World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1469

Xiao Lizhi does not have what to obstruct greatly, but the face was hit a little selects tingling pain, but in her heart is very angry, that beautiful eye has blushed slightly. This is natural, expert of this rank, strength in within the body can, in completely in the forehead, resist your majority of attack as one desires a moment ago, moreover Suppressing Devil Holy Power that you use, she uses is also Suppressing Devil Holy Power, perhaps also had been absorbed by her, if Evil Devil, it is estimated that linked not to have.” Long Xueyi said. Sees the Xiao Lizhi that calm and angry facial expression, in the Shen Xiang heart some fear, if no that many people to look, only then he and Xiao Lizhi two, he uses to select shady move to could make the opposite party eat the point to owe. This is unfair, I am only Immortal King, but you entered Sacred Realm, heard that you were also long live old man, but I was only dozens -year-old, you clearly are bullying the child now.” Shen Xiang suddenly said that then looks to nearby that old Palace Master, throws vision that prays for rescue. That old Palace Master shakes the head smiles: Moreover she is your partner, the strength the stronger the better, this is not the contrast, but you understand the opposite party strength mutually.” Can admit defeat?” Shen Xiang asked. Cannot, admit defeat quite in giving up inspecting, you need to compensate, but the determination of victory and loss, is loses the battle efficiency......” When Shen Xiang wants to curse at people, he saw the Xiao Lizhi that angry and beautiful cheek nearby himself, a jade fist has wielded, hits on his face, in that instantaneous, he felt that his tooth must break to pieces to be the same probably, but his body was hanging, he knows that he must depart, who knows that was held the foot by Xiao Lizhi. Then, Xiao Lizhi follows a model, grabs his foot, brushes crazily toward the ground him, but with is dark her petite body appears is very uncoordinated, but does not affect her to use this to draw on oppressive Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang was tossed about all of a sudden, is flung by Xiao Lizhi airborne, is fierce fist greeting above him, punches the eye to brave golden star him instantaneously. Changes name to the number?” Xiao Lizhi that pair of jade fist makes many surrounding Immortal King feel creepy feeling, if they, perhaps compared with Shen Xiang very many, they admired Shen Xiang, is still very obstinate argumentative to present Shen Xiang.

You marry me, I change.” Shen Xiang speech time, the mouth also spits blood, the people admire his bum now, unexpectedly is complete. Courts death!” First time some people dare to Xiao Lizhi saying that that frivolous words come, Xiao Lizhi only treats as a lunatic Shen Xiang at this time, she punched Shen Xiang with the fist, now trampled fiercely with the foot. Xiao Lizhi cannot use too strong strength, because she worried that lost Shen Xiang, when the time comes is unable to force Shen Xiang to change name to the number, this is she comes here goal, she not for victory and loss. Shen Xiang does not remember one were punched many fists, was kicked many feet, in brief the time passed by half double-hour, he in , be only by the oppressive minute, his skill on suppressed strength, was faced firepower full Sacred Realm Xiao Lizhi again, he has not died is the skill. Cannot use the Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor given name again!” Xiao Lizhi is carrying the Shen Xiang's nape of the neck, at this time the Shen Xiang whole body blood, spits from the mouth. Cannot hit your master again.” Shen Xiang very coquettish saying with a smile, then very suddenly makes a fist, heavily falls on the cheeks of Xiao Lizhi, is Devil Subduing Energy nine layers strength, but this fist be fiercer than former these. You......” Xiao Lizhi fights with the fists, but Shen Xiang actually suddenly vanished, completely vanishes in this barrier. The people think Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor of that idiot had been finished, certainly tyrannical, who knows after having counter-attacked a fist a moment ago, suddenly disappearing trace!

Appeared!” Person suddenly shouted, sees Shen Xiang near barrier, Xiao Lizhi just about to passes, but Shen Xiang suddenly separates the spatial fist in the distant place, hit retreat her several steps. Shen Xiang has scratched blood on the mouth, Ha Ha smiles. Is separated by hundred steps, but has actually hit a Xiao Lizhi fist, this makes the person see to be at a loss for words! Is the space, his fist surmounted the space a moment ago, does this fellow achieve? Can be so easy to break the limit of space, let alone in this space stable barrier!” A old man panic-stricken [say / way]. Even if Flower Empress Lu Qilian this expert, to break the limit of space, needs to use very strong strength, but Shen Xiang actually does not use probably. Has not thought that strength of suddenly my Law of Space broke through, because I was bogged down in difficulties?” Shen Xiang attempts once more, the intention moves, the fist attacks forward, hits on Xiao Lizhi knee that in that clashes. All strength complete penetration spaces, accurate falling in the knee of that Xiao Lizhi, will hit falls one to stagger, both hands support the ground, did not lie by oneself, but her actually suddenly induces to the space fluctuates, she must move aside late, strength has pounded to her cheek, attacks to result in the somersault to get up her. That is not a strength wave, but is one contains the fist of belt formidable strength to hit, she determined that is the Shen Xiang's fist, Shen Xiang knocks out the fist the time, breaks through the space, direct attack she! Xiao Lizhi, a bit faster defeats him, later tidies up him again!” Lu Qilian gives her sound transmission: Do not tow, in order to avoid has other accidents, that brat is very weird.” On Xiao Lizhi gushes out the tuck dive suddenly golden Qi mist, forms energy shield, Shen Xiang attacks in the distant place, unexpectedly is unable to break through to that energy shield.

I endured to suffice!” Xiao Lizhi said solemnly, walked toward Shen Xiang step by step. Shen Xiang just about to shuttle space avoids her, the ground of discovery this competition stage full was a mark, the space has actually consolidated many times, but Xiao Lizhi arrived at him before death, a pair of jade fist had an unusual danger(ous) aura to hit. First fights with the fists, Shen Xiang only sees that jade fist turns into Holy Power suddenly steaming town character to press, afterward at present a dark, intense severe pain emerges in the body. Is the Suppressing Devil god fist, will she use? It is said is highest to display own ten times of strength, does she want to massacre that brat?” Suppressing Devil Temple's old man startled shouted. Xiao Lizhi sees Shen Xiang not to drop down, frowned, opposite party fleshly body is fearful, deeply has shocked her, because of her strength same Sacred Realm, cannot bear this fist. Second fights with the fists, Shen Xiang has spouted a blood, had the part to splash on Xiao Lizhi, at this time Shen Xiang only thought that the whole person fell into a darkness, the body creakied, but he has not actually dropped down. Lies down to me!” Xiao Lizhi drinks greatly, the third heavy blows have pounded. When the fist attacked with irresistible force in the past, Shen Xiang suddenly stretched out his big palm, wrapped up the petite jade fist of Xiao Lizhi, caught this fist!