World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1471
Shen Xiang has cleaned a body, then lies down is putting on, was recalling at that time at that moment, he wants to discover that feeling very much, how to make him have that terrifying strength. Palace Master, I lose to that not to be concerned about face smelly, I already not any method, only if massacres him.” The Xiao Lizhi whole face is discouraged, bare waste by the chair, felt that the mental effort is thin and pale. If demon palace evil palace anything that and Hundred Flowers Palace has a grudge, early does not know that was extinguished many by her, but wanted her and Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor this fellow says the truth, she simply did not have the means. Hit has hit, she truly maliciously has devastated Shen Xiang, but she sees that bastard to jump for joy now, the trifling thing did not have, probably had not been punched such by her, making her more uncomfortable, if were other people, even if later high level pill, at least must discuss that one year or so can restore Yuan Qi. It seems like he and my Hundred Flowers Palace has a grudge, he now to be purely disgusting we.” Lu Qilian sighed slightly, currently she also has other headache matters, was the matter of that seed. Such rascal, wants to massacre him really!” Xiao Lizhi sighed reluctantly: But this fellow, although is repugnant, but is also insufficient to massacre him.” Shen Xiang has been informed, tomorrow will carry on the official inspection, but that Xiao Lizhi is his partner, he thinks that wants to smile, depending on that Xiao Lizhi strength, this inspection will be certainly relaxed. Delivers the dessert came!” Huang Jintian walked, is carrying a dessert, has a note under the tray. Huang Jintian has not said anything, carries the tray to leave. Before can Shen Xiang made Huang Jintian help him leave behind the secret marks, look relate to the person who he must find, is Bai Ziqian. Her unexpectedly in this town Devil Immortal palace, too danger(ous)!” Shen Xiang sees on the paper to have an address, then finished eating these desserts, went out of the hotel. Lu Qilian had already not been staring at him, therefore he did not fear that was tracked.

Quick, he arrived at town Devil Immortal palace young Powuli surface, Bai Ziqian here, she is bringing the bamboo hat, wears the black robe, asked in a low voice: What important matter has to look for me?” Sister Ziqian, I found Grandma Lu, do you want to see her?” Shen Xiang rubbish, asked directly. The Bai Ziqian's tender body trembles slightly, obviously is somewhat excited, she can think that this is Bai Youyou tells certainly Shen Xiang, said that she hoped to find Grandma Lu. „Thanks told me the place!” Bai Ziqian said. That place is very safe, is Grandma Lu likes making toxin anything, you go to be certainly careful, gives you as for me Devil Decaying Death Qi and Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison matter, you must help me keep secret.” Shen Xiang has given a Bai Ziqian map. Bai Ziqian received the map, gives a Shen Xiang jade box: This is strange poison that I got so far as recently, taking!” Shen Xiang receives immediately, asked excitedly: What strange poison is?” Seven days seven nights, the poisonous incantation blood is blue!” Bai Ziqian only said these characters, then fast left. Shen Xiang has not heard this strange poison, but he knows that is very certainly fierce. Told me quickly, this thing fierce?” Shen Xiang hastily asked. This is plants flowers, is called the spell blood to be blue, this type of toxin, seven nights will start to send after seven days poisonously, the toxin sends, only then seven nights will die after seven days, but seven days that the toxin sends seven nights of these days, meet the pain to be incomparable, even if were Immortal King cannot endure, so long as this strange poison, before poisonous sending, will commit suicide decisively.” Bai Youyou deeply has attracted an cold air/Qi: This is also very fierce one strange poison, generally is called seven Night Devil to be blue!”

Primordial Strange Poison has ten types, although there is a rank, but in fact treats everyone equally, because has various fierce respectively! This strange poison has the solution, but the disintoxicating needs the spell blood blue flower seed to be good, therefore this type of toxin also has a use...... You should be able to think!” Bai Youyou gloomy and cold smiles. Shen Xiang said with a smile: If others have planted this type of toxin, only then I can solve, this use is actually very good!” Is used to control the person, but Shen Xiang does not have the time to duplicate more now, otherwise he will certainly try! „Was this also forbidden to use by Nine Heavens?” Shen Xiang asked. Nonsense, strange poison must be forbidden, this is the affirmation, if you intoxicate to get down ingeniously, gets so far as big ticket Immortal King is not the issue.” Su Meiyao said: You use, should better not makes others know that your status, in Nine Heavens, these great strong comparisons abstain from these strange poison, is small and weak with the poisonous strength, they do not have what to be good to fear that actually, actually with their same strength, or compared with them slightly weakly, that for them is very big threats.” Shen Xiang returned to that hotel, at this time the weather was dark, he plans to rest one in the evening, tomorrow will participate in that true inspection, only will then become Palace Master, he can challenge that big Palace Master, found thing that Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable will keep. 50 people, altogether 25 groups, other combinations are fierce, what Shen Xiang most is worried is that Fiendgod Cult and Fire God Palace, Immortal King that they send is not very weak. In Suppressing Devil Temple's crazy trembling main hall, participates in the inspection here. Xiao Lizhi and Shen Xiang stand together, she puts on a serious face, her present is not very happy, but her Shen Xiang and she is opposite, is much happier, a face is grinning. Then we will transmit you to a place, that place is Heaven World famous Danger Zone, the named evil ghost forest, you should hear.” That old Palace Master said.

„Can this too danger(ous)?” Big Shot of influence knits the brows: That place had descended a giant evil star, has innumerably in inside to the evil foreign land star beast, was stranded by Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable cloth next barrier in that.” „, Everybody's town devil art law will not be good, must cope with these star beasts not to be difficult, inspection must enter in that hunts and kills one to congeal star nucleus evil beast, the strength is to melt Sacred Realm this probably, you use the town devil art method and Suppressing Devil Holy Power, can cope reluctantly, so long as you can bring back a grain of star nucleus, calculates that the inspection passes.” That old Palace Master including saying with a smile. Two people collaborate, was enough!” Fire God Palace that cultivate Spirit said that is confident. Can fight with other people in inside? If others must rob my star nucleus, again what to do eliminates a potential informant?” A person asked. Cannot attack the person on one's own side, if were discovered by us, will deprive the qualifications, and punishes.” That old Palace Master said. Shen Xiang is worried inexplicably that looked at Xiao Lizhi, asked: „Won't you massacre me? You and my together, massacres my also nobody to know.” Many thanks reminder, otherwise I will not have this idea!” Xiao Lizhi white his eyes. Shen Xiang is not worried about this Xiao Lizhi actually, if must kill him, he already died, other these fellows, he did not understand actually that especially that Fiendgod Cult, is in itself not the good thing. Shen Xiang looked at that old Palace Master complexion, his suddenly understands that enters that place to inspect, not only need obtain the star nucleus, but must face similar robbing. Five days of deadlines, you must return to transmit the point at that time, expired does not wait.” That old Palace Master said that opens Teleportation Formation, transmits them to that evil ghost forest.