World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1477

Although that crowd of evil beast are stupid, but actually probably knows that now some people must take that grain of main star nucleus, therefore rushes to that short mountain boldly. The beast group chases down Xiao Lizhi time, gives to trample flat in forest many big trees, at this time can see that short mountain from the distant place clearly. This fellow does anything, a bit faster has not gone well!” Before Xiao Lizhi thought Shen Xiang, is equally neat, but actually hauls now, but also stands there. Xiao Lizhi cut to kill dozens evil beast, made some evil beast counter-attack her. „The evil beast group ran.” Long Xueyi said: „To front that over a thousand is strongest, perhaps you could not cope, a bit faster handled!” Shen Xiang sees that crowd of evil beast to come back quickly, clenches teeth, throws into the upper air Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, then controls Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade with the intention, making Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade is similar to ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) mountain is like that huge, knife point to that short mountain summit. Looked at these!” Shen Xiang releases most Holy Power and Divine Power in within the body, pours into Divine Blade, then makes Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade crash. In not far away Xiao Lizhi, sees that Divine Blade that the hugeness shocks, azure formidable big dragon that sees the knife carving, knows that this is that Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, in her heart shocks, she has thought immediately many matters, that Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor, unexpectedly is Shen Xiang! Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade at this time becomes very huge, that short mountain in this great blade in front, is similar to small steamed bun such, when the Divine Blade fierce thorn, heavy Divine Blade, causes falls to have very strong impulse, the knife point moves on the short mountain the time, dislodges azure fierce glow violently, that shock-wave that has, razes all around, evil beast that these clash was also brought fallout of god Holy Power quantity to blow to fly. Shen Xiang depends upon own strength, but was blown retreat dozens steps! Bang! Short mountain Baokai, a big piece of firm stone after that shock-wave shoots to four Zhou Fei, some evil beast were hit by these stones, was hit the body disruption, is only the flash, several hundred strength not strong evil beast turn into jet black hashed meat.

The short mountain was broken finally, Shen Xiang early is prepared, immediately plunges into the middle, Long Xueyi sought for that main star nucleus with her Divine Power, only then a fist is so big, the energy that but inside contains, makes Shen Xiang feel panic-stricken. Shen Xiang receives Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, emits Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, making Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal float sky over own front, saw that evil beast he controls Sacred Seal to pound to fall, was pounded evil beast, instantaneously turns into the flying ash. Comes!” Shen Xiang Divine Power puts, the palm grasps void, several hundred grains of evil beast star nuclei fly, was grasped by him in the hand, at this time he also arrives at side whole face surprised Xiao Lizhi. Walks!” Shen Xiang receives Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, works on Xiao Lizhi, trod Earth Shrinking Step, the shuttle space, quick was getting rid of that over a thousand crazy evil beast, these melt Sacred Realm, the words that must cope with were not easy. Quick, Shen Xiang is bringing Xiao Lizhi, went to a tranquil place, Xiao Lizhi has knit the brows coldly snorted: You are really Shen Xiang!” Before Lu Qilian thinks that he is Shen Xiang, because afterward something changed her view, but Xiao Lizhi knows now that her Palace Master has not misread. Right, you must comply to deliver the third condition now, cannot me be the Shen Xiang's matter, told your Palace Master.” Shen Xiang threw a small bag to give Xiao Lizhi, some inside evil beast star nuclei, there are more than 200 grains. This gives your!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Bastard, your why strategic point Palace Master?” Xiao Lizhi expressed puzzled. I and she is a little contradictory, I think to be disgusting her.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: You must remember that fulfills the third agreement, otherwise......”

Otherwise what kind of?” Xiao Lizhi coldly said, she is actually very much wants to tell Lu Qilian the Shen Xiang status matter, but she cannot go back on word, she does not want to see her Palace Master to play with very much to applaud by Shen Xiang. Not what kind, in brief after me, does not trust your that's it, if you do not keep the promise, you in my eyes are an ungrateful villain.” Shen Xiang sighed, deals with Xiao Lizhi this sense of principle very strong person, this is the best way. Xiao Lizhi deeply has attracted several tones, she wants to understand suddenly, she thought that Shen Xiang is with Lu Qilian fight of wisdom, on this, Lu Qilian truly lost, moreover suffers a more disastrous defeat, still does not know. I am not clear, Palace Master and Suppressing Devil Temple's expert is staring at you, but you can actually withdraw Demonic Sky to destroy completely Xie Family, afterward attacked Suppressing Devil Temple and Fire God Palace's divides the palace.” Xiao Lizhi said: Your that all day in hotel!” Xiao Lizhi suddenly understands, is Shen Xiang and she fights, retains many strength, actually for has not given oneself away, but was very fierce, especially that formidable fleshly body. That is not I does, the hearsay said that my White Dragon friend, this is not the hearsay, really has its matter.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: I and your Palace Master anything has not reached the hatred, is she plays, will not injure to her, therefore you cannot tell her, does not need to be guilty.” Snort!” Xiao Lizhi is not feeling well very much by sits down on a tree, she had already heard the Shen Xiang's fact, knows this person slyly is very very fierce, now she asks for advice finally, if not today that aspect, perhaps this whole life does not know that she this person had these experiences. Other life Qi/angry, you scolded my bastard all day, I faced you grinningly, but you always put on a serious face to me.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Because you is a bastard!” Xiao Lizhi is staring him. Although you are quite crude, but I want to marry you very much, Xiao Lizhi, was used to eat, does not know that you are sweet.” Shen Xiang Hehe smiles. Have not thought that I die will not marry your.” Xiao Lizhi coldly snorted and said.

Since this, then I marry your Palace Master, one generation of Flower Empress, think to think excited.” A Shen Xiang face badly smiles. You said again I have killed you.” Xiao Lizhi immediately angrily said. Hello, marries your you not to comply, do I marry your Palace Master not to let? Do you like her?” Shen Xiang had discovered probably a big secret, a face smiles evilly. Xiao Lizhi visits him with clenched jaws: Best not to talk nonsense, woman who who must be your this bastard?” Shen Xiang has put out that valuable net, sighed: I, although is a bastard, but has the woman! I crack a joke, do not take seriously! Your Palace Master must be my woman, I cannot have a liking for her, I very hope actually she makes my female slave.” He just said that the Xiao Lizhi sword lowered on his throat. Mouth gives me honestly!” Xiao Lizhi receives the sword, whole face anger, if other people, now had dismembered a body by her.