World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1472
Shen Xiang had heard evil ghost forest, this is many years ago existed, in Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable that time, he also thinks in this is terrorist, who knows that unexpectedly is beautiful, forest inside has is releasing the intoxicant fragrant flowers beautifully. The bird chirp was calling on the woods, on the big trees, occasionally had the light breeze to pass over gently and swiftly, blows to fall some leaves, the sunlight shines by the sparse branches and leaves to the trees, making people think very warmly, saw that likely was not that lets the evil ghost forest that the person was panic at the news. The people look at all around these colorful flowers, suspected that was the transmission has made a mistake, because here they have not imagined cannot withstand. They must in five days, hunt and kill condense to leave the star nucleus evil beast, the time is tight, they slightly discussed that in abundance leaves, enters the deep woods, seeks for these evil beast. Xiao Lizhi, can you kill me? In this case, I affirm guard against you, if meets these evil beast, perhaps I do not dare to unshackle to hit.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, he followed in Xiao Lizhi behind, looked at his such, did not plan and this Xiao Lizhi collaborates. If you raise again, perhaps I really will massacre you!” Xiao Lizhi is repugnant this bastard, she turned head to drink one severely, perhaps if because of this matter, she did not need to come to here. Now she was equal to that is helping that Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor become Palace Master, therefore this time is not very happy. „, Have not shouted me Xiao Lizhi, this is no one can shout.” Xiao Lizhi is cold the face to warn him. Xiao Lizhi, Xiao Lizhi...... I am bent on having to shout that you can take me to be what kind of?” Shen Xiang made an ugly face to her, the air/Qi has resulted in Xiao Lizhi to raise the hand, took a palm of the hand to pull out, the Shen Xiang present appearance really owed to hit. Shen Xiang no longer teases her, becomes earnest, he will also be worried about to be punched by this Xiao Lizhi. You know where has evil beast? We look everywhere randomly are not the means.” Shen Xiang said: „Do you have this place?”

No!” Xiao Lizhi coldly replied. How here saw that like does not have the evil beast place, rich Immortal Qi, was the beautiful scenery, these old fellow transmissions makes a mistake?” Shen Xiang takes off a flower, squeezes out the sweet colored syrup from that colored unfaithful. „Do you think these evil beast very large-scale? Melts Sacred Realm evil beast, or is beast King Level other, can melt the turn into a human shape.” Xiao Lizhi said. Shen Xiang curled the lip, said: In brief I thought that here is very strange, even very danger(ous).” Xiao Lizhi pays no attention to him , to continue her, Shen Xiang has to follow behind her, because she won Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang must obey her direction. After they enter here roughly half double-hour, Long Xueyi suddenly issues the warning: Has the thing to approach, is very formidable, but probably is not the beasts.” What isn't the beasts is? Is other people?” Shen Xiang hastily asked that starts strength of revolution within the body. Does not know that this thing very strange, looks like looks like one group of black Qi, should not be the vivid thing.” Long Xueyi said. Xiao Lizhi does not know, but her actually suddenly induces to Shen Xiang gathers full strength, she has turned around fiercely, vigilant tunnel: „Do you want to do?” Xiao Lizhi thinks that Shen Xiang must sneak attack her, their two people disagreed, comes to get rid in vigilant opposite party suddenly, therefore Xiao Lizhi will have this suspicion.

Has the thing to come toward us, that thing is very fierce!” Shen Xiang lowers the sound saying that looks at a direction: In that side, or you cope, you are fiercer than me.” Xiao Lizhi slightly frowned, is ready. Really, her suddenly induces to the danger(ous) aura approaches extremely, just induced to this aura, gale raids, sees only one group of black things such as the light to shoot generally, the speed must make one be flabbergasted quickly. allows me to come!” Xiao Lizhi has drunk one, left same place, plunders nearby Shen Xiang, the jade fist [gold/metal] air/Qi is steaming, rolls black Qi to whip toward that unexpectedly is the Suppressing Devil god fist. Vigorous Suppressing Devil Holy Power coordinates Suppressing Devil god fist, might is dreadful, god fist, the wind has Yun Dong, the earth shakes, Suppressing Devil god fist that Xiao Lizhi uses at this time, is fiercer than the former dozen of Shen Xiang's times, because she does not need scruples that many, all-out attack that rolls black Qi. „......” The gods fight with the fists on that black Qi, in the forest suddenly reverberates incisive neighing, is similar to the evil spirit pitiful yell like that appalling, in the forest also blows sinister woods the cool breeze, blew Shen Xiang to hit one to tremble. What thing is that?” Shen Xiang hastily asked that although he is looking at the same time, but can actually induce to the great strength of that thing, he thought that if were he, must be pestered very long a period of time. To the evil spirit, the special devour others' soul, seizes the shed body, is the danger(ous) thing, it seems like here truly is the evil ghost forest, here evil beast should find one type to make them promote the strength thing, does not need to loaf in the forest.” The Xiao Lizhi complexion is serious, walks in the direction that evil floats spirit: First goes to that side to have a look!” Shen Xiang closely follows in her behind, asked: You meant that what thing here has, can make these evil beast not need too laboriously, to promote the strength?”

In the past the evil star crashed here, the giant evil star star nucleus, should maintains these evil beast adolescence keys.” In Xiao Lizhi is holding an extravagant sword, above gathers full Suppressing Devil Holy Power, can attack at any time. That star nucleus should be very small, if can get so far as were good, does not know that has anything to affect.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, Xiao Lizhi does not understand why he can also smile, because here obviously was an unusual danger(ous) place. Here has the so terrifying evil spirit, that star nucleus should be able to strengthen the soul of person, the evil spirit birth, is grows by the shatter remnant soul, if cannot obtain to nourish, is unable fast adolescence to get up, but I extinguished the evil spirit that kills a moment ago, is very formidable one, if understands the [say / way] of practice, already molded fleshly body, then crosses the loose immortal tribulation.” The Xiao Lizhi sound is bringing a severity, she hopes Shen Xiang to be able earnest. Shen Xiang two shine, says with a smile: It seems like that star nucleus is the genuine good thing, the star nucleus in evil beastly body radically is the waste, but Suppressing Devil Temple these old fellow definitely very much want to obtain.” evil beast star nucleus, only then sand size, but is precious, I also heard that affects me unclear specifically, in brief we obtain the star nucleus, must give Suppressing Devil Temple, it seems like Suppressing Devil Temple does not owe.” Xiao Lizhi said: Best not to hit that Lord star nucleus the idea, but there the evil beast nest, the nearby definitely has massive evil beast.” „Isn't that? Catches the whole lot in a dragnet, that many evil beast, select specially fiercely kills, can obtain the massive star nuclei, so long as when the time comes gave grain of Suppressing Devil Temple that's alright.” Shen Xiang said excitedly that wishes one could to fly that evil beast nest immediately.