, then enters the room slightly.