World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1474
Qin Li, your cultivate Spirit aspect probably be fiercer than our Fiendgod Cult talent, you later have boundless prospects, perhaps quickly can enter into Sacred Realm.” That Fiendgod Cult was flattering at the same time. Qin Li lightly smiled, looked Xiao Lizhi that tread that pain struggles, he spreads out the palm, said: lightning strength that I used a moment ago, tries the flame now.” In the instance that he just must start, an energy of space fluctuation transmits, round bead suddenly of his palm vanishes into thin air, unexpectedly baseless vanish from sight! Is Shen Xiang in the distant place, displays the strength of Law of Space, separates absorbs the thing spatially! Very strong space power!” The Qin Li complexion becomes ugly, their four people look at all around immediately, but at this time, Xiao Lizhi also vanish from sight that was covered by the Sacred Level treasure net. Shen Xiang hides on the tree tree of distant place, Xiao Lizhi lies down in his bosom, he takes down that Sacred Level treasure net, looks at weak Xiao Lizhi, acclaimed fierce of that standing net secretly, unexpectedly tosses about this rampant Xiao Lizhi. Hello, was all right?” Shen Xiang has patted her jade face gently, making Xiao Lizhi stare her maliciously, if not for Shen Xiang saves her, she perhaps already acted crazy. The Xiao Lizhi whole body is incapable, can see her to injure very much heavily, that standing net estimated that has caused the serious damage to the meridians of her within the body, she such makes Shen Xiang hug, then closes the eye, voluntarily therapy. Should be that Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor, her unexpectedly has not massacred this brat!” Qin Li resented that said: That brat grasps space strength, only then he can achieve, he should nearby this, quickly look for him!” Shen Xiang makes Long Xueyi release her boundless Divine Power, goes into hiding he and Xiao Lizhi, however outside them presents a cover, can let their vanish from sight, cannot see them from outside. Hides to be better, I have not restored, best not to get rid!” Xiao Lizhi opens the eye, she sees Shen Xiang unexpectedly to be ready to make trouble, the hastily urging said. Shen Xiang suddenly holds her white hands, this lets Xiao Lizhi low shouted: „Do you want to do?” I have a look at you to injure multiple!” Shen Xiang detain her wrist|skill, seeps a Dao God strength to go, noses her injury: Do not resist me, relaxes quickly.”

The Xiao Lizhi chest is fluctuating, somewhat angry looks at Shen Xiang, touched her face a moment ago, now is to touch her hand, she was first time is been so frivolous by the man, moreover under her buttocks Shen Xiang's thigh. Puts with ease, I must quickly restore your wound.” Shen Xiang said. Xiao Lizhi took a deep breath, no longer conflicts Shen Xiang that Dao God strength, closes the eye, she also wants a bit faster to leave this place, then forgets all these. Is very serious, could not have restored the moon/month.” Shen Xiang laughed: That standing net is really fierce, but now is my.” Do not have the bosom thoughts to me, otherwise I and you perish together.” Sees Shen Xiang to smile that happily, in the Xiao Lizhi heart is worried secretly. Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: Many thanks reminder, otherwise I will not have this idea!” In the Xiao Lizhi heart the short of breath, before this is her , when teased Shen Xiang words that spoke, her continuously very repugnant Shen Xiang, has punched Shen Xiang maliciously, but her suddenly thought now that this Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor except for the brain a little issue, actually the person was good, at least now has saved her, otherwise she fell into these manpower, the consequence was dreadful. Shen Xiang puts out the floret that such as jade has carved, is beautiful, Xiao Lizhi looked to stay all of a sudden, not only because of this colored beauty, because also she knows that this was any flower. This is...... Jade Dragon Flower!” The Xiao Lizhi startled [say / way], she can see that flower petal above dragon vulture, as well as these exquisite dragon scales. Right, can make you a bit faster restore the injury, is that four fellows!” Shen Xiang takes off a petal, hands Xiao Lizhi that sweet and pretty small mouth. Opens mouth!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Snort!”

Xiao Lizhi tenderly snorted, opens the mouth slightly, at this time looks like really attractive, making Shen Xiang want to collect to kiss very much, but he does not dare, otherwise the consequence is very miserable. I can restore quickly!” Xiao Lizhi said that also gently supple sound track: Thanks!” Hehe, knows why now I called Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor, this Jade Dragon Flower was nothing in my eyes.” Shen Xiang smelly fart said very much. Xiao Lizhi coldly snorted, closes the eye, builds up strength that flake flower petal brings, Shen Xiang puts down her, lets her by the bough, the branch of this big tree is very thick, two people above are not the issue. And other you must catch that Qin Li and that black clothing man exactly!” Shen Xiang very earnestly said: I want them to be useful!” Is useful?” Xiao Lizhi asked: „Do you want their things? On their storage equipment has restriction, except for oneself, others is unable to open, massacres them directly!” Qin Li is the Fire God Palace's god cultivates, is important! That black clothing man is Fiendgod Cult, I want to know that he comes the Suppressing Devil Temple's goal.” Shen Xiang said. Fiendgod Cult? Is this real?” Xiao Lizhi clenches teeth saying: Fiendgod Cult, I will not let off their!” The Shen Xiang nod said: Now Fiendgod Cult should prepare the high-sounding talk to surface, if can obtain that seed in your Flower Empress hand, for them has big using.” Xiao Lizhi discovered now that this pest is not simple, moreover is sly, is luckily good to her, perhaps otherwise she also will be plotted. „Don't you want to obtain that seed of our Palace Master?” Xiao Lizhi asked. If I use you to trade, your Palace Master will give me?” Shen Xiang smiled.

Does not know!” Xiao Lizhi shook the head: Palace Master is very good to me, but that seed is also very important to her, no matter but she makes anything to decide that I will not blame her, I am she raise since childhood, she has worked as the blood younger sister to be the same me.” That seed is Shen Xiang's, he will certainly not trade with Xiao Lizhi, so long as he start to talk, Lu Qilian definitely will give back to him. I have now saved you, you must repay me!” Shen Xiang said. This is natural.” Xiao Lizhi grievances is distinct, she looks at Shen Xiang: „Do you want me to repay you? If the meat recompenses, you have killed me!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: If I want to start to you, I now! cough cough, you must accept my three conditions.” So long as I can accomplish, said!” Xiao Lizhi has prepared for by that Shen Xiang butchers. First, waits to leave behind the life of Qin Li and that black clothing man. Second, accompanies me to walk to deep place, I must attain that main star nucleus, third...... Temporarily has not thought that if these five days I had not said in the past that that third article became invalid. Also, I and your matter here, must keep secret, cannot say that including Flower Empress!” Shen Xiang said. Does not have the issue!” Xiao Lizhi complies with straightforward.