World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1465
Just started Lu Qilian to think one were giving Shen Xiang to come one move in secret, but she actually discovered now one have made a mistake, her admitting mistakes person, may she not admit mistakes actually, that was Shen Xiang, moreover now Shen Xiang also in turn in secret gives her a blade, she had not discovered. Your stay here, do not act rashly, wants open and aboveboard lesson that fellow, I must handle matters.” Lu Qilian concern heavily, returned to Hundred Flowers Immortal Country, goes to that hundred flowers mountain range. Grandma Lu knows that Lu Qilian came, but she has not come out, although her daughter is good for her, does not make her act unreasonably everywhere, but she is somewhat angry, hides in the room, does not want to see her. Mother!” Lu Qilian in light shouted, she knows certainly that Grandma Lu does not see her intentionally, for many years has been this. Perhaps at this time you should in the town Devil Immortal palace, you quickly be have falling of your father.” Grandma Lu sighed lightly that she knew the Lu Qilian arrangement all. That brat has not gone to participate in the Palace Master inspection, he according to such has not done, he who I expect instead is to his several big personal enemy fight, one is Suppressing Devil Temple.” Lu Qilian or the first time have this frustration, she can only ask Grandma Lu to pour out. Grandma Lu opened the door, walked, Lu Qilian walks, sits on a stone stool, although here is poisonous, but she actually did not fear. Oh......” Grandma Lu walked slowly, has sighed deeply. You have thought why he can not defer to you to expect goes?” Grandma Lu asked that she knows obviously was any reason, previous Shen Xiang came, she saw that Shen Xiang is discontented with the Lu Qilian procedure. Lu Qilian frowned to ponder, shook the head: Does not know that I am not clear, if you told him, my matter, he should go to Suppressing Devil Temple's, he anxiously must obtain Life Slaughtering Technique now.”

Grandma Lu loves tenderly is touching the head of Lu Qilian, sighed: He is not the person who is willing control, you made the mistake from the beginning.” Where am I wrong?” It is not clear Lu Qilian to the present, because in her eyes, anyone is the same, loses to her including her mother, let alone is Shen Xiang this man. Made a mistake completely!” Grandma Lu the sound becomes somewhat severe: Your temper is this, you were too arrogant, moreover you look down upon him very much, even if he has to you are very useful, even if he is a very fierce person.” I had not thought that he has anything not to be different, greedy, lascivious, the desire is discontented, moreover likes acting smart, but also buys the hearts of the people, likes becoming enemies everywhere, the fight, he in all directions antagonizes people everywhere now, he should need Life Slaughtering Technique, properly speaking, he should participate in the Palace Master inspection.” Lu Qilian said Grandma Lu shakes the head to sigh: You from the beginning, to him full are the prejudice, do you have thought his merit well? If he looks like such that you think, he can have now this status?” In my opinion, other people are very good, has not said cannot withstand, perhaps you should to him, always not think sincerely controls him with the scheme, he was not you can control.” Lu Qilian lightly snorted and said: I told her my name, but also makes him look for you, now he knew I biggest secret, moreover he also everywhere spoke irresponsibly my father is Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable, was I not very sincere to him?” These matters did you tell him not to directly? He wants to cooperate with you confidentially, but you actually probably play chess same want to organize him, you think that he can't look? He does not have a brain, his enemy that many, already died.” Grandma Lu shook the head. But he must listen finally my, only then I can help him obtain Life Slaughtering Technique.” Lu Qilian said.

You look at you, can't you look at high him? You had not fallen before, but after does not represent you, this brat has not been separated from your control now, perhaps then he must counter-attack, he he.” Grandma Lu said with a smile: I hope but actually he can win you.” That is impossible, he needs help from me, sooner or later will lower the head to me.” Lu Qilian said. „Won't you need help from him? In his hand has Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, he has the qualification and you gambles, he now is not your board game piece, but is your match, now you must do is not if controls him, but how to cope with him on the checkerboard, or is he reconciles.” Grandma Lu said that stands up, walks into the room, no longer spoke. In the Lu Qilian heart is angry, she never thinks that Shen Xiang has the strength to be able from a board game piece to turn into her match, innermost feelings arrogant she, has not treated as the match Shen Xiang, although Shen Xiang has very huge potential, but she now is Heavenly Flower Empress, the strength is getting stronger and stronger. She returned to that hotel in town Devil Immortal palace, just came back, heard the news of that seed, the air/Qi she has clenched jaws, but she is actually unable to find Shen Xiang now, if Shen Xiang must hide, in Nine Heavens nobody can she not look. Supplies this matter, then looks for me to go back that seed, finally others will only focus in me, good method!” Lu Qilian wants to discard the seed in hand very much, person but who she is one has the principle, moreover in her heart was also worried that can have no consideration for face with Shen Xiang. Those who make Shen Xiang quite accidental is, the matter of seed just spread shortly, that side Starry Sky Ancient Domain said that hoping Flower Empress can exchange promptly, because that is Starry Sky Ancient Domain supreme treasure. Such one, is only the matter of rumor, at this time turned really! Flower Empress grasps a mysterious seed, words that this seed plants, can open one fully to is the Sacred Level herbs road!

Starry Sky Ancient Domain already suspected that Flower Empress has attained that seed, now the news comes out, making them believe firmly. Lu Qilian wants to tell the people very much, this seed is Shen Xiang gives her, but she thought that some people will not believe her words, because any broken matter can toward a Shen Xiang top head, but this is actually a very weak excuse. Conveyed a message to the palace, making them a bit faster find Shen Xiang, I need to chat with him!” Lu Qilian closes the eye, took a deep breath, restrains the anger in heart, she already very long not such life Qi/angry. Palace Master, the matter of that seed......” Xiao Lizhi does not know this matter. Real, now Big Shot of each big will influence pay attention very much, therefore our Hundred Flowers Palace will possibly be encircled the person, but does not need to be worried that I can shoulder, now the urgent matter found Shen Xiang.” Lu Qilian has not thought that unexpectedly will be forced to admit defeat, she has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly so powerfully will revolt against her, and has caused many damage to her. Shen Xiang downstairs her, grinningly is eating and drinking extravagantly. Now just started, the good play still in behind, really thinks that I am easy target, pinches casually? I respected you before, is good to think that works with you, but you such play me, to refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit!” In Shen Xiang heart happy incomparable, inspects formally starts tomorrow, perhaps now because of the matter of that seed, many people will come to here to stare at Flower Empress.