World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1464
Now many people have begun to have suspicions to him, even if he did not acknowledge that it is estimated that is also influential to his following plan, therefore he must get rid of the suspicion, but must win the Suppressing Devil Temple's trust. Therefore has to make Long Xueyi send out! Night, outside is still very lively, but Shen Xiang in the room, sits cross-legged on the bed, rest of Jing Jing (quietly), but two formidable Divine Sense both are covering his room, any all sounds in surveillance room. Suppressing Devil Temple's expert had discovered Lu Qilian is monitoring this person, he thinks very normal, because that person this given name appears by Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor, moreover despises Hundred Flowers Immortal Country very much rampantly, this person also has the real skill, but is very mysterious. Lu Qilian had certainly also discovered that Suppressing Devil Temple's expert, this is she expects, her original goal, to reveal Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor status, but her in the heart vacillated now, possibly was she admits mistakes. However, Lu Qilian rather kills wrong steadfast, let alone this person also takes the title with Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor, therefore she cannot this to participate in the inspection smoothly. Late at night, Lu Qinlian and that Suppressing Devil Temple's expert, suddenly receives the urgent pass on message, Shen Xiang appears in Demonic Sky, a person goes to Xie Family, use extremely terrifying Heavenly Dragon Seal, razes the Xie Family entire evil palace, cuts to add up totals ten Xie Family evil kings! In news that spreads, but also clear description that terror Heavenly Dragon Seal, several thousand dragons appear sky over that Xie Family evil palace, then ten thousand dragon simultaneously roar, are only the sound that evil palace shaking the ta larger part, the final several thousand dragons such as the rain normal landing, covers the big evil palace, will rumble the flat land. Heavenly Dragon Seal inside Ten Thousand Dragons Murdering Heaven, Shen Xiang this brat was really too fearful, this was Heavenly Dragon secret skill.” Lu Qilian took a deep breath, no longer under attention that Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor, because Shen Xiang just destroyed completely Xie Family, but below that definitely is not. Suppressing Devil Temple's expert has been subpoenaed, immediately hurries back to Suppressing Devil Temple, because initially in Evil Temple, Suppressing Devil Temple also had to grasp Shen Xiang, Heavenly Sword City already ruined, now is one's turn Xie Family, this clarifies is Shen Xiang is taking revenge. „Is the dragon brat movement so quick?” Shen Xiang induces to Lu Qilian and that Suppressing Devil Temple's expert withdrew, in heart secret one startled, he thinks must wait till dawn.

Xiao Lizhi also obtains the news, knits the brows: Since under that fellow is not Shen Xiang, then I kill him now!” „It is not good, cannot slaughter, although he is repugnant, but we only needed to teach his that's alright frankly, dealt with this person, only then hit his face with the most right method, he association president memory.” Lu Qilian this time heart is very chaotic, because she discovered that Shen Xiang has been separated from her control completely, has not thought according to her such walks, she to her layout, has been confident, for many years she had proven with many facts. Shen Xiang has not walked according to the route that she expects, making her feel somewhat restlessly, only then the matter within her control, she will think to feel relieved completely that let alone Shen Xiang is a such important character, relationship to her father. „Is Ten Thousand Dragons Murdering Heaven very strong?” Xiao Lizhi asked curiously, she was very self-confident to kill Shen Xiang before, but Shen Xiang does not have her to imagine now is so weak. Is very strong, Heavenly Dragon Seal inside has many Law Seal, but truly is Heavenly Dragon Seal are not many, this Ten Thousand Dragons Murdering Heaven is one type, because has Heavenly Dragon to use! Generally in crossing the dragon of Heavenly Dragon tribulation can use, the dragon enters Sacred Realm time, needs to cross the Heavenly Dragon tribulation, altogether has nine times, is equal to Nirvana Ninth Tribulation of humanity! After crossing the Heavenly Dragon nine tribulations, can become Heavenly Dragon.” in other words, strength of Shen Xiang within the body, at least arrived at Sacred Realm, otherwise he is unable to display Ten Thousand Dragons Murdering Heaven depending on strength of humanity.” Luckily under that idiot Celestial Emperor is not he, otherwise you possibly are not his match.” This makes Lu Qilian relax actually. In the Xiao Lizhi heart somewhat refuses to accept, her good and bad lived many years, in the past time, she was great and famous(celebrated) female expert, but now is actually inferior to little rascal. Day quick bright time, spreads an astonishing news, a Fire God Palace's quite important minute of palace was destroyed completely, is Shen Xiang does, at that time also many people saw Shen Xiang with Palace Master great war.

Before after Xie Family was extinguished, the center of this town Devil Immortal palace has blasted out the pot, outside was so lively, Shen Xiang has not rested, walked. The people see him, probably damn was the same. „Did you such quickly come back?” The storekeeper sees him, the face frightened green, thinks that he was extinguishes Suppressing Devil Temple's. Other people the shunt, worried immediately he will attack brutally. Shen Xiang said ill-humoredly: I have not left here to be good, now you knew, I at all was not Shen Xiang, that was the rumor.” You are easily swindled, does not have the fact rumor to believe continually!” Shen Xiang shook the head smiles, has ordered some dishes. The people think that what then cursed that fabricating a rumor is the bastard, hears Xiao Lizhi that in the building, is mad anxiously stamps the feet, because initially was she came out to release the news. Now what is most anxious is Suppressing Devil Temple, all defense large formation opened, Xie Family and Fire God Palace were retaliated by Shen Xiang, but Heavenly Sword City was already done upside-down, finally will definitely be one's turn this Suppressing Devil Temple. Shen Xiang sits on one of the hotel, was chatting with the people here, he thought that should also give Suppressing Devil Temple to come, this can cancel others' suspicion completely. Long Xueyi is very intelligent, although Shen Xiang had not said that but she looks for Suppressing Devil Temple's to be troublesome, rumbled several palaces, has not come to town Devil Immortal palace headquarters.

Now Palace Master inspection, Suppressing Devil Temple's all strength centralized in this town Devil Immortal palace, therefore Shen Xiang has not come to here to do the matter to be very normal. Shen Xiang has not thought that the Long Xueyi's battle efficiency is so intrepid, oneself with ease handle such simple matter, he decided after and other matter solutions of Palace Master, he collects Heavenly Dragon pill's herbs, later refines to her eats, she will eat Saint Beast Pill is very greasy all day. Long Xueyi went to Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country finally, has disseminated the matter of that seed there, burning down on Flower Empress. After dawn, she returned to Hidden Jade Ring. dragon brat, this matter does attractively, when I handle here broken matter, I give you to collect Heavenly Dragon pill's herbs, gives you to refine Heavenly Dragon pill.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. You spoke to keep a promise, do not coax me!” Long Xueyi hears to have delicious, immediately is excited. Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: Definitely kept a promise, Flower Empress this woman has defeated one game, moreover she also defeated bewilderedly, has not known one have defeated, she later definitely knows that who made her disappoint my sincerity, looked how I then put in order her!”