World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1470
Shen Xiang that wants not to project on, unexpectedly makes the so strange action shortly, unexpectedly held the Xiao Lizhi that very fierce Suppressing Devil god fist! In person who outside barrier observes, especially these Big Shot, feel very inconceivable, because on Shen Xiang does not have other strength aura, beforehand Holy Power already abated, but he has this strength to catch the fist of Xiao Lizhi. Make people feel shock is not only this, is Shen Xiang that strange strength, the people could see that the after fist of Xiao Lizhi Shen Xiang holds, unexpectedly is unable to pull out leaves, was held by Shen Xiang stubbornly. You......” Xiao Lizhi has kicked Shen Xiang several feet, wanting Shen Xiang to loosen, but makes her feel what is astonished, she only thought one kick very firm thing, Shen Xiang's body suddenly becomes very hard. giggle......” People suddenly hears the sound that this skeleton was tightened to pinch to rub, Xiao Lizhi frowns tightly, she felt that her fist must be been same by the Shen Xiang crumb, her unceasing transports strength of whole body to the fist on, restrains strength that are not many to compress, otherwise her fist can by the Shen Xiang crumb. Shen Xiang closed the eye, suddenly has raised head but actually, still stubbornly held the fist of Xiao Lizhi, Xiao Lizhi is also pulled by that strength of dropping down to lying but actually, lies on Shen Xiang's, let her seasonal delicacies anger. Time that she stands, that jade fist was still pinched by Shen Xiang, but has not actually continued to contract, but Shen Xiang has fainted. Calculates that you won!” That old Palace Master hastily walks, Lu Qilian is moves sideways to arrive at side Xiao Lizhi, she first examined the Shen Xiang's body, Shen Xiang had not died, moreover she could not examine anything. Because she starts somewhat to suspect that now this Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor was Shen Xiang, but after she has nosed, has cancelled her suspicion. What's all this about? strength of this fellow so is how big!” Xiao Lizhi is unable to pull out very much vigorously fist. This fleshly body...... should be Heavenly Saint Body great accomplishment Realm.” Lu Qilian somewhat surprised said that she releases strength to enter the Shen Xiang's body investigation, discovered that this person of fleshly body quality is strong, the skeleton is the golden color.

Heavenly Saint Body great accomplishment, many people hear express do not believe that but they saw the fearfulness of Shen Xiang fleshly body a moment ago, encounters Xiao Lizhi like that to beat, does not have what to obstruct greatly. However, Immortal King can practice this fleshly body to come, is really unthinkable. Lu Qilian has also taken some efforts, makes Shen Xiang loosen the hand, but the white hands of Xiao Lizhi had been pinched inflamed, that strength makes her have a lingering fear, because she knows that Shen Xiang within the body is also hiding very fearful strength, but has not released, if Shen Xiang has used strength of this pressing firmly between the fingers her fist, she does not know can one resist. Takes away him!” Lu Qilian looks to that old Palace Master, asked: „Will true inspection, when start?” Probably three days, wait for other people after own partner duel passes, again rest for three days to start.” That old Palace Master looked at Shen Xiang, said: „Won't you retaliate him?” Our will Hundred Flowers Immortal Country do this matter? He lives downstairs us, we send back him!” Lu Qilian coldly said. Shen Xiang carried off by two females, they had been brought back to that hotel by Lu Qilian, loses in his renting room. In two days, Shen Xiang wakes up finally, at this time he fully restored, moreover condition unprecedentedly good, he lies on the bed, looks at that familiar roof. „Can I here? Amn't I with that Xiao Lizhi fight?” Shen Xiang sat fiercely, he looked at wound, vanished completely. You lost, was lifted to lose by them here.” Long Xueyi said. What do they have to me make?” Shen Xiang somewhat panic-stricken said.

No, but I am not careful, making that Flower Empress discover that you practice Heavenly Saint Body great accomplishment Realm.” Long Xueyi said. This No problem.” Shen Xiang looks at own double palm, why he does not know, thought that own strength was probably big, especially physical strength. Exactly what happened?” Shen Xiang does not know to the beforehand matter. „Don't you remember?” Long Xueyi immediately his astonishing grasps tells him. Shen Xiang knits the brows the thinking: At that time I only thought one fall into a jet black abyss, then did not have the consciousness, waking up time here!” „In God Slaughtering Heart that mysterious soul?” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, before he and others compared with sword time, is in God Slaughtering Heart that mysterious soul operates his body, displays an astonishing sword. Although he now was Immortal King, but he still could not display that sword, he knows that he has not displayed his strength completely, this and cultivation technique anything did not have relationship, he thought that should be the mood issue, the mood hopes to be disillusioned, was very difficult to ponder over. He thought that needs certain practice and brutal training, coordinates his comprehension, can perhaps in that mysterious soul like God Slaughtering Heart, be able fully to understand strength of own body, and as one desires the control, becomes by oneself more formidable. Why can that fellow achieve? I have strong strength obviously, but is actually not able to display, I really am a waste!” Shen Xiang ponders over this issue frequently, initially that sword made him still unforgettable, he also will sometimes attempt, but cannot achieve that condition by far. That Xiao Lizhi came, in out of the door!” Long Xueyi said. She just reminded Shen Xiang, broadcasts the sound that knocks on a door.

Shen Xiang walks to open the door, seeing the Xiao Lizhi whole face to be disgruntled, his happily said with a smile: Is good to team up, thanks you, delivers here me, does not need to be worried my, I have been all right now!” I, who am worried about you! I am only the last time ask you, changes name to the number?” Xiao Lizhi sees this face, immediately comes to be mad, although she has won, but she had not actually felt that a joy of victory, instead also thought the opposite party is letting her, perhaps Shen Xiang that she forever is unable to forget finally that strength crush, making her feel Shen Xiang within the body seems hiding terrifying Evil Devil. Why wants me to change? I thought that this name is of pleasant to hear, you also minded others'business!” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: If you are my little wife, I change.” You......” Xiao Lizhi are looking angrily at him, a pair of jade fist has pinched giggle to make noise, wishes one could a fist completely to destroy the Shen Xiang's tooth. „Is your this bastard sick?” Xiao Lizhi tenderly shouted. Yes, can you govern?” The Shen Xiang whole face smiles, a face owes the appearance that pulls out. Bang! Xiao Lizhi closed vigorously, stamped the feet.