World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1479

Suppressing Devil Temple is giant stone building, although divides the palace, but also five ten layers, highest that matter is Shen Xiang's, this prosperous Ancient Star Immortal Palace center, got a panoramic view by him. This Ancient Star Immortal Palace can only be medium Immortal Palace, but is very ancient, Legend is because ancient stars crash here, but the stars have not exploded, instead brought has nourished the energy of earth, therefore some people here will establish Immortal Palace, you mixed a period of time to be also good here.” Su Meiyao said. Suppressing Devil Temple's two Temple Protector are not weak, heard that melts Sacred Realm! As for governing Suppressing Devil Temple's big Palace Master, that was needless saying that perhaps was the same with Duan Ming that rank, after was melted Sacred Realm , the stages.” Shen Xiang knits the brows saying that previous time in Evil Temple, Suppressing Devil Temple's big Palace Master also has to catch him. Melts Sacred Realm to have nine revolutions, I thought that big Palace Master is possible, only then 45 revolutions of this, Duan Ming is equal to about six revolutions, otherwise he is unable a person to resist that many that fellows.” Long Xueyi said. Melts the Sacred Realm 45 revolutions, is not I can cope now! Does not know that what strength Lu Qilian this woman now is?” Shen Xiang said: She then may make evidently Xiao Lizhi challenge big Palace Master, such one, Suppressing Devil Temple was controlled by her!” She possibly arrives at the Saint ** transferred! She is truly formidable, moreover promotes quickly, sooner or later will become Flower Empress that will be worthy of the reputation.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang puts out a granulose evil beast star nucleus, said: I must a bit faster practice Divine Soul, soon congealing lost Gang will come!” Is Immortal King, but he is still not able condense god Gang, if can achieve, his Divine Dao cultivation base will promote a stride. Actually, Holy Power of your within the body, cultivates refined into to be the same with your Divine sea inside Divine Power, is the final condition, when Divine Power formidable to certain condition, can simulate various strength, our White Dragon Clan, but cultivates Divine Power solely, but can actually use all kinds of attribute strength to come, this cultivates the Divine Dao ultimate objective.” Long Xueyi said. This is very definitely difficult, how can physical strength with a Divine Soul strength type?” Shen Xiang shakes the head saying that he thought some are not realistic.

Hehe, be honest with you, above Holy Power was Divine Power, but your present Divine sea inside Divine Power is only very frail, was not that substantive Divine Power.” Long Xueyi said: Many Nine Heavens peak expert, to finally, all strength transformation within the body are Divine Power, but this is truly difficult.” Shen Xiang that evil beast star nucleus internal strength Devour, integrates in Divine sea, Divine Soul of strength of that star nucleus to cultivating has many help, he can feel that own Divine sea inside Divine Power were many much, if continues, he thought that should be able to open greatly Divine sea. Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor in Ancient Star Immortal Palace, when Palace Master, this matter many people know, therefore Huang Jintian arrived here to seek for Shen Xiang quickly. Shen Xiang receives certainly him, even if Huang Jintian does not come, he also planned that looks for Huang Jintian this idling about old fellow to help him watch this Suppressing Devil Temple. „The little rascal head, has not thought that you can mix this position, is really crisp!” Huang Jintian and Shen Xiang make near table in a platform, is eating and drinking the thing, outside looks at the lively downtown, while chatted to hit the fart. Master, you like here words, can make a long stay here.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Does not have the issue, I also think these days quietly quiet, I stay here!” Huang Jintian understands the Shen Xiang's meaning, must make him be the goon here. Master, you can calculate when Emperor Heaven can restore to actually such?” Shen Xiang asked that he cared about this matter very much, if Emperor Heaven reappeared, when the time comes there is the biggest battlefield, everyone wants to contest an own domain there. Is very strange, I have calculated several times, but result each time is the same!” Here matter, the Huang Jintian's facial expression became serious, put down the wine class.

Said?” Shen Xiang hastily asked. I calculate each time, will present three time! First is hundred years later, second is the millenniums, third is ten thousand years!” Huang Jintian carries the wine class, has drunk one breath, has hesitated half sound, said: I suspect Emperor Heaven to reappear, will appear hundred years later most quickly, at the latest is ten thousand years!” Shen Xiang some do not understand: Why can like this? Hundred years later can reappear? Such being the case, will I have immediately also the millenniums and ten thousand years?” Huang Jintian said: Possibly when hundred years and the millenniums, will appear will not appear, these will have some factor influences, therefore has the uncertain variable, but most late is ten thousand years, at that time will certainly appear.” Said that Emperor Heaven reappears, can the jamming? What strength is this?” Shen Xiang knits the brows: Master, who can you figure out are do? Where when the time comes will present the important matter?” Huang Jintian shakes the head: My Heaven's Divination Technique can only be the big matter, or Nirvana Tribulation and so on, precisely to the person and matter, that is not good, but I can give a try, can figure out in these times, matter that possibly can have.” Shen Xiang nodded, asked: Master, do you know Suppressing Devil Temple's Temple Protector strongly? What cultivation base generally needs to be able it being defeated?” Temple Protector...... At least needs to melt Sacred Realm first revolution of completion, but big Palace Master, four revolutions of such that's alright.” Huang Jintian said: Suppressing Devil Temple's big Palace Master is not too strong, but if copes with Demon and Devil, he can jump over two third-level.” The Shen Xiang heart central disk considers as finished, he thought that perhaps own Immortal King middle stage can try, because he cultivates massive Holy Power to come, if adds on his Divine Dao cultivation base to break through again, should be able to melt Sacred Realm one revolution side by side.

Huang Jintian by the Shen Xiang that matter of arrangement under him, seat Palace Master, he has the absolute authority here, only then that side Temple Master can call him. It seems like I , to obtain Life Slaughtering Technique, must result in defeats that two Temple Protector, this is not easy!” Shen Xiang has put out a golden fruit, this is Diamond Fruit, the present is only Heaven Level High-Grade rank. Diamond Fruit has two stages to be able cheek, one is Heaven Level High-Grade, moreover is Immortal Level one, he planned that gets so far as the extraordinary quality Diamond Fruit with Soul Creation Fluid, then refines extraordinary quality diamond pill. diamond pill is mainly expands fleshly body to use, but also has certain help regarding formidable Holy Power. Shen Xiang can refine Immortal Dan now, but is only extraordinary quality Saint Beast Pill, the difficulty is not very big pill, but other Immortal Dan he has not attempted. Immortal Level Pin pill, majority are main herbs can refine, does not need auxiliary herbs, but the refinement difficulty has not reduced, if uses Refining Simulation Technique, perhaps Shen Xiang also requires a lot of time to dare to attempt.