World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1473
Xiao Lizhi stared Shen Xiang one: You think that kills these evil beast image to pinch the ant to be equally simple? Can kill one to be good, do you also want to kill one crowd?” You are not very fierce? You are melt Sacred Realm, these evil beast also melts Sacred Realm, you kill with Suppressing Devil divine art again, definitely like pressing ant simple.” Shen Xiang said that also supplements one: We are the partners, when the time comes you must divide my star nucleus.” Xiao Lizhi is speechless to Shen Xiang, in her eyes, this is one asks for money idiot not awfully. You think really looked like Suppressing Devil Temple these old fellow saying that simply? If is really such, main star nucleus had already been taken by them, these evil beast do not have is so weak, you think that casual can become Palace Master?” Xiao Lizhi suddenly thought that this person is very disorderly. Xiao Lizhi thought that now they said the direction that will approach the center, can perhaps meet evil beast there, she only wants a bit faster to complete, is far away from here, waited for that transmits. Soon darkness time, Long Xueyi had the direction finally: Front has a person to walk toward you, should be evidently changes evil beast of turn into a human shape.” Shen Xiang hastily holds on Xiao Lizhi that runs, Xiao Lizhi breaks free from his hand: What matter?” Front has the thing, possibly is evil beast!” Shen Xiang said. Before discovered that evil spirit time, why Xiao Lizhi very curious Shen Xiang knows that she naturally believes Shen Xiang now, although Shen Xiang bickered with all her the way frequently, but has not actually plotted against her. You hide in one side, allows me to come.” Xiao Lizhi said that if Shen Xiang in the, she is also worried to implicate her. You must be careful, I dodged first.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, then hid on the tree of distant place. Xiao Lizhi is standing there, because Shen Xiang told her, that evil beast has discovered them, was walking toward here.

Guy who not long, Xiao Lizhi then sees a wear black superficial knowledge, skin is the grey, the ear is very sharp, has keen ears the place is the purple red, an eye blushes tall and slender, in eyes glittering red light, brown hair dishevelled throwing over is falling on the shoulder. This guy bends the waist slightly, that tall and slender and powerful both hands can move the ground, after he sees Xiao Lizhi, the eye publicizes, red light in eyes vanished, turns into one group of black Qi to overflow, an evil ghost spews out from his both eyes, covers toward Xiao Lizhi. Afterward this evil beast grows up fully that is the mouth of canine, whooshes one, such as fast of lightning, fires into Xiao Lizhi. Shen Xiang sees in the distant place, kicks Xiao Lizhi to worry, this evil beast is very formidable, if he, could use the skills to force with it contending. But Xiao Lizhi early is prepared, body Suppressing Devil Holy Power puts, that golden Qi mist purified that to cover her evil ghost, the extravagant sword thorn in hand to evil beast that flushed. That evil beast is sly, sees that the extravagant sword, immediately changes the direction, flees to being sideways of Xiao Lizhi, swoops, on a pair of claw, full is the terrifying evil strength, can probably tear into shreds all. baleful aura that evil beast releases instantaneously, makes all around flowers and plants trees lose plant, Shen Xiang understands, these evil beast only then in the fight, will cause the destruction to the forest. evil beast threw the past time, Xiao Lizhi turned around to divide a sword, that evil beast unexpectedly in the air revolved, avoids a Xiao Lizhi sword, then a body ball, produced strength, continued to plunge Xiao Lizhi, suddenly, arrived at side Xiao Lizhi, but also deep place that terror the claw, grasped to the Xiao Lizhi nape of the neck. On Xiao Lizhi presents golden energy shield immediately, the claw of evil beast bumps into that energy shield, was flown to the ball by wild Suppressing Devil Holy Power. Is one's turn Xiao Lizhi to attack, evil beast flies, Xiao Lizhi also grazes, she received the extravagant sword, displays Suppressing Devil Qi Formation inside to seal|confer Mozhen, the body of anchorage that evil beast, at this time she arrived at evil beast, two fists pound, is Devil Subduing Energy nine layers strength, that thunderclap crack sounds, making in the forest the birds be all startled, flee in all directions. Two fists of Xiao Lizhi, hit that evil beast pitifully to call out, the body left two black blood holes.

Finished!” On the Xiao Lizhi fist golden light explodes dodges, the bang to the head of that evil beast, hits the past time, indistinctly can see "Suppress (镇)" character. Bang! fallout of Suppressing Devil god fist, is sweeping all around, destroys great trees, that evil beast in front of this Suppressing Devil god fist, vanishes in puff of smoke instantaneously, only leaves behind a grain of rice size the star nucleus, is sending out a multi-colored sunlight. Xiao Lizhi hastily puts out a hand to hold, otherwise must by that qi wave sweeping. Really weak!” Shen Xiang sees Xiao Lizhi three a few tricks to kill that evil beast, thought that this evil beast is also mediocre, before owing this Xiao Lizhi, that was worried. Was this Xiao Lizhi was too strong, she used was strongest condition Suppressing Devil Holy Power, moreover coped was Evil Devil, was definitely relaxed.” Su Meiyao said: „If you, should also be able to cope, here evil beast is quite stupid.” Xiao Lizhi relaxed, here evil beast she has not imagined that strongly, she worried that is also in the instinct, she will always think quite terrible the situation, this can make her use strongest strength to deal with the enemy. Shen Xiang is just about, suddenly has four people to appear, surround Xiao Lizhi, these are not evil beast, but is the person who these participate in the inspection. And one is Fire God Palace's cultivate Spirit, another is Fiendgod Cult! They are two groups, partner should also be their people. Worthily is the Flower Empress under most efficient assistant, then obtains that star nucleus quickly, followed to be massacred by you in that fellow of your side, this was also good, avoid we got rid.” Fiendgod Cult that person said with a smile cloudy. You come for that seed?” Xiao Lizhi had guessed correctly, her said with a sneer: Depends on your four, wants to take me to coerce Palace Master?”

That cultivate Spirit smiled: Our four are not certainly good, but if there is this, you said that Ok?” He just said that golden net suddenly appeared, covers Xiao Lizhi, the Xiao Lizhi pain shouted, dropped to the ground in the ground, on the face full was the color of pain, but that golden net glittering electricity silk. Qin Li, your this Sacred Level treasure net is really pretty good, has not thought that trigged this young woman all of a sudden.” That Fiendgod Cult youth said with a smile. Qin Li is that Fire God Palace cultivate Spirit, his palm is pinching a golden round bead, at this time he is pouring into the energy that circle Zhu, this round bead should controls the thing of that Sacred Level treasure net. Xiao Lizhi is nipping the jade tooth tightly, is bearing the pain, this Sacred Level treasure net is truly fierce, moreover Fire God Palace famous immortal tool, she has not thought that Fire God Palace unexpectedly will be used to cope with her . Moreover the user definitely also has strong Divine Power, has cultivate Spirit to actuate. She despaired secretly, because she thinks that Shen Xiang will not rescue his, she thinks that Shen Xiang sees that four people to appear, runs away on hastily. Shen Xiang has not certainly walked, he in waiting opportunity!