World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1466

About the endless Heaven territory matter, many big influence inside ancient book have the record, that is the place that in Nine Heavens many top expert yearn, for many years, these famous expert were seeking for these places. Now in the Flower Empress hand has a seed to pass Heaven territory, moreover inside also plants various full Sacred Level herbs, thinks to be rousing. But those who most make these influence Big Shot worry, if Flower Empress can go to such place, then the Flower Empress powerful rises, is unable to prevent, they do not want to be pressed by a woman in the head, especially that several big influence. Shen Xiang, since you like playing, then I accompany you to play.” Lu Qilian knew that several expert that made her compare to dread, in the heart has been thinking secretly. Flower Empress here, will come to that Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor purely, moreover sends out that Xiao Lizhi to exit, is thinks that open and aboveboard teaches that Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor, who knows that Flower Empress unexpectedly encountered here surrounds. Shen Xiang is not worried to play to go too far, because he knows that the Lu Qilian deep conceal does not reveal, depends on her parents, retreats in fear many people on the foot. Regarding her is Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable daughter's matter, Big Shot of these influences are sending for verifying, if is really, they will have scruples, because Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable had not died, but has been missing, if her daughter has an accident, then definitely will come out. If Lu Qilian that many fierce town devil art methods, these Big Shot definitely have not believed that but she has including Suppressing Devil Temple no town devil art method, therefore makes people think this possibly real. Shen Xiang knows this, therefore he knows that these expert will not act unreasonably to her, Grandma Lu has not been missing quickly, the words that Lu Qilian has an accident, this old poisonous woman will immediately definitely jump. Thump!” Shen Xiang lies on the bed, is thinking some clever tricks, hear some people to knock on a door, then shouted: Now is not eating meal time, delivered the food also too early!” I am not deliver food, I am deliver the dessert.” Outside broadcasts an old sound. Delivers the food Xiaoer (waiter) generally is very young, Shen Xiang sets out to open the door, sees only very energetic old man to stand there, in the hand is also carrying a tray, some above truly desserts.

With!” Shen Xiang thought that this old man some are not right, because he cannot see this old man strength, moreover this old man makes him have to plant very familiar feeling. Old lunatic?” Shen Xiang gives this old man sound transmission. Impolite brat, unexpectedly such called your Master!” Huang Jintian sound transmission is ridiculing. This is really Huang Jintian, Shen Xiang does not know why he will come to here, moreover knows him here. Master, how do you know me here?” Shen Xiang asked immediately. Huang Jintian does not have to talk with Shen Xiang directly, stands in him behind, visits him to eat these desserts, his sound transmission said: Outside does not have the hearsay, said that you are Shen Xiang? Although does not know how you clone kill Xie Family, but I thought that this Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor certainly is your this little rascal!” Hehe, did Flower Empress offend you? First is Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor this given name insults her, then Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable is her father, finally is the matter of that seed, understood at a glance that some people make a series of matters to come in view of her.” Huang Jintian said with a smile. Right, this woman likes playing the trick, therefore I accompany her to play slowly, Master do not reveal me.” Shen Xiang said. Then she is the Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable daughter's matter, really?” Huang Jintian asked with amazement. Really!” Shen Xiang replied. That seed?” Huang Jintian also asked.

Also real, but that seed is my, if she succeeds to plant to come out, when the time comes I and her 55, but after me, will receive.” Shen Xiang finished eating these desserts quickly. Huang Jintian sighed: Your brat, this time played in a big way, you may annoy troublesome many to that woman! I heard that in Night Demon Underworld these formidable Night Devil already on road, Punishing Demon Summit inside person also will come!” Oh? this did not fear but actually that her father is Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable!” Shen Xiang laughed: Moreover her mother is also a ruthless role.” You with her what relationship? Knows including her parents that clearly, this matter definitely is not she tells you!” Who the Huang Jintian very curious Flower Empress mother is. Who is her mother?” He asked. I cannot say that her mother is good, possibly after you, knows.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. What? You have also seen her mother!” Huang Jintian looks at Shen Xiang with the look strangely. „Do you come to here to do?” Shen Xiang asked. I to that seed, I also want to go to that Heaven territory to have a look!” Huang Jintian said: These can eye covetously greatly, I want to take a look at when the time comes me to occupy select convenient.” Short time is not good, that in brief not good type, but can go to time, I will call you! Right Master, helping me disseminate these secret marks, I must contact with a person.” Shen Xiang gives a Huang Jintian paper very much ingeniously. Good brat, unexpectedly to work as the subordinate Master!” Huang Jintian knows that Shen Xiang will possibly be staring, therefore he is also very careful.

You are only deliver the dessert, goes quickly, this is gives your hitting to enjoy.” Shen Xiang has given Huang Jintian several Immortal Crystal, urging him a bit faster to leave. Next day, Shen Xiang early gets up, walks on the avenue, he can feel that threatening pressure, currently has several expert in this central area. His stride advances to that Suppressing Devil Temple, although he is spiteful with Lu Qilian, but attains the thing that Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable keeps, is he quite important matter, he wants to have a look is anything thing, has the Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable whereabouts clue. Lu Qilian treats as any matter not to occur, sits on the big saloon car, goes to that Suppressing Devil Temple with several females, since she came, certainly will have a look at that saying that the Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor fellow obtains the proper lesson. Palace Master, I as soon as possible will certainly solve this repugnant bastard, then leaves this place, now the situation is not wonderful.” Xiao Lizhi is also the first time feels very tremendous pressure, not because of that Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor, but that several expert here. Did not fear that your relieved fight that's alright, I was insufficient to fear them, although they are strong, but I am not weak, let alone they casually will not get rid, I think that they want to chat with me, enters that Heaven territory quota to them.” Lu Qilian is quite calm, but she does not want to share that Heaven territory with anybody, perhaps let alone she now and Shen Xiang disagreement, Shen Xiang will receive that seed. Through test Immortal King, in the Suppressing Devil Temple's internal main hall, here also allows some expert to come to watch at this time. So long as is the person who cultivates the town devil art method, can become Suppressing Devil Temple's Palace Master, to attract many Immortal King comes . Moreover the limit to Palace Master has also relaxed, does not need to be separated from the actually influence, but actually wants, when Suppressing Devil Temple is critical comes the help, this is somewhat same as that Devil Subduing School.