World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1468

Shen Xiang thoroughly understands now that this Xiao Lizhi is unlovable, instead is very wild, he thought that later is necessary ** her. You are not very fierce? On this ability?” Xiao Lizhi is somewhat disappointed, she has not thought that the opposite party so will be weak, she also planned very painful gets. Shen Xiang has licked near the lip bloodstain, then has scratched a lower jaw with the hand, said: Worthily is the authentic town devil art method, is really fierce.” You know well, gives you again an opportunity, if your obediently apologized to us, and complied no longer to use Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor this given name, I can put your horse.” Xiao Lizhi forks the waist to say. She thinks that reed of Shen Xiang on with wall is the same, the sharpest thick-skinned abdomen midheaven, does not have any real skill. She thinks Shen Xiang will comply immediately, who knows that Shen Xiang unexpectedly dashed about wildly, looked that stance like must go all out with her. Young woman, should not be rampant, but my Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor is invincible.” Holy Power of Shen Xiang revolution within the body, although loses anything not to lose, but he also wants to spell to look that he will hide himself carefully, exposed will not come out. The Xiao Lizhi willow eyebrows are but actually vertical, in heart secret cold, she knows that does not have the leeway of negotiations with the opposite party, is forced to give up, conquers the opposite party with own strength. Decides!” Xiao Lizhi both hands wield, golden light is bright, massive Suppressing Devil Holy Power well up, saw only the Shen Xiang under foot to present some golden marks, encircled golden formation, Shen Xiang stands above is unable to move. Suppressing Devil Qi Formation!” Under Shen Xiang looked has put one's foot down, this Suppressing Devil Qi Formation was also he compares to excel, he has not thought that one day will be used to cope with him by others. Kneels down to me!” Xiao Lizhi arrives at the Shen Xiang body side suddenly, a foot kicks to the Shen Xiang's knee, she has used very strong strength, tramples Shen Xiang to roar.

Kneels your Sir.” Holy Power of Shen Xiang within the body is similar to Taotao rough seas, is attacking the meridians, coordinates his great accomplishment Heavenly Saint Body, making his strength rise suddenly immediately. Xiao Lizhi has not thought that the Shen Xiang's bone is so hard, she a moment ago a foot, if tramples other Immortal King, can trampling completely squashed is broken the entire leg, but Shen Xiang was only the pain shouted one. When she must trample the second foot, was moved by Shen Xiang suddenly of Suppressing Devil Qi Formation anchorage, her unexpectedly bends down, with that powerful both hands, firmly holds a leg of Xiao Lizhi. When Xiao Lizhi in great surprise, only thought own extremely wild Suppressing Devil Holy Power emerges her body from the thigh, making Suppressing Devil Holy Power of her within the body very unstable. After Shen Xiang holds the leg of Xiao Lizhi, crazy swings her in the ground, evidently probably is a held snake, was brushed maliciously in the ground, this is the Xiao Lizhi entire life bitter experience to the most shameless attack. Lu Qilian and people looked to stay, they do not understand how Shen Xiang worked loose that Suppressing Devil Qi Formation, although can work loose, but that need some time, because Suppressing Devil Qi Formation will not continue to be too long, but Shen Xiang just by anchorage shortly, on active, causing Xiao Lizhi not to guard. Sufficed!” Xiao Lizhi is angry, finally can use some Suppressing Devil Holy Power, trampled the Shen Xiang's chest with another foot, causing Shen Xiang has to let loose her. Shen Xiang was trampled hits on that barrier, he clearly knows that now this Xiao Lizhi is very formidabe, very terrifying strength, no wonder many years ago raises Heaven World on, with that Ji Meixian is a character of rank, past Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou , can only collaborate to blow her. But now Shen Xiang just became Immortal King, that Xiao Lizhi has surmounted Immortal King, he can feel clearly that in Xiao Lizhi Suppressing Devil Holy Power, was containing true Holy Power, with his these was the same.

Should melts the Sacred Realm first revolution! This girl is not good to cope, although your within the body is Holy Power, but was too thin, although Holy Power of this girl does not have you to be so pure, however her other strength are abundant.” Long Xueyi said. Xiao Lizhi is somewhat distressed, she first time was held the foot fiercely brushes toward the ground, she has not dealt with the experience of this situation, but she escaped, such uncouthly fight, her first experience. You enraged me, now any condition may not discuss.” Xiao Lizhi complexion ice-cold, the whole person becomes cut-throat, body murderous-looking, lets some Shen Xiang worries. Xiao Lizhi cultivation base compared with Shen Xiang higher, moreover can use without scruple fully, Shen Xiang was weaker than her, for was not seen through the status, he must suppress some strengths. Come, I die do not change that given name, you have to plant massacre me!” Shen Xiang is still very rampant, he also wants to have a look his how anti- hits the ability, although will be very pain, but the opportunity is now rare. Xiao Lizhi uses Suppressing Devil Holy Power and town devil art method, she also suppressed some strengths before, but she sees Shen Xiang so to be obstinate argumentative now, moreover punches her, making her have to display completely strength. Be careful, this woman strength that suppressed within the body releases, imagined compared with me fearful!” Long Xueyi is said. Shen Xiang swallows the saliva, fierce moves sideways to leave same place, Xiao Lizhi attacked at that time, the speed was faster than Shen Xiang, appeared in front of Shen Xiang instantaneously, Shen Xiang just smelled on Xiao Lizhi that delicate fragrance, the face has suffered a heavily fist, was that terror Devil Subduing Fist, but also added on the Devil Subduing Energy two strength vigor. Good pain!” Shen Xiang yells, the fist has wielded, the deafening sound leaves nine thunderclap sounds, just hits to the jade palm that Xiao Lizhi hits, the fist palm hits together, is Devil Subduing Energy strength, is not weak strength, erupted a shake wave, Shen Xiang is shaken to fly, Xiao Lizhi was also shaken retreat several steps.

This bastard!” Xiao Lizhi has not thought that opposite party unexpectedly has this strength, when she must attack, Shen Xiang unexpectedly vanishes in her line of sight. Earnest, woman!” When Xiao Lizhi must turn the head to look to the left, Shen Xiang does not know where braves, nine thunderclap explosives, he uses Devil Subduing Fist, must come a fist to Xiao Lizhi that tender and delicate jade face maliciously, hits her head to pull one side. A fist is certainly insufficient, Shen Xiang sees itself to go well, then the insane alienation shouted, the double fist was crazy fiercely waved, a sincere impact in the forehead of Xiao Lizhi, instantaneous dozens fist Devil Subduing Fist hit on the head of Xiao Lizhi, her shoulder-length short hair by that momentum, was made danced randomly. Person who observes outside, frowned, because Shen Xiang was too ruthless, attacks the forehead of Xiao Lizhi with this crazy fierce fist technique, the people cannot help but was worried that Xiao Lizhi that sign the cheek will be beaten. Get lost to me!” After Xiao Lizhi was hit more than 100 fists, responded, a foot tramples to the Shen Xiang's abdomen person, but Shen Xiang very much ingeniously has actually hidden, simultaneously is far away from her. „The facial skin true thickness of this woman, unexpectedly is only a little red!” In the Shen Xiang heart shouts that his crazy fist, has not caused the big damage to that Xiao Lizhi.