World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1478

Shen Xiang and Xiao Lizhi return to the transmission point, all the way, how regardless of Shen Xiang teases, Xiao Lizhi did not say a word, because she thought that so long as spoke a few words with Shen Xiang, her bewilderedly life Qi/angry. Xiao Lizhi, hasn't Xiao Xiang come? Her strength should be good, haven't you sent her to come with me to hit? Perhaps I will listen her.” Shen Xiang asked. She closes up, we do not want to disturb her, truly wants to make her come.” Xiao Lizhi coldly snorted, if early knows that this Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor was Shen Xiang, the matter does not have that many. Returned to that Teleportation Formation, five people returned to here, in addition Shen Xiang they, now also only then seven, are away from five days of deadlines to have for quite a while, the person who comes back so are few. The time arrives at quickly time, three people come back, altogether had ten people able to return to this Teleportation Formation, Shen Xiang to inquire, knew, only then two groups of people got so far as the star nucleus, in addition they were three groups, can have six people becomes Palace Master! Teleportation Formation opens, the people returned to the Suppressing Devil Temple's great hall, sees, only then ten people come back, the people somewhat are accidental, especially Fire God Palace and Fiendgod Cult these Big Shot here, their two outstanding Immortal King unexpectedly have not come back, this lets in their hearts cool. Xiao Lizhi has put out a grain of star nucleus, gives that old Palace Master, showed that they hunted and killed evil beast! At this time, a Hundred Flowers Palace female somewhat was not feeling well said: This fellow can become Palace Master, is our Xiao Lizhi merit!” Shen Xiang has swept a that female, said with a smile: Isn't the star nucleus? Here has a big pile!” Saying, he has put out one slightly, dozens grains of this, looked at Suppressing Devil Temple these old Palace Master to be scared, because this explained that he has killed many fierce evil beast.

He and Xiao Lizhi have divided equally these star nuclei, nobody has more than 200 grains of this, but Xiao Lizhi cannot say, because she has complied with Shen Xiang, cannot say something that has in inside, therefore these star nuclei she cannot take, will otherwise cause Lu Qilian to begin to have suspicions, when the time comes Lu Qilian closely examines again, perhaps she defends does not stop talking. „Did little girl, know my Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor fiercely? Dozens evil beast for me, look like kills the chicken to be equally simple, your Xiao Lizhi under my attendance, can go through a strategic pass with ease, you do not believe to ask her, if no me, perhaps she does not come back.” Shen Xiang said with a sneer. You......” Xiao Lizhi stared his one eyes, has not refuted. She saw that Shen Xiang is having the difficult problem to her, because of such one, Lu Qilian can closely examine her. You have passed, from now on, you are our Suppressing Devil Temple's Palace Master, we will assign you to manage our minute of palaces to a place, Xiao Lizhi are responsible for the Hundred Flowers Palace main palace.” That old Palace Master said: Carries forward the town devil art method well, this is you needs to do.” Hundred flowers...... Celestial Emperor, you planned when where Palace Master? If, we can arrange you to take over control.” That old Palace Master asked. Shen Xiang thinks that said: I must go to Ancient Star Immortal Palace, doesn't know?” Ok, waits for you to receive something, can use our Teleportation Formation transmissions in the past, but before then, you must take an oath to join our Suppressing Devil Temple, can not be separated from your original influences.” That old Palace Master said. Xiao Lizhi looked at Lu Qilian, Lu Qilian nodded to her, this Suppressing Devil Temple is her father, she makes Xiao Lizhi join does not have anything, looks like in other people, Lu Qilian wants to take over control of entire Suppressing Devil Temple, because passed on a message she is the women's of Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable matter, might very much real. After taking an oath, Shen Xiang obtained a jade pendant, this jade pendant is not only the symbol of Palace Master, but also is storage equipment, inside has the pass on message jade symbol, High-Grade Immortal Sword, surely Immortal Crystal, as well as three grains of Immortal Dan of therapies hundred Hua pill, the treatment is good.

Xiao Lizhi, later we were the same side, has the time I to go to the Hundred Flowers Immortal Country main palace to look for you, trained our sentiments well.” Shen Xiang smiles ambiguous, letting the person has to suspect that these two what happened in the evil ghost forest. Xiao Lizhi is looking angrily at Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang actually grinningly turns around, steps into Teleportation Formation, goes to that Ancient Star Immortal Palace. ...... In Hundred Flowers Palace, Lu Qilian in own room, inquired Xiao Lizhi: In that forest, what happened? Will the fellow have that many star nuclei? These have star nucleus evil beast people should not be weak are right!” Xiao Lizhi wants to tell her very much, the fellow is Shen Xiang, kills that evil beast with Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, is similar to presses the ant to be equally relaxed, she almost blurted out that her also very repugnant Shen Xiang, wants to make Lu Qilian know the truth of this matter, her sense of principle is very strong, does not think that Shen Xiang looks down upon her, therefore she has not said. „The fellow is very fierce, before he and I competed with, hideaway many strengths, therefore he has killed many evil beast.” Xiao Lizhi sighed, although Shen Xiang is repugnant, but Mu Qianxiang after is the Lu Qilian apprentice, therefore she thought that Shen Xiang will not make to injure the Lu Qilian matter. Lu Qilian nodded: You should be very tired, goes back to rest! These are staring at the fellow of seed, in the main palace, does not know that their time gets rid.” When then I do challenge big Palace Master?” Xiao Lizhi asked that it seems like Lu Qilian allowed her to participate in the inspection, not only to teach Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor went.

„The big Palace Master strength is very strong, can win one after another two Temple Protector is very both difficult saying that moreover the use town devil art method, I will then teach some town devil art methods to give you, after you grasp, goes again! Temple Protector is not easy to win!” After Xiao Lizhi walked, Lu Qilian beautiful eyes flashes, where she will unable to see that Xiao Lizhi has the matter to conceal her, but she knows that Xiao Lizhi is very loyal to her, therefore she has not closely examined, has not pierced her, she thought that Xiao Lizhi has own difficulties. Shen Xiang arrives at Ancient Star Immortal Palace Suppressing Devil Temple, he now is here Boss, here minute of palace scale medium, the disciple has more than 1000, aptitude is good. Besides this Palace Master, four elders, are the old men of Immortal King rank, was very old . Moreover the person are very good. Suppressing Devil Temple divides the function of palace, is the absorption outstanding disciple, finally sends in Temple Master, simultaneously teaches the town devil art method, making more people join Suppressing Devil Temple. Shen Xiang does not want to handle these matters, gives these elders, he comes this Ancient Star Immortal Palace to have the goal especially, position that because Fiendgod Cult is , is very near with here. The Shen Xiang's goal is Fiendgod Cult that „the Fiendgod pool of water, can help the person breed the Divine Soul strange thing!