World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1475
Hua Lang, your doesn't Fiendgod Cult have some to deal with this situation specially the method?” Qin Li whole body heat is steaming, his innermost feelings are suppressing anger, in addition he at this time worries, making him be hard to control his mood, wishes one could to burn down here. That Sacred Level treasure net was robbed did not say that what is more important was he makes Xiao Lizhi run away, if Xiao Lizhi can go back, they must be finished, therefore they must find Xiao Lizhi here. I have used, but they go into hiding very well, I am unable to investigate.” That Hua Lang said that he in Fiendgod Cult, is a quite outstanding believer, will otherwise not be sent. „The woman should be seriously injured, I affix the imperial seal the net holds her time, I have launched very strong attack, they should not walk away, or we at transmission they, when the time comes again start to them also good.” Qin Li said that thinks this means that making him feel at ease much. If no that valuable net, they are not the Xiao Lizhi matches, they estimated that the Xiao Lizhi injury at least takes one month to restore, but remaining that Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor, they do not fear. Continues to look, in the words of transmission starting, was discovered by other people very much easily.” Hua Lang said. If were discovered that when the time comes directly eliminates a potential informant, kills off other people to prevent that two fellows to return.” Qin Li is pinching the fist maliciously. Shen Xiang and Xiao Lizhi heard their dialog, in the heart have sneered secretly, so long as and other Xiao Lizhi injuries restored, was the times of death of these people. Quick?” Shen Xiang looks around Xiao Lizhi, he somewhat could not wait probably. Was similar, you look at that's alright here!” Xiao Lizhi can stand, facial expression was better, the cheeks are ruddy, restored blood energy, looked like compared with the former spirit many. A flake flower petal, can bring the unexpected effect, worthily is Jade Dragon Flower.

That four people disperse, seeks for Shen Xiang and Xiao Lizhi, Xiao Lizhi has attacked, she first is with the assassination, kills other two, only leaves behind Qin Li and Hua Lang, because she has complied with Shen Xiang, must capture alive them. The Xiao Lizhi secret carries out some tasks frequently, captures alive anything also has done, therefore does not have what difficulty for her, even if the opposite party is Fire God Palace's cultivate Spirit and Fiendgod Cult believer. Shen Xiang follows quietly in Xiao Lizhi behind, what Xiao Lizhi then must cope is that Fiendgod Cult Hua Lang! In the forest, that Hua Lang cautious and solemn advance, with his Divine Power careful nosing all around, seeks for the clues. As in the Fiendgod Cult outstanding believer, he cultivates Divine Dao and Devil Path, the strength is not very only strong, various aspects are very prominent, at this time he can perceive that some people are spying on him in secret. Moreover he also induces to the danger(ous) aura approaches, he revolves immediately within the body the strength of Fiendgod! Lets strength that he has not hit back, I get rid to hold him again.” Shen Xiang said. Xiao Lizhi complied with one, beautiful figure dodged, suddenly arrived at that Hua Lang behind, Hua Lang felt that this aura was somewhat familiar, with Xiao Lizhi looked like very much, this makes his heart startled, yell, but sound actually card in throat, in that instantaneous, the dantian of his within the body was prohibited with Suppressing Devil Qi Formation by Xiao Lizhi, the body many meridians were shaken by a Xiao Lizhi palm. Shen Xiang grazes immediately, puts out medicine cauldron, loads inside this Hua Lang, then immediately vanishes, hides. Silent, Hua Lang was taken, Qin Li has realized anything probably, he puts out a jade symbol immediately, the pass on message gives Hua Lang, but has not responded for a very long time, this makes him be vigilant immediately.

Hua Lang...... Hua Lang......” Qin Li had shouted several, the sound reverberates peacefully in this forest, making in his heart inexplicably frightened. Do not shout that he can see him quickly!” Xiao Lizhi appears nearby Qin Li suddenly, a palm of the hand fan in the past, crack nine thunderclap, with Devil Subduing Energy nine layers strength, had hit maliciously that Qin Li face to crack bloodstains, his fleshly body may not have Shen Xiang to be so strong. You......” Qin Li in great surprise, uses Divine Power to launch the spiritual attack immediately, but actually suddenly felt that own dantian was prohibited. Xiao Lizhi makes two palms rapidly, a palm infiltrates the Qin Li dantian, releases Suppressing Devil Qi Formation, temporarily seal his dantian, another Suppressing Devil Qi Formation is infiltrates in Divine sea. This only then copes with the weak many talented people to will do, moreover must induce to the opposite party dantian and Divine sea, therefore before Xiao Lizhi, not to Shen Xiang with this move, because the Shen Xiang's dantian is very fuzzy, Divine sea was needless to say. A bit faster tidies up him, how long Suppressing Devil Qi Formation could not continue!” Xiao Lizhi shouted. Shen Xiang appears immediately, from airborne crashes, the palm whips maliciously on the head of that Qin Li, displays Grasping Soul Devil Curse, inquires about inside memory...... „...... Is your bastard, what you making to me?” Qin Li called out pitifully suddenly, eyes was towering and inflamed, the whole face was fierce, Xiao Lizhi looked frowned, she also wants to know that Shen Xiang was doing. Calls back the soul of the deceased............ The spell......” the Qin Li pain was shouting, said off and on. Knew that Shen Xiang after why, Xiao Lizhi hastily retreat several steps, look at Shen Xiang astonished, Grasping Soul Devil Curse, but Devil Path rare technique, is considered as on is secret skill, innumerable expert want to obtain, has not thought that this Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor unexpectedly understands the use.

You can die!” Shen Xiang coldly snorted, revolution Engulfing Devil Art, in that Qin Li Divine sea all, including Divine Soul, complete Devour, integrates in own Divine sea, making Divine sea inside Divine Power build up. This Qin Li whole body is the treasure, devour his Divine sea, can make Shen Xiang strengthen Divine Power, but he is the Fire God Palace's important personage, Fire Spirit in within the body is not definitely weak, Shen Xiang uses Engulfing Devil Art, extracts Qin Li Fire Spirit, is purple Fire Spirit, was stored in a grain of bead by him! Finally, Shen Xiang makes Qin Li Heaven Dan, burns down the corpse with the flame, all these made Xiao Lizhi look at anything, she could certainly see that Shen Xiang pulled out Qin Li Fire Spirit, that purple Fire Spirit very precious thing, can make many Dan Immortal snatch the broken head. Heaven Dan also has very major function regarding Shen Xiang, he can refine one type Heaven Dan with that destruction frozen pill's same thing, can be used to attack others, the might is equal to Immortal King from exploding such, on him has several grains of this type of things, he names as destroys Heaven Dan. After killing Qin Li, he puts that Hua Lang, is the same with Qin Li, Hua Lang was searched to remember with Grasping Soul Devil Curse by Shen Xiang first that then devour Divine Soul, takes Heaven Dan, finally destroys the corpse and leave no trace. You......” Xiao Lizhi wanted to say anything, but has not actually said that but looks at Shen Xiang vigilantly.