World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1467
Some influences want to form an alliance with Suppressing Devil Temple, at this time will send some Immortal King to participate in the inspection, becomes Palace Master words, but can also obtain the rich practice resources, good. Lu Qilian and Xiao Lizhi are staring at Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang was actually observing other people, Fire God Palace's Immortal King also came, what making him compare to care was one has the young man of unusual aura. „Can Fiendgod Cult, have finally in a big way acts?” Long Xueyi said. It seems like this inspection is not relaxed, Fire God Palace's that fellow...... Still remembers that this fellow cultivates Divine Dao, initially was Immortal Monarch time was fierce.” Shen Xiang said. Finally in Emperor Heaven, that Fire God Palace's fierce cultivate Spirit, with fighting of Fiendgod Cult, Shen Xiang attacks the Fire God Palace's big headquarters, has run into that cultivate Spirit. Altogether 50 people participate in the Palace Master inspection, so long as can complete the inspection, can become Palace Master, obtains our Suppressing Devil Temple's supreme town devil art method.” An old Palace Master bright sound track. Before Shen Xiang, had understood this type inspected, finally through can become Palace Master, does not have the quantity of definition, but this time 50 Immortal King participate, is very few. Inspection has certain danger(ous), although you are Immortal King, but some mistakes, will lose the life unavoidably.” That old Palace Master also said. Dares to participate, itself has certain strength, naturally does not dread this. Now first said content of inspection, each is different.” This is the people compares to care. Some Lu Qilian worries inspect time, will not have to the war, such came Xiao Lizhi is came in vain, their goals were to teach that Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor. „The main purpose of inspection, to have a look at everybody grasps any degree to the town devil art method, therefore we will send you to one to fill the Evil Devil place.” That old Palace Master, said: Before then, you must elect a partner, because in that environment, two people collaborates quite to be safer.”

Old Palace Master looks at Shen Xiang, said: Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor, you choose a partner first, according to thought through the test position successively that first 25 have the decision-making power.” In Shen Xiang heart one happily, excitedly shouted: I must with Xiao Lizhi one group!” Hears him such to shout that people have tarried immediately, Flower Empress row of this Xiao Lizhi comes, to teach his, him also knows certainly, but he now is thick the facial skin to with others one group. I opposed!” Xiao Lizhi shouted to clear the way immediately coldly. You arrange 26 th, therefore you do not have the veto.” Old Palace Master he he smiles. Then I withdraw!” Xiao Lizhi is staring Shen Xiang wickedly, wants her and Shen Xiang one group works, might as well makes her die. According to the agreement, withdraws needs to us ten hundred million Immortal Crystal, either continues to inspect, either compensates our ten hundred million Immortal Crystal.” That old Palace Master smiled happily. Snort!” Although Hundred Flowers Palace takes to obtain, but gives others for no reason, they definitely do not hope, Xiao Lizhi has to brace oneself to arrive by Shen Xiang, sees Shen Xiang that grinning face, she thought a Palestinian long-handled fan very much in the past. Quick, the people have elected, majority choose itself to be familiar, is good with relationship. Then following, everybody must compare notes with own partner, must use the town devil art method as far as possible, best is exhausts fully, only by doing so, you can understand that the opposite party strength, will have the tacit understanding in the cooperation.” That old Palace Master said with a laugh: That side that if loses, must result in obeys winner's direction.”

Then was one's turn Shen Xiang to fall silly, he wishes one could to punch that old Palace Master now, unexpectedly will arrange such. In Xiao Lizhi heart one happy, that is cold on the face has shown the delightful smiling face, but in the Shen Xiang eye is actually that terrifying, he knows with Xiao Lizhi fought inevitably, perhaps also will reveal the secret, making the person know that he was Shen Xiang. Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor, Xiao Lizhi, is started by you first!” The people have dispersed, but in formation and barrier main halls open completely, their this rank great war, do not have formation and barrier blocks fallout, this central area will be razed. Just started Lu Qilian also to criticize Shen Xiang to be shameless, unexpectedly chose Xiao Lizhi to be the partner, but she felt better now, at least can let Xiao Lizhi very happy lesson Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang cannot make others see his status, therefore he must result in retains many fierce moves, such one, greatly has limited his strength, is disadvantageous to him, moreover now cannot use weapon. It seems like can only use the town devil art method and Holy Power, other anything is unusable, once were seen the status, my plan completely was scrapped.” On the scene has many Shen Xiang's big foes, Big Shot of four big influences, with Lu Qilian that he bears a grudge, place or Suppressing Devil Temple's den that he is. Loses did not fear that obeys the direction of this Xiao Lizhi at most, but will not have face that's it very much.” Su Meiyao said. The words that loses, truly too in a big way have not lost, even if loses face also discards the face of Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor, his Shen Xiang's face anything has not damaged. You, if loses, cannot use Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor this given name again!” Xiao Lizhi whole face life Qi/angry shouted.

Why do I want to listen your? Even if loses, I do not hinder me to use the Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor given name, I am bent on having to use, your my what?” Shen Xiang very not awfully laughs, that rampant appearance, making these surround his person to punch him. I hit you not to dare with till!” In the Xiao Lizhi heart a anger, vanishes suddenly, the next flash appears before the Shen Xiang body, the palm is dragging phantom, has hit toward the Shen Xiang's face fan. Shen Xiang criticizes one, this Xiao Lizhi unexpectedly hates, from the beginning like hitting his face, he responded is very swift and violent, in that critical moment, turned again and again jumps, avoids that palm. The Xiao Lizhi both arms shake, Suppressing Devil Holy Power wells up crazily, looks in the Shen Xiang heart to startle, because that Suppressing Devil Holy Power is very very wild, if he has not practiced Holy Power now, is unable to compare her powerful Suppressing Devil Holy Power. Do not hide only, you should like your mouth fierce, hurries to counter-attack!” Xiao Lizhi said with a sneer, seeing Shen Xiang that has been scared the facial expression, in the heart to disdain. Devil Subduing Fist!” Shen Xiang sees a Xiao Lizhi fist strike to come, back unexpectedly presents a sacred great virtual image, that imposing manner presses the person not to gasp for breath, a golden great fist, the crush came. powerful!” Shen Xiang just shunted, actually suddenly felt that behind also transmits that terror Suppressing Devil Holy Power, Xiao Lizhi has calculated he will shunt, arrives at him behind, swift and violent bang Devil Subduing Fist, center his back. Was rumbled maliciously a fist, Shen Xiang flew, hits on that barrier, spits blood unceasingly!