World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1476

What memory did you search?” Xiao Lizhi is somewhat curious. Fiendgod Cult and Fire God Palace collaborate in secret, they want to obtain that seed, then plants with joint forces, it seems like their goals are to go to that Heaven territory.” Shen Xiang said: „The memory that I obtain is limited, this is also they sends to know to this matter.” Shen Xiang not completely opposite party memory devour, that need some time . Moreover the memory were too many were not good, he sought somewhat essential useful, for example he knows where now Fiendgod Cult hid, Fiendgod Cult that type can breed the Divine Soul thing, he has been keeping thinking. What background are you? Grasps the outstanding town devil art method, but itself actually understands Grasping Soul Devil Curse this Devil Path rare technique.” Xiao Lizhi knits the brows to ask. I am Punishing Demon Summit!” Shen Xiang found an excuse casually. Hearing is Punishing Demon Summit, Xiao Lizhi has not asked the Shen Xiang's origin again: I hear some rumors, said that your Punishing Demon Summit also sends for robbing that seed, is you?” „It is not, I do not have the interest to that seed, otherwise I already caught you, although I am Punishing Demon Summit, but I have not mounted that mysterious Punishing Demon Summit, now does not have that strength, the person who therefore they come out from Punishing Demon Summit must do, does not have any relationship with me.” Shen Xiang said: „ You have promised me, must keep secret, cannot here say my matter. I have complied, does not go back on word, but you must tell me, you said that what the Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor goal is?” Xiao Lizhi has taken to heart regarding this matter, otherwise she and Shen Xiang's relationship will be better. Anything, I have not been think that disgusting Flower Empress that arrogant woman, does not have other goal, when I thought similarly, I naturally cannot like this.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Xiao Lizhi innermost feelings speechless: „Does your this fellow, what have to hate with Palace Master?” Anything has not hated, I dislike her, thinks to be disgusting she, but, you will understand.” Shen Xiang walked toward the deep place, said: Hurries along quickly, the time is very tight, I must a bit faster obtain that main star nucleus.”

I will make contribution, but can obtain looks your.” Xiao Lizhi said that now she knows Shen Xiang method are many, even if there danger(ous), he can also assure his security very much. Although Shen Xiang is Immortal King, but the Divine Dao aspect actually promotes very slowly, he is not Imperial Dragon Clan, does not sleep like Long Xueyi can break through, if he wants a bit faster to promote Divine Soul cultivation base, must result in depends upon the help of some external forces. Finished also three days from the time, therefore Shen Xiang and Xiao Lizhi dash about wildly in the forest at this time, hurries to toward the center. Has a short mountain in front, side is these evil beast, has more than 2000 this probably.” Long Xueyi said: I give a try first, where can find that Lord star nucleus.” Shen Xiang makes Xiao Lizhi stop, if continues to go forward again, must alarm these evil beast, he must wait for Long Xueyi to investigate clearly, can the decision next step motion. In the middle of that short mountain, but that short mountain does not know that does with any material quality, is firm, a slit does not have, the surface has the trace that was attacked, it seems like these evil beast have attacked many times, but is actually not able to obtain internal star nucleus.” Long Xueyi said. If uses the strength of Law of Space?” Shen Xiang asked. Should not be good, that short mountain, should be in the past that evil star core, these many years passed by, had not been destroyed, perhaps or are good to take!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang knits the brows: Doesn't know with Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade can?” Can try, but when the time comes your exposed status.” Long Xueyi said.

This did not fear actually that this Xiao Lizhi will not say, I made her keep secret that's alright actually, although she compared the violence, but the good faith was good.” Shen Xiang said. Xiao Lizhi asked: What has to discover? Must a bit faster move, if could not find again, we must a bit faster return, so as to avoid the time is not enough.” Had to discover, discovered that several thousand evil beast gathered round that place, I needed you to lead away majority of evil beast, was good to facilitate me to move.” Shen Xiang said: That place is very firm, I require some time to open.” How in the Xiao Lizhi heart doubts Shen Xiang will know is so exhaustive, probably experiences personally such, she nodded: Motion!” Xiao Lizhi overran with the quickest speed, shortly after saw the front to have a big place not to have the trees . Moreover the soil was paint black, has a quite big semicircle short mountain in this places, was all over the body jet black, uneven, to person a very firm feeling. Has evil beast of many turn into a human shape on this short mountain, more than 1000, but around the short mountain also has almost 2000 evil beast, but the build is quite big, it seems like has not evolved completely. Xiao Lizhi suddenly clashes, moreover whole body is lending the Suppressing Devil Holy Power aura, making these evil beast feel very uncomfortable, immediately roared toward her, several thousand evil beast also roared, the deafening sound horizon, the bird of trim evil ghost forest was startled to fly. Roared is assailing the forest with strong winds, approached the middle these trees, the branches and leaves is blown breaks off, intermittent black Qi braved from these evil beast, floated in the air, covered the ray, making among the forests immediately dim. Gets angry facing so many evil beast, the Xiao Lizhi pressure is large, but she puts out an extravagant sword, breaks in the beast group, cuts to kill several heads instantaneously, at this time that crowd of evil beast threw in abundance toward her. Her goal is to lead away these evil beast, quite makes Shen Xiang facilitate fight, she runs away in a direction immediately, this crowd of evil beast were quite stupid, immediately pursued, has several also here.

Has walked away, starts fight!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang shuttle space in the past, put out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade immediately, cut to kill that several also to keep here evil beast, these evil beast at most were only the Immortal King late stage strengths, in his Holy Power with Divine Blade in front, radically was dregs same existence, three a few tricks were solved by Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang jumps airborne, both hands are grasping Divine Blade, crash time, Holy Power of revolution within the body pours into Divine Blade, strengthens strength, then fierce dividing chops on that short mountain. Bang! Short mountain unexpectedly sways violently, erupts together the thunder cry explosion sound from the interior, that strength shakes Shen Xiang's double to hold tingling pain, his unexpectedly is unable to shake this short mountain, even cannot leave a trace above. In Xiao Lizhi that in the forest dashes about wildly, hears that sound, knew Shen Xiang already fight, but chased down her crowd of evil beast, after hearing that sound, immediately turned head to run. What's the matter?” Xiao Lizhi clenches teeth, holds the extravagant sword to sneak into the beast group that the round trip dashes about wildly, wields a sword to cut down crazily.